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Swaragini 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ragini bringing Mishka to Maheshwari house and shows their marriage pics, and his wardrobe. She says he is my Laksh and not your papa. Mishka says he is my papa. Laksh/Abhimanyu comes home calling Ragini. Sujata thanks God. Annapurna tells Laksh that they thought he is dead and are very happy to see him alive. Laksh calls Mishka…He calls them aunty and uncle and says Ragini brought my daughter here forcibly. I am not Laksh. Sanskar says how can you have a daughter. Mishka runs to Laksh and calls him Papa. Laksh hugs him. Mishka identifies Sanskar and Swara, and say that they met her in the market. She asks who are they? They are separating us, take me home. Laksh says I am your papa only. Durga Prasad says you are my son and Ragini’s husband. Sujata asks him to see his pic and cries. She says you are not Punjabi, but Marwadi…Laksh Maheshwari.


Uttara asks him to stop his joke. Laksh says it is enough now and asks Mishka to go. Sanskar says may be you have forgotten everything because of injury on your head. Laksh asks them to stop it and says he is not Laksh, but Abhimanyu. He asks Ragini, why she is acting being rich. Durga Prasad says she is your wife. Laksh says she is not my wife. Ragini asks him to sit down and talk. Laksh says I don’t want to talk, and asks why you are trapping me for money. Annapurna says I am your mum and he is your dad. Ragini cries. Annapurna says this is your family and everyone loves you. She says six months back…..Laksh says nothing had happened, and I am staying with my wife and daughter since years. He shows his ID card.

Swara says sorry Mr. Abhimanyu..She says we did a mistake, truth is that you can’t be our Laksh, as Laksh can’t speak to his family in this tone. She asks him to go. Ragini asks what you are saying, and asks Laksh to stay there. Swara says he is not Laksh, let him go. Sujata asks her not to get involve in their matters and says Laksh will stay here. Swara asks him to go.

Sanskar asks Swara, who are you to ask him to go. Swara says we can’t keep him forcibly here. Swara asks Laksh why is he standing here, and asks him to go. Laksh goes. Ragini cries. Sanskar asks Swara, how could you let him go. He says he was Laksh. Ragini says he was Laksh…my heart is saying that he is Laksh. Swara says even I know that he is Laksh, just as I saw him. Sujata asks then why did you let him go. Ram says we would have talk to him. Swara says he is doing this intentionally. Sanskar asks are you an astrologer to know all this. Swara says I am a deep observer and tells that he was getting affected with everyone’s cries and couldn’t eye contact with any of us. She says when I saw him going, he had folded his fingers tightly as if he is doing this helplessly. Ragini is shocked, and says Laksh is married now and that girl is calling him Papa.

Annapurna says may be Laksh is in some trouble. Ragini says how we will bring him back. Swara says Laksh is alive and is in same city. She says your sister is with you, and promise you that I will bring him back as your husband and this family’s son. Sanskar says Swara is not alone…I am with her. We both will bring him back. Ragini is teary eyes and says I hope you won’t break our hope.

Mansi informs Abhimanyu/Laksh that watchman told about the new maid. She asks Swara about her name, and says Aarti. Swara asks Mishka about the toy and asks who gave it. Mishka says my Papa. Swara’s ghunghat flies revealing her face. She turns her face. Laksh is about to see her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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