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Swaragini 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Swara leaving early morning. Ragini and Swara see Nikhil standing, and asks what he is doing at 6 am. Nikhil tells that he wants to help her. Swara refuses to take his help and tells him that she will send him back. He goes. Swara leaves from there. She comes near Abhimanyu’s house and sweeps the house. She hears Laksh and Mishka and think they are looking like a happy family. She thinks what proof Mansi have against Laksh, because of which he is helpless. She sees watchman. Watchman brings Swara to his house, and tells that he knows this maid. Mansi asks about her name. Swara thinks how to speak infront of Laksh as he will recognize her voice. Laksh senses she is uncomfortable and goes. Mansi asks about her name. Swara recalls talking to a servant and getting her info. She says Aarti and gives some papers. Mansi says okay.

Ragini comes to the car registration office and enquire about the car number. Officer refuses to help her, and asks her to come with police. Ragini cries and tells that her husband is missing since 6 months and this info will help her find him. Officer agrees and goes to get owner’s info. Nikhil comes there and talks to someone. Ragini sees him and is shocked. Nikhil also sees her.

Mansi takes her to room and asks her to take care of her daughter Mishka. Swara asks Mishka who gave her toy. Mishka says my papa. She asks why you are asking? Swara says if we talk, then we will be friends. Mishka says she will not befriend with anyone so soon. Swara sees Mishka playing with Rubik’s Cube. She solves it. Mishka gets impressed and befriends with her. She asks her to show her face. Swara says she is playing game with herself and wants to know if she can walk without colliding with anything. Mishka likes her game. Just then her dupatta gets stuck on the table and she couldn’t walk. Laksh comes just then. Swara takes her dupatta back, but Laksh might have seen her glimpse. Swara is tensed.

Mishka tells him that aunty solved the puzzle. Laksh apologizes to her for coming in the room and goes with her. Swara thinks if Ragini came to know about the car. Ragini asks Nikhil if he followed her and came to RTO office. He says yes, and asks her to share her plan. Ragini refuses to take his help and asks him to go. Nikhil sits in his car and goes. Ragini asks Officer if he came to know about car owner. He says yes, and gives owner’s address. Ragini is shocked to know about the owner, who is Mansi. Ragini calls Swara. Mansi thinks whose phone is this, and thinks this must be aarti’s phone. Swara sees Mishka coughing when she is feeding her food and goes to bring water. She sees Mansi trying to open her bag, and thinks to stop her anyhow.

Ragini tells everyone that if Laksh doesn’t come then she will commit suicide and fall from the terrace. Inspector says suicide is also a crime. Ragini says I know, and tells that if he sends his officers then she will jump and fall down. She throws the glass and cuts her wrist. Maheshwari family and Gadodia family are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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