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Sukor-My love Episode 07

In suraj’s room
Hey girl…. What’s her name… hey… wake up… saying that he patting on her cheek slowly….
Suraj takes chakor in his arms and lie her down on bed ask her wake up….
Girija comes there and sees suraj
Suraj: what?
Girija: Tejaswiniji ask you to come for break fast
Suraj tells her to go…. I will come….and thinks she is already dead… why am I concern on her? ….. and goes to have breakfast

In dining table
Tejaswini serves him.
Kamal: how are you?
Suraj: I am fine dad.
Kamal: did you hurt anywhere while playing? (With concern)
Suraj: no dad…
Kamal: have your breakfast…
Suraj nodded…. But thinks is she fine? Is ghost faint? And eats his food very fast
Tejaswini sees suraj and ask him to slow otherwise food will choke…


In Chennai
Raj: Are you going to help them?
Vivaan nodded and thinks about imli… and thinks I want to protect her… what if anything happens to her like her sister?….

Raj: what will you do if your father asks you to come agra?

I will convince him… you know me already… I am sick of business… I’m doing this because of my dad… I want to be IPS officer… he is the one force to involve me in the business said with frustration in his face and voice…

Raj: we can hire private detective…. Do you know any area here?

Vivaan smiles and tells him “did you forget? I did my B.E in IIT, Chennai. I know each and every nook in this city… I have lot of friends here… I was the one who prefer to build hotel in tamilnadu… so that I will enjoy myself without any business tension…. My plan also worked…dad sent me here for business meeting…

Raj: you said you came here for stress relieving….
Vivaan: It’s also one of stress relieving to help others
Raj: don’t lie to me… you love imli that’s why you are going to help grandma… so that nothing happen to her
Vivaan smiles at him…
Raj: you do as you want… but don’t let yourself hurt… vivaan what if she loves anyone already?
Vivaan: what? That’s not make sense…
Raj: think once what if she loves someone? Before doing anything asks her is she in love with someone?
Vivaan: even if she loves someone I will make her fall on me…
Raj: don’t be over confidence….
Vivaan thinks raj is right… what if she loves someone…. I want to know… …. Can I ask her directly? …. What if she thinks I’m weird…?

Suraj comes to room sat beside chakor
Suraj: Hey wake up… wake up…
Chakor opens her eyes and sees suraj who sitting beside her….
Suraj: are you okay?…. tell me Is ghost faint?
Chakor: I am not dead yet… so I’m not ghost
Suraj: then who are you?
Chakor: I’m chakor don’t ask anything I’m really tired now…. What’s your name?
Suraj: I’m Suraj Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi
Chakor: suraj… suraj…

I won… you can’t ask me to help you… said with smile in his lips.

Hey… our fight is not end yet… we will resume our fight some other time… I’m really tired now… and one more thing I don’t need your help… I think I found my answer…. Said with frustration in her voice
And thinks your actions remember my past…. So that you don’t have to help me… no wonder black said he is key to my memories….. All I want now is to stay with you….your action will make me to regain my memories….


Suraj: You said you’re not dead yet? Then who are you?
Chakor explains how she met with accident and about conversation between white and black….
Suraj bursts in laugh…. Chakor looks at him and asks why are you laughing?
Suraj: do you think I believe all your stories?
Chakor: it’s all true… I lost my memories. When you are fall in sofa and said this is not fair… I saw myself that I said to someone this is not fair… its make my head paining…that’s why I’m faint…..
Suraj again bursts with laugh….
Suraj: don’t try to make fun of me…
Chakor: you don’t have to trust me… but tell me one thing did anyone sees me other than you before?
Suraj: no…
Chakor: then why don’t you believe in me…. did you see ghost before?
Suraj: no…
Chakor: I think there is some reason behind that I am only visible to your eyes…
Suraj: whatever it is…

Suraj gets call from his friend… so he picks the call and said to him I will come in 10 minutes…
Suraj: whoever you are… I’m going to meet my friends… so please can you get out from my room?
Chakor: what? I won’t go anywhere… I have to finish my missions… you don’t have help me… but don’t tell me to leave…
Suraj: whatever… please doesn’t be here when I return?
Saying that suraj goes to washroom….
Chakor thinks how can I leave? …. Whatever he is telling I have to stick with him for my missions… what is the connection between me and him? Why I am visible to his eyes only… he said he did not see ghost before….

Suraj comes out from wash room wearing white with black checked shirt with black colour pant…
Chakor looks at him and says you look beautiful, handsome, and cute
Suraj: don’t try to flirt with me…. do you think if you do I will allow you stay by my side?
Chakor thinks nothing works to him… I explained everything…. He didn’t trust me….
What will I do?…. and tells him no…no.. You looks cute… this colour suits you well

Suraj: please don’t be here when I return… (While taking shoes from rack and goes to dressing table for wear wrist watch…
Chakor sees this and goes to the rack and tells to him you have a lot of shoes and change the color of one shoe with another color and thinks you are beat me…. do you know? How much it is pain?
Suraj: okay bye…. Wear the shoes without noticing…
Chakor smiles continuously… I will also come with you… who know I will remember anything if I am come with you….
Suraj: don’t follow me…
Chakor: I will…

Suraj goes to restaurant and sees his friends and waves his hand.
His friend Rahul comes to him and asks is this new fashion?
Suraj: what?…
Rahul points his shoes…. suraj look at them and remember chakor near to shoe when he went wear watch….
Chakor burst in laugh… suraj stares chakor angrily….

Precap: leave my hand… otherwise I will kill you…
I am deeply sorry…… if I am bore you all
Thanks for reading my ff
I hope you all like this ff
Please comment for me if you want to change anything
Guys please tell me can I use our real cricketer names

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