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Swaragini 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ragini telling that she was hopeful that he will come. She asks until when to keep this relation with me, and cries. Reporter says one hour is over. It is yet to be seen what Ragini Maheshwari would do now. Ragini picks the glass bottle. Sumi asks Ragini to leave it. Ragini breaks the glass bottle. Sumi shouts Ragini and asks her to get down, says I will be coming there. Ragini cuts her wrist with the glass. Everyone is shocked. Ragini falls unconscious and falls there. She says you don’t care for me…Laksh and closes her eyes. Reporter calls Sanskar and informs him that Ragini has cut her wrist. Swara asks what happened? Sanskar is shocked and switches on the TV. They see live footage of the news and are shocked. They see Abhimanyu/Laksh standing behind them and switch off TV.


Sumi asks Ragini, why didn’t you think about us once. Ragini says Laksh didn’t come as he don’t care about me. Nikhil says may be he is Abhimanyu and not Laksh. Ragini says he is Laksh, I know him. Durga Prasad says where is Swara and Sanskar. Nikhil says Ragini must be knowing. Swara and Sanskar come there. Sumi asks where did you go? Swara asks what is all this. Just then electricity goes off, Shekhar says he will check the fuse. Durga Prasad goes to get her medicine. Sumi goes to bring candles and something for Ragini to eat. Annapurna goes with her. Swara tells Ragini that they have decided to just act and threaten Laksh.

Ragini says I can’t bear this. Swara says she made an excuse and came here. She says we can’t come daily. Ragini says he doesn’t care if I am alive or not. Swara says this is not the case. Ragini says hope and light went from my life. Swara goes to bring candles. Ragini says you don’t care for me…Laksh. She sees Laksh standing infront of her…Tere Sang Yaara plays…..She blinks her eyes and is surprised. She cries and gets emotional. Laksh is also emotional. She recalls all the good moments between them. She says Laksh….The moment she gets up, Laksh goes from there.

Ragini shouts Laksh. Everyone come there.. Ragini tells Swara and others that Laksh came there to see her. Sanskar goes to check out and thinks Ragini might be imagining as there is nobody outside. Ragini says he was watching me from outside the window.

Mansi calls someone and asks where are you. The man comes and holds her. He turns out to be Nikhil. Nikhil hugs Mansi. Mansi asks what you are doing here so late in night. He hugs her and asks where is Laksh. Mansi says Abhimanyu is sleeping. Nikhil says Laksh came to Baadi and asks her to check. She checks in room. Nikhil asks her to keep eye on Laksh.

Laksh comes home. Mansi asks where did you go? Laksh makes excuses. Mansi asks him not to forget that he made promise to her. Laksh says if I had to break promise then I would have been with Ragini in the Baadi. He says I know I have some duties with Mishka, but I have a wife and family too. They are broken because of me, as I have ended my relations with them.

Durga Prasad and Ragini come to Laksh’s house with his passport and ID card. Laksh shows his passport and ID card as Abhimanyu. Ragini asks him to remove his shirt and says she wants to see birth mark on his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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