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Swaragini 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu asking Mansi to have milk. Mansi is tensed and asks if he will leave her. Abhimanyu says how can I stay without my life partner and promises to stay with her. Sanskar meets Swara and says we shall inform Police and know about Abhimanyu’s history etc. Swara says they shall not inform Police, and have to find out about Laksh. She says plan will not fail if less people are involved and that’s why I am saying we will not work together. Sanskar sits in his car angrily. Swara is walking on the road. A speedy car is about to hit her. Sanskar comes out of car and saves her. Swara thanks him. Sanskar says if there was someone else too then I would have save her. Swara says I would have thank someone else too. Goons call their boss and says they couldn’t kill Swara. Boss


says next time they shall not be left alive. His face is revealed and it is Nikhil. Sanskar asks Swara to come. Swara says she will go alone and argues. Sanskar lifts her and takes her home. He asks her to apply ointment on her wound. Swara asks what about the wounds which is unseen. Sanskar is about to go and hears her.

Nikhil gives ointment and asks why didn’t you take care of yourself. What would have happened if that car had crushed you. Swara looks on doubtful. Nikhil tells that he saw the car coming towards her, but stopped seeing Sanskar saving her. He tells may be Laksh or his lookalike is involved in the accident, and tells that he is dangerous or may be his wife is involved. He says you need someone to help you in your plan. Swara doesn’t want him. Nikhil is angry and continues to plan against her. Swara tells Ragini that the car tried to hit her intentionally and that she had seen the car coming towards her. Ragini is shocked.

Swara asks Ragini to enquire about the car number. Ragini says okay, and tells that she will find out about Laksh’s connection with this accident. She says Nikhil told this, and says she don’t want to involve anyone. Ragini says she wants to come with her, and don’t want to get her in any trouble. Swara says no, and asks her not to tell anyone. Ragini asks can she take Nikhil’s help. Swara says no, as she don’t want him to land in any trouble. She hugs her, and promises to bring Laksh back. Ragini says I am hopeful that you will fulfill this promise too, like others.

Mansi tells Abhimanyu that watchman got new maid for them. She asks about her name. Swara comes dressed as maid. Laksh calls Mishka, and is about to see Swara’s face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Really this swara is toooomuuuuh mahann I can’t tolerate her always interfere in raglak.she is a big grhan in raglak life

  2. always swara mahangiri and other leads are nothing. just air off this mahan swara serial.

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