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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Krishna drinking the wine. She says thanks you liked the dress, what was this. He says you liked it right, leave it then. She asks how did you know I m here. He says I know everything about you. He leaves. She faints and falls down. Yuvani laughs seeing Saiyyam too drunk. He asks why are you laughing, your state is worse, I was orphan, your mum is villain, your dad came now, Yuvaan is a big donkey, he feels he can say anything to me now, I will teach him after going home.


Saiyyam comes home drunk and says I will show Yuvaan what is fight. He goes to Yuvaan’s room and sees Krishna. He says why did she wear this dress, she feels she is cool. He makes her life on the bed and falls on her. Suhani and Yuvraaj come there and misunderstand Saiyyam. Yuvraaj gets Saiyyam

away. Suhani sees Saiyyam drunk and Krishna unconscious. She slaps Saiyyam and he falls down. Baby and Yuvaan come with Bhavna and look on.

Baby asks Saiyyam to get up. Yuvani comes. Baby takes Saiyyam. Bhavna checks Krishna and covers her. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan where were you, how did this happen, why did you leave Krishna alone. Yuvaan says I was in my room, I did not know this is happening, I came here hearing you all. Suhani goes. Yuvani sees the wine glasses and gets thinking.

Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and asks her not to worry, nothing happened, we reached on right time. Suhani says Krishna is innocent, she would be scared. Yuvani says she is not innocent, she was having wine with Saiyyam and enjoying. Yuvraaj asks Yuvani on what basis is she blaming Krishna. Yuvani says just back off. Dadi says shut up Yuvani, answer your Papa, and Yuvraaj what do you want to know from Yuvani. Yuvraja says when we came home, we saw Krishna unconscious and… Yuvaan says Saiyyam was taking advantage of her. Yuvani says no, Krishna was drunk. Rags checks glass and says Yuvani is right. Yuvraaj says I don’t understand you Yuvani, I m getting wine smell from you.

Yuvani says so you will scold me and not Krishna. Suhani says you saw Krishna’s state. Rags says you created big issue when Yuvani did this. Suhani argues. Yuvani says I want to know about you, you scolded me, will you scold Krishna or not. Suhani says I will scold her if she has drunk, you are also drunk, if anyone takes your advantage then… if you come home and tell something wrong happened with you, will I hear you or scold you, Krishna is your friend, she needs you. Rags says amazing, you just support Krishna. Suhani asks her not to talk in between their talk. Rags scolds Suhani. She asks her to explain Saiyyam who did this bad thing. Yuvani is right and Saiyyam is wrong. Yuvraaj says I will talk to them, everyone do what they want, the rules will change now, Dadi, what Rags did was wrong to provoke Yuvani, you explain Rags. Dadi says you all got after Yuvani, talk to Krishna and Saiyyam. Yuvraaj says once Krishna gets conscious, I will call police to take her statement, I will file FIR against Saiyyam, I will make sure he gets punished. Dadi says yes, what can we expect from a rapist’s son. Suhani asks Bhavna to go and see Krishna.

Yuvaan wakes up Krishna. She gets up and asks what happened. He asks what do you remember. She says nothing. Dadi says once Saiyyam goes jail, then see I will try he is always in jail. Rags says relax, think well, we got a good chance to get rid of Krishna and Saiyyam, if we prove Saiyyam is mad after Krishna, you can do anything, just say yes, I will manage.

Krishna asks Saiyyam…… I don’t know when did he come, what did he do. Yuvaan says don’t know. She says I just remember you came to meet me. He says you had drinks and I went out, Maa came and saw Saiyyam here. Krishna cries. He says promise me, you won’t tell anyone that I came here, swear on our friendship. Bhavna asks what are you doing here. Yuvaan says I came to meet her, as she was crying. Bhavna hugs Krishna. Yuvaan says Krishna does not remember anything. Bhavna consoles Krishna.

She asks Krishna to tell them what she remembers, go and freshen up, then we will sit and talk. Suhani recalls Sambhav and cries. Yuvraaj comes and says I know you are feeling bad, but Saiyyam should be punished, we have to give him to police, if anyone else did this, you would have punished him, why not Saiyyam then. Pratima says there is big reason behind it. Baby makes Saiyyam sit in shower and asks him to say, what happened, what did you do with Krishna, get up, are you fine.

Yuvraaj asks whats the reason. Pratima says we have to change Saiyyam for good, I know he did mistake and should be punished that he learns a lesson. Suhani says yes, he will be punished by me. He says stop it, Krishna needs us. She says sorry, I forgot my duties towards Krishna, I will make Saiyyam say truth and then I will punish him. She goes. Saiyyam says Baby, I did not do anything, I was finding Yuvaan. Suhani comes and slaps him.

Rags asks Saiyyam about Krishna’s pics with him. Dadi asks Saiyyam and Krishna to get married. Pratima asks Yuvaan to marry Krishna.

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