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Swara weds Sanskar – OS

Hi guys back with another OS wrote this long back but whs in dilemma to post or not. After thinking so many days thought to post it. If you like it Plz do comment. If it is not up to ur expectation sorry about it.
An old traditional house is beautifully decorated. There were guest all over.
DP: Today is big day for my granddaughter I wish everything goes fines.
AP: Yay a everything will go well. Here are your tablets take it.
Ram: Mom is everything ready; they will arrive in any minute.
AP: Dnt worry beta everything is ready. Haaan where is Sujatha did not find her around.
Ram: Mom dnt ask me I don’t knw whom the groom are coming to see. For the past 1 hr she is getting ready.
Sujatha: Ma I am ready, with full make up looking like bride

AP: Sujatha ur looking like bride and not ur daughter. See how much coating by touching her cheeks.
Sujatha: Ma, I should look good thn they will think how beautiful my daughter will be nu
AP: Where is ur daughter is she ready
Sujatha: Ya where is she I did not find her.
Dadi Swara comes running with her dirty clothes- clearly shows she was playing with mud and water with kids.
Sujatha: Offo see this girl when will u grow up. Go go fast and get ready. Groom’s family will be here in anytime so go fast and get ready.
Swara: Dn’t worry mom he will also reject me u knw na already 4 rejected me so chillax
Sujatha: That’s my fear, all r rejecting her tears well up.
AP: dnt worry u knw Shemish na they only initiated the talk so dnt worry. I ll make her ready.
AP takes Swara makes her wear beautiful light orange Kanchipuram pattu Sari with matching Kasumala and jhumkas. She was looking beautiful with plated hair while jasmine flower adorns her hair.
Arav: Di di u look beautiful, here are the things u asked. Y di u dnt like marriage nd all a
Swara: NNOooooo I want to become a famous doctor, build a house for my grandparents, takes my parents to World tour after that only I want to get married.
Arav: diiiiiiii super, dnt worry it will take long time u fulfill all ur wish I will become big and marry u
Swara: Awwwwwwww my chotu and pulls his cheeks and kisses him.


Sujju: Swara behave properly, dnt do any mischief.
AP: She is not a kid and she knows everything so dnt worry.
Ram: Ma, sujatha they all came, come fast. Swara was looking casually. Swara to herself I know how to make him run away from this place come on Swara you can do it.
Shemish , sanskar with some of the relatives were sitting. Ram was telling about his family history while Sujju was tensed.
Shekar: Can we meet our future daughter in law.
Suju: Ha ha I ll go and bring her. Sujju brings swara and makes her stand infront of everyone. Swara was not nervous and all she was very casual as she was 100% sure that this marriage will not happen nu.
Sanky was awestruck seeing Swara seeing her casual nature Sanky smiled. Ram and Shemish were talking. Swara was not at all interested in these talks signaling something to Arav. She did not see sanky also. Sanky liked her attitude.
Shamista: Let them talk alone for some time. Swara was super happy as she was waiting for this moment.
Swara and Sanky go to balcony. Sanky was weraing simple blue shirt with jeans.
Swara: So what is your name , I forgot.
Sanky: Ohhh y u did not ask my name also.
Swara: NO if I know ur name Y will I ask , so buddu.
Sanky: But y did nt ask. You dint nt like me

Swara: Listen, I will tell about myself, She signals Arav to bring the bag. She shows the a packet of cigar I will smoke 1 packet of cigarette daily and show the beer bottle drink when I am upset. I have 15 bf. 10 already left me. 4 rejected me. So u also go out and tell that you dnt like me nu. You will get a better girl.
Sanky was shocked and widened his mouth and eyes with her confession. Ok Swara moves towards her takes the cigars prove me. Just smoke a cigar and show me.
This time Swara’s eyes were wide opened and did not know what to do. She takes the cigar and tries to put in her mouth but she places the wrong side. Her face was showing the fear and 100 reactions Sanky smirks and smiles silently.
Swara: Throws the cigar down, listen I have dreams and lot of things to do so I dnt want to marry. You go out and tell that you dnt like me. That’s it for now she rushes out.
All were waiting eagerly for their reply including Swara. Before Swara could tell something
Sanky: I am ready to marry Swara.
Swara was shocked to hear this and opens her mouth widely while AP stuffs ladoo in her mouth. Everyone was happy but Swara’s eyes were filled with tears and she was standing as if her whole World has stopped and runs away. Sanky sees her and becomes sad.
Sanky goes to talk to her but she is not ready and closes the door. Sanky felt bad where pandit announces next week there is one auspicious day or else we have to wait for 8 months.
Shemish: No we can do marriage next week nly. Sujam also agrees.

Swara’s POV:
What has happened to me. I hate this sanky I hate him completely its becoz of him all my dreams are shattered. I dnt know what I am going to do next. I hate this marriage and I will show Sanky who I am.
Shemish and Sanky stayed in their place as only 1 week was left. Sanky tries to talk but Swara avoids him completely. She was not interested in all these arrangements. She did not even select her jewels or saree she simply nods. She is not the same bubbly Swara, she became so quiet, no masti no smile.
2 days before marriage Swara was sitting in her room resting her head in bedframe while clutching her pillow tightly. Her charm was totally lost. I knocked the door but she was lost in her own thoughts. I went inside and closed the door.
Sanky: Swara, swara he touched her shoulder. She came back to her senses and jerked.
Swara: what the hell, what r u dng in my room, get out.
Sanky: with red shot eyes: Swara listen I was trying to talk for past 3 days but ur not listening to me.
Swara: I dnt want to hear get out. I hate u I hate u to the core.
Sanky could not take anymore: She holds her tightly and pins her to wall.
I met you before 1 year in Chennai while helping an old couple. After that I met u couple of times but u did not even notice. May this this is what attracted me. The childish nature, The Jhansi ki rani roop, ur dreams these all made me fall for u. When my parents were talking about our marriage, I thought it was destiny and I was the happiest person. I thought to give ur dreams as gift after marriage to show how much I loved you, but it is of no use. I will talk to my parents and cancel the marriage. He goes out in full rage.
Swara took the file and an immediate smile adorned her lips. He had made her continue her studies, booked a World trip for his parents and my parents. He has transferred his Chennai farm house to my grandfather’s name.

O God what did I do, he cared so much for my happiness but I hurt him so much, omg I have to meet him. She runs and searches for Sanky. He was searching for his parents. She goes before him, he avoids her, and she again goes in front of him.
Sanky: What the hell Swara, wait for 2 mns I ll talk to my parents and u can be free.
Swara: I need to talk before that pleading with her eyes.
Sanky; No I dnt want to talk anything just leave.
Swara sees here and there pulls Sanky to the room. I am sorry I know I hurt u, but what to do if u have dreams and it get shattered u will come to know. I am sorry.
Sanky: did not pay any heed to Swara, U hate me na thn what.
Swara: Noo now I dnt hateeee u
Sanky: thn prove it.
Swara: Again but how
Sanky: pulls her by waist kiss me. Swara is shocked by his sudden action.
Swara: Ok leave me and close ur eyes. Sannky happily agrees and closes his eyes. He feels a kiss on his cheeks he opens his eyes and find Arav kissed him while Swara holding Arav.
Sanky: Swara u cheater will not leave u wait and run behind her.
Swara and Arav are running. She got back her her old charm, masti and a perfect life partner understanding and caring. Swara and Sanky got married happily, sanky help her achieve her goals. Swara trying to become perfect wife. Shemish and Sujam were getting ready for the World tour. DP and AP are spending some weekends in farm house. Happily ever after.

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