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Swaragini 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ragini hugging Laksh and crying. Mansi asks how dare you to hug my husband. Ragini says he is my husband Laksh Maheshwari. She says I have been searching for you in the hospital, stations, etc. Mansi says it is enough of your drama, you are a betrayal woman who wants to loot people. Ragini says I don’t need money, but my husband. Mansi says he is my husband Abhishek and father of my daughter Misha. Ragini says this is a lie. I was living on a hope that I will get him back. She says his parents have broken down when they came to know about his dead. She asks him to come and holds his hand. Laksh is walking with her, but Mansi comes and holds his hand stopping him.


Swara cries and thinks about Ragini saying that Laksh is no more. Sumi comes. Swara asks where is Ragini?

 Sumi says Shekhar went in her search. Ragini asks Laksh to come. Laksh says excuse me ma’am. Ragini says I am Ragini. Laksh says Ragini ji, I don’t know what you are saying. He asks her to stop it and says I am Abhimanyu Khanna, and she is my wife Mansi and daughter Misha. Ragini is shocked. Swara says she needs us. Sumi says Sanskar needs you more, Laksh was his brother and he is holding himself responsible for his death. Swara feels apologetic and says I have always accused Sanskar all these months and that’s why he is blaming himself. She says Sanskar is innocent, he hates me because of my mistakes.

Ragini says you are angry and punishing me for my mistake. She apologizes to him and asks him to come with her. She tells that even she died when she comes to know about his death and have become like a dead body. She says we will forget everything and start afresh. I will do as you says. She asks him to come and says everyone is waiting. She holds her ears and touches his feet. Laksh says you are crossing your limits now. Mansi blames herself for doing her accident and bringing her home. She asks Laksh to give money to Ragini. He gives her money. Mansi asks her to take money and leave. Sumi asks Swara not to cry and says it is destiny. She says you are my daughter and shall not fall weak.

Ragini holds Misha and keeps knife on her neck. Laksh and Mansi get shocked. Ragini asks him to start the car. She sits in car and goes. Laksh and Mansi get concerned. Laksh tells I will bring her back. Swara meets Sanskar says I was calling you, it was good that you met me. Sanskar says you are not unfortunate like me, and says I am ready for the punishment which you want to give me. He says whatever you said came true. Swara asks seriously do you think like this. Sanskar asks her to go else he will tell her something because of which she might break their relation.

Sanskar says he did lose and wants to die. He says God kept me alive, but snatched the reason of my life. He says he has nobody to take care of his family, who will take care of his family if anything happens to him. Swara supports him and asks him to take care of himself. Sanskar asks her to go and pushes her. Swara falls down. Just then Swara and Sanskar see Ragini in car with the girl. They are shocked to see Laksh in another car.

Laksh comes to Maheshwari house, and calls Ragini. He asks where she is hiding? Annapurna gets happy and emotional seeing him. Laksh calls them aunty, uncle and says he is not Laksh, but Abhimanyu Khanna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. what to say about today episodFirat Ragini is shattered now more her Laksh is denying her after all that time…Laksh seems lost not affirmative about his situatin and That Mansi i hate it seems shr is so suspicious ok i agree she is sivk but seems she is forcing Laksh to do that and i really hate her all that time she has that strange look as is she si saying no way it cant be Ragini is his wife
    As for Sanskaar i am in tears he lost his Lucky after all that time he can cry and in addition his Swara his strengh his brave wife isnt with him
    Swara is shattered between Rahini and Sanskar her sister needs her and did all that yo reunite Swasan and her Sanskar her perfect half who needs her
    I am in tears really????

  2. U stupid Mansi….how dare u say that Laksh is ur Husband…He is LAKSH MAHESHWARI and he belongs only to our LADOO….??Stay away from them..

    And Laksh u give money to Ragini??????????

    Ragini u did good job by bringing the Girl……

    I am connected with u RAGLAK and TEMISH.???????????????
    Please Unite them fast….

  3. swasan dialogue was more than touching i cried for Sanskar and Swara…but this wife of Laksh is using Laksh and she is bad as it seems i hate her…pooor Ragini..
    and After all that My swara willl save the day with Sankar entering Abhimanyu house as maid and will take up the cover and understand why Laksh is so pretending
    Precap is interesting

  4. Really today it proved that Sharmista is only the mother of Swara and NOT Ragini.
    She said that Sanskaar needs Swara more than Ragini!!!!!
    If it was Ragini’s mom JANAKI, she would definitely went along with Shekar for searching Ragini….
    Hate you Sharmistha….

  5. Yar when ragini was kidnaped…..sanskar was suspected and he faced problems and when swara lost her memory and she was missing then also sanskar faced problems and now again when laksh is missing again sanskar………i think next missing person from swaragini will be sanskar only nobody left…….but varun kapoors acting Voooo…….just awsome….

  6. Hai guys hate mansi poor ragini I can’t see my swasan like this

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