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Swaragini 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Swara that he was busy yesterday with arrangements. Sanskar asks her to pack her bags. Just then someone comes and says Nikhil didn’t come since few days. Sanskar and Swara are shocked. Sanskar says he lied to us. Nikhil acts to talk to his mum and says he lied to Swara and didn’t go to meet the client requirement. He turns and sees them standing. Sanskar asks him to give phone. Swara asks him to give phone. Nikhil gives his phone. Sanskar dials the last dial number. His mum picks the call and asks why did he cut the call. Swara and Sanskar are about to go, but just then they hear Nikhil’s mum asking him what was that medicine which he was talking about. Swara and Sanskar catch his lie. Nikhil runs from there and pushes Sanskar. Swara shouts Nikhil. Sumi and Shekhar hear their voice. Nikhil runs to a factory. Sanskar tries to catch him, but he escapes and drops his phone mistakenly. Just then Nikhil phone rings. They see Mansi’s pic coming as caller pic. Sanskar says she is Mansi. Swara says Laksh’s fake wife. She is about to pick her call, but phone gets switched off.


Mansi thinks why Nikhil is not picking call as his phone is switched off. Laksh comes to her. Mansi says she is feeling bad for him as he has to lie to his family. Laksh says he will return to his Ragini and family once Mishka gets fine after a month. Mansi says yes…Sanskar continues to run after Nikhil. Swara comes infront of Nikhil. Nikhil sees Swara infront of him and Sanskar at the other side. They are seen standing on side of river.

Sanskar tells Swara that they have done a big mistake by trusting Nikhil. Swara asks why did you do this and asks about Mansi. She says Sanskar will leave you if you tell everything. Nikhil says Swara…I…and holds her hands. Sanskar asks Nikhil to leave Swara. Swara asks Nikhil to leave her. Nikhil threatens to push Swara in river if he tries to know the secrets and says all secrets will be gone in river if Swara is not alive. Swara kicks Nikhil with her leg. Nikhil falls down in the river, but Sanskar holds Swara’s hand at the right moment saving her from falling. Swara and Sanskar are shocked to see Nikhil drowned in the water. Swara is shocked. Sanskar hugs her. Swara cries and says he was my childhood friend. Sanskar says we can’t afford to lose him as he knows all truth. We shall take Police help.

Sumi tells Shekhar that Swara and Sanskar haven’t come till now. Shekhar says I will see. Swara comes home and tells Ragini that they have done a big mistake by trusting Nikhil and says he is with Mansi in the conspiracy. She tells everything and says Police is searching him. Ragini hugs her and asks if she got any injury. Swara says no. Sanskar calls Sumi and asks her to give call to Swara. He asks are you fine? Swara says yes. Sanskar says I am going to end this game and says now it is proved that he is my brother Laksh and not Abhimanyu. He says don’t know I thought to talk to you once, even though I have informed Police. He asks what do you think. Swara asks him to do what he thinks right and says I am with you, whatever decision you take. Sanskar says okay.

Durga Prasad and Ragini come to Laksh’s house and show his ID proofs etc. Laksh provides Abhimanyu’s proofs. Ragini asks him to take off his shirt and tells that her husband is having birth mark on his hand. Laksh gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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