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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Yuvaan and Yuvani asking Yuvraaj how does he know Saiyyam’s father. Yuvraaj says actually, Sharad, Saiyyam’s dad and I were together in college. Sharad says yes, so when Bhavna wanted to learn music, I called him. Yuvraaj says yes. Saiyyam looks at him. Yuvraaj says she told me such things that….. Saiyyam says that was a lie, my dad was a liar right, its old dialogue, try something new, why shall I believe a stranger. Bhavna says then don’t believe, we will not care of it, we are saying truth to our children.


Sharad asks Yuvaan and Yuvani to decide, whom to believe, Saiyyam or family. Yuvaan says he trusts Suhani. Suhani asks him to come with her. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that Suhani reacted in anger and it was not right. Pratima says I m thinking to tell truth to kids. Yuvraaj says no, I m thinking to leave from here. Bhavna asks why, Suhani needs all of us, complications is not by you, but by Sambhav’s son. Pratima says yes, she got shaken up seeing Saiyyam. Sharad says something wrong is going to happen. Yuvraaj says yes, we have to be with Suhani and this problem can solve.

Suhani asks Yuvaan is anything happened to him in fight then. He says it would be fine, I can’t control anger, he is blaming bad thing on you, he is saying he is your son. Saiyyam tells Sambhav’s pic that music teacher called you bad man, Suhani did not say anything, I feel bad seeing her doings, she does not care for my existence, she will have to pay a big price for her behavior.

Krishna pacifies Yuvaan. She sends Suhani. Yuvaan says why did you send her, I had to talk about Saiyyam. She says this is tough time for her. He asks why, you think Saiyyam is her son. She asks him to give time to Suhani, she will tell everything on her own. He says I don’t understand. She says she needs you, you should support her. He says if this happened with your mum….

She gets sad. He says sorry, I did not wish to hurt you. She says I can’t get my mum back even if I do anything, please don’t make mum away, no use to think of past, think of future, respect that Suhani loves and worries for you, she came to save you, not Saiyyam. Yuvani comes and tells Yuvaan that there is something going on between mumma and music teacher. He says they are just friends. Yuvani says not just friends, its something else. Krishna asks how can she say this for Suhani. Yuvani says its our personal matter, you leave from here. Krishna goes. Yuvaan asks Yuvani how can she talk to Krishna like this.

Saiyyam hurts his wound to remember how he got hurt. Krishna comes and worries seeing the bleeding. She does the aid. He injures her and says I asked you to be away whoever stays with me just gets pain. She cries and leaves.

Yuvani asks Yuvaan to recall, how mumma got glad seeing music teacher, she got angry when I was rude to her, I m sure mumma is hiding something. Yuvaan says enough, you feel so as you have habit to hide things. She says shut up. He asks to relax and stop thinking this nonsense, we should support mum.

Its night, Bhavna sees Suhani sitting in darkness and switches on lights. She asks her not to keep darkness in heart and house on Diwali. Krishna shows matchsticks and says someone has put matchsticks in water. Bhavna and Suhani guess Saiyyam did this. Saiyyam looks on. Suhani says its fine, we will keep lights instead diyas, keep smiling, I get courage.

Yuvani comes. Bhavna asks her to help them. Yuvani says I m going to get crackers to celebrate Diwali. Sharad says yes, we will just come. Krishna goes to get lights. Saiyyam sees them. They all decorate the place. A spark in switch box makes the lights go. It gets dark. Suhani asks what happened to lights suddenly.

Saiyyam comes holding phone torch and says I made darkness in house as in your life, no one will celebrate Diwali and happiness here. He goes. Yuvraaj comes and lights diya by hitting stones. He lights more diyas by one diya. Suhani and everyone smile. Suhani thanks Yuvraaj. He asks why thanks to me, thank history book. Bhavna says you are really smart Yuv…… and stops. She says Kumar ji, I m sure Sharad also slept in class always. Suhani says yes, just my Yuvraaj was studious. Yuvraaj says yes, we all were cheaters and your Yuvraaj was intelligent. She says yes. Pratima says I will make something for you all.

Saiyyam looks on and thinks. He calls someone and says everyone get together to make me lose, come here, I hate them, I can’t do this alone. Krishna collides with him.

Everyone light Diwali crackers and is happy. Saiyyam sees Suhani with Yuvraaj. He ignites fire between both of them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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