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Sukor-My love Episode 04

Suraj hit the ball and it is six. He made the team win but he can’t get happy unknowingly. He didn’t smile for his contribution to the team. He thinks why he is sad suddenly even though he did well. He thought his heart was hurt as he lost something precious to him…

Chakor soul comes out from her body. She sees her body lying down under the car and someone near her shouts “chakor, please wake up�
Chakor wonders who he is. Why he is shouting near to her body


Couple from the far sees this and comes near to Chakor.
Couple: are you okay dear?
Chakor: am I dead?
Couple: no dear you are not dead. You have to do lot of things in your life.
Chakor: what?
Couple: do you remember us? We met before.
Chakor: what? Did we meet before?
Couple: that means you forget your memories. (Couple thinks oh my god we got a special case)
Chakor: what?
Couple: you will regain your memories dear…. Let me introduce ourselves.
My name is white, and his name is black
Chakor: okay. I have to go
White: where?
Chakor: to my body.
Black: you can’t dear….
Chakor: what are you saying? That means am I dead?
White: no darling… because of the accident your soul comes out from your body.
Chakor: so what? Can’t I return to my body?
Black: sure you can … but you have to complete your missions
Chakor: what? (Asked afraid)
White: don’t get afraid darling
Chakor: what is the mission?
Black: you have 2 missions to complete
White: first you have to regain your memories
Chakor: second?
Black: you will be known when your memories return automatically.
White: you can’t return your body until you completes your mission.
(Chakor cries badly)

Meanwhile suraj awarded MAN OF THE MATCH for playing well. He can’t able to enjoy the moment…. He can’t even smile.
He thinks what happen to me? Why am I getting sad? Is anything happens to family members?

Bhuvan take chakor to hospital and informs kasturi and Grandma about chakor accident
They rush to hospital
Doctor informs chakor is in coma. Everyone shocked. They are all cry badly for chakor.
Kasturi: bhuvan please… tell chakor to open her eyes. I can’t see her like this…
Bhuvan tries to console Kasturi but it all went in vain…. Grandma tries to act strong…. But she also starts crying…. She tells to them that chakor didn’t like when someone cries so please don’t cry…..
She will get hurt if she knows you are all crying for her….

Grandma call imli but imli’s phone switched off.
Kasturi tells grandma when imli is in meeting she will switch off her phone.
They decide to call office but can’t get connect…. so, grandma sent message to her.

In office
Imli is in conference room… vivaan comes there and get happy to see imli there
Imli get shocked asked vivaan are you not the same guy who helped me at airport.
Vivvan: (smiles) yeah it’s me
Imli: are you coming from sunrise group of company?
Vivvan: yes madam
Imli: okay sir come and please sit we will start presentation.
(imli explains each slide about the place where to construct hotel but vivaan doesn’t concentrate and mesmerized by imli’s beauty and the way she speaks and her look )
Imli: it’s finished sir. Did you decide where to build your hotel?
Vivaan didn’t realize and continuously staring at her
Imli: sir… sir… (While knocking desk in front of him)
Vivvan realize it and says it’s a great presentation
Imli: thank you sir did you decide?
Vivaan: I will discuss with my dad and inform you
(Raj smiles…. vivvan sees raj smiling and ask what?)
Raj: no… nothing… wipe you droll….
Vivaan: stop it yaar….

Vivaan, raj, imli come out from conference room
Imli leads the way to out for vivaan
While walking imli check the phone and see the message
Because of shocking she fainted and our vivaan holds her…

Vivaan: imli are you okay? Raj…bring the water
Vivaan sprinkle water on her face. imli get conscious and cries
Vivaan: why are you crying?
Imli: my chakor… my chakor….
Vivaan: what? Who is chakor?
Vivaan takes the phone from her hand and read the message
Imli: she is my sister… I have to go
Vivaan: you can’t go like this… you will also meet with accident… I’m also come with you
Imli: it’s all because of me… it’s all because of me… if I didn’t asked her to bring the file she wouldn’t met with accident… it’s all because of me…. (imli cries)
Vivaan see this helpless. He is hurt by seeing imli’ tears

Precap: chakor sleep on suraj’s room

I am deeply sorry…… if I am bore you all
Thanks for reading my ff
I hope you all like this ff
Please comment for me if you want to change anything

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