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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rags going to Yuvani and consoling her. Yuvani asks am I becoming villain by refusing for this marriage, I cant digest this, mumma and Dadi said we should not lie, and they are lying to me, we got to know we have dad now. Rags says its not wrong if you don’t find this right. Bhavna says you are thinking wrong Suhani, why don’t you want to give chance to yourself, atleast for family and children. Yuvraaj comes to them and says now Suhani does not love me. Bhavna says its nothing like that, I know this, even then Suhani will answer you. She goes.


Yuvraaj asks Suhani did I say right, you love Amit ji a lot and not me. She says you know its not like that. Rags says its like that Yuvani, you are sweet and innocent, and don’t understand plotting, see how Krishna

became heroine by giving emotional speech, if she had to tell, she could tell you in private, but then how would she become great in their eyes, she did this to look good infront of everyone. Yuvani agrees and says I will not leave Krishna. Rags says she made you look wrong, don’t listen to her, refuse for this marriage if you are not happy.

Yuvraaj says we can’t change decision by getting scared of children. Suhani says you have seen what Yuvani did, if she does anything wrong. She asks if anything wrong happens. He says trust me, I m sure nothing wrong will happen, we never tried to unite before, our togetherness is our biggest strength. He gets on his knees and asks will you marry me again Suhani, this time even death can’t separate us, if I get late in reaching mandap, will you leave me, don’t go please. Saware……plays…….. She holds him and hugs.

She says I will never leave you. He smiles. Pratima and Bhavna smile seeing them. Saiyyan is angry and breaks things. Baby comes to him. Saiyyam says how can she think of marrying Yuvraaj, he is my dad’s murderer. Baby says I can understand your feelings, I can’t believe them, they did not think of you, chill, have this juice. He refuses and throws juice. She says don’t get angry, we will find some way to stop this marriage. Yuvraaj and Suhani come to talk. Baby leaves.

Suhani says I need to talk. Saiyyam refuses. Yuvraaj says we want to marry and start life again, like we had a life before Suhani and Sambhav’s marriage, we had to get separated by situation, life is giving us another chance, we don’t want to lose it. Saiyyam asks what shall I do, shall I bless both of you. Yuvraaj says no, we don’t want drama from your side.

Saiyyam says I hate you and don’t like this proposal, I hate Suhani too, she wants to stay with my dad’s murderer, this hatred will not get less, what type of mother are you. Suhani says I m that mother whose son tried to kill her and she did not send him to jail, who wants to change her son. Suhani and Yuvraaj leave.

Yuvaan looks for Yuvani. He goes to washroom and gets shocked seeing Baby in towel. He turns and says sorry, I thought its Yuvani. Baby asks will you come anywhere without knocking. He says no, I was worried for Yuvani. She smiles and says its okay, I don’t mind if its you, I know you are a nice man, your heart is not bad. He says I m better than Saiyyam. She says yes, but you did not meet me before. He says its fine, you change and we will solve this problem, we will plan to move Saiyyam off the plan. She laughs and her towel falls down. He gets tensed and starts leaving. She says stop, look at me once, come on. He gets nervous. She makes him turn. He closes his eyes. She says please open your eyes and see me, tell me how is my dress. He opens eyes and sees her wearing a short dress. She smiles.

He smiles and holds head. He calls her mad. They laugh. Krishna looks on angrily. Dadi says I m feeling bad for Yuvani, how did Pratima get blind for Suhani. Rags says don’t worry for Yuvani, I will manage her, I m worried for Krishna, we did not kill her parents. Dadi says I regret Soumya’s death, Suhani should have died instead Soumya. Suhani came and spoiled everything, leave all this, its good Suhani refused for marriage.

Baby comes there and says Suhani and Yuvraaj agreed to marry, they came to talk to Saiyyam and I heard them. Rags says Baby, your top looks good. Baby says thanks, its inspired by your design, I follow your fashion design. Rags says thanks. Baby goes. Dadi asks why did Suhani do acting if she had to say yes. Rags says she will trouble us.

Saiyyam drinks at the pub and says I wish Yuvraaj got hit that day. Yuvani joins him and they drink. She says what happened to them, they lied to me and expect me to forget everything. Saiyyam says your mum does not love anyone and hate children. She agrees.

Saiyyam gets drunk and shows the hate list. He says sorry. She says I think we are equal in list, cheers to that. Yuvaan looks for Suhani and asks Baby. Baby says don’t make excuse, I know you were finding me. He says sorry, its that you want me to find you. She says no, but what you are finding you won’t get it, your parents went out, its just we at home. He says we should do something special then. He goes.

Saiyyam says you always had your brother, I had no one. She asks why, you had Baby. He says Baby is not my sister. She says when did I say that and laughs. She says you are going to marry her. He says no, she is my girlfriend, I did not give her commitment, but I did not disrespect any girl. She laughs and says yes, you just treat your mum badly. He throws water on her face. She says I m elder. He says I m elder by mind.

He asks for more whiskey. Bartender says you won’t get now, whiskey ended, try something else. Saiyyam scolds him and asks you think you can snatch my right. He punches the man. Yuvaan comes with drinks and thinks where did Baby go, does she want to play hide and seek. He looks for her. He gets Krishna in room. Krishna wears a short dress. He asks why did you hide here. She says turn that dress, I m feeling shy, I was trying this dress, my simple clothes are better. He says you look good. She smiles and thanks him. She drinks wine, while he tries to stop her.

Suhani slaps Saiyyam and he falls down. Everyone look on.

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