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This is my first fan fiction….
so bear with me…

Hero: Suraj he is a cricketer plays for Indian team live in Uttar Pradesh
Heroine: Chakor who madly love with Suraj live in Chennai


Imli: Chakor’s elder sister
Vivaan: Suraj’s elder brother

Kasturi: Chakor& Imli’s mother
Bhuvan: Chakor& Imli’s father, Kasturi construction owner

Kamal Narayanan: Suraj& Vivaan’s father, Sunrise group of companies (hotel and shopping mall etc… in Agra) who don’t like suraj playing cricket and want to learn M.B.A like Vivaan for look after business
Tejaswini: Suraj& Vivaan’s mother

Karthik: Kasturi’s Brother who eyes on Bhuvan’s wealth want to kill Imli and Chakor for property

Story line: how they met and fall in love. this is the fiction story..
I’m watching Korean serial for past 3 years. so the story like Korean serial

I will post weekly once…

If any grammar and spelling mistake please let me know….

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