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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Krishna saying beauty is by good values. Baby says you will not care of this, as you are already fair, world judges by looks. Suhani says why do you care, if you are beautiful and has no inner beauty, then no one will praise you. Baby disagrees and says everyone loves beautiful Taj mahal, and not Shahjahan and Mumtaz’s love story. Yuvaan agrees with her.

Yuvraaj talks to Pratima about Suhani and Saiyyam. He says Saiyyam is Sambhav’s son. She says he is also Suhani’s son and asks him to talk to Suhani. Baby thinks to leave spider in Yuvraaj’s room. Suhani asks Sharad to see how Yuvraaj is making Pratima against her. Yuvraaj says she is my mum and I have right to talk to her.

Suhani says fine, provoke her against me, but she will support right. Yuvraaj asks Pratima not to support Suhani now. They go. Sharad asks Bhavna why did she break his trust by coming here. Bhavna asks what did you mean. Sharad says you cheated me, you want to win over me. Pratima asks what are you saying. Bhavna says Sharad got mad to say all this. They argue.

They go and collide with Baby. Baby hides spider and goes. Bhavna asks Sharad how can he say this after so many years of marriage. He says you cheated me. She goes angrily. Baby sees the spider gone and looks for it. Bhavna is angry. Yuvraaj asks her to calm down.

Suhani asks Baby what is she doing. Bhavna says how did Sharad say I cheated him. Spider is on the fridge. Yuvraaj says if he is behaving like kid, you act mature, we don’t have to let Sambhav win.

Baby says I was touching your feet. Suhani asks are you collecting blessings in this container. Baby says I came to take your blessings, you don’t think I m your son’s GF, I deserve some respect. Suhani says you have to prove yourself a good guest, I don’t need to prove my relation with Saiyyam, one who values external beauty does not need any respect. She goes. Saiyyam asks Baby not to insult Suhani again, what is this, I hope you are not doing anything wrong. He goes.

Yuvaan tells Yuvani that party plan is setup. Yuvani asks him not to take Krishna along. He says she will be left out. She says we will take Baby. Baby thinks Saiyyam will kill me if he knows of this spider. They ask Baby to join them in party. Baby agrees. Yuvaan asks Krishna to come along. Baby asks Krishna to come. Krishna says no thanks. Baby sees if spider is on Krishna. She says fine, you are good at home.

Saiyyam thinks of Suhani’s words. He says her motherly love got awakened, that she wants to teach me right and wrong. Spider passes by. Yuvraaj says I hope this works. Bhavna says yes, its samosas. He gives video games. She thanks him and says Sharad loves video games like kids. She wishes him all the best and gives him samosas. He passes by and stops near the spider. He answers call and goes.

Suhani says this is gift for Yuvraaj, I have cleaned the room. Saiyyam sees Sambhav’s pic and says what happened between you two that I had to become an orphan.. he hugs the pic and cries. He sees the spiders booklet and says spider info… who got this. He recalls Baby and rushes. He asks her what did you do, what is this info. She says I m taking revenge for your Papa’s death. She asks where is spider. She says don’t know, I m finding it, it got lost. He asks what the hell, can’t you find a spider. He sees spider and shows her.

Yuvraaj sees the room clean. Suhani says I did this. He shows the samosas. She asks did you go to get samosas for me. He feeds her samosas. They smile. Spider comes in their room. Saiyyam and Baby look on. Suhani asks what did Bhavna tell you. Yuvraaj says if we both fight, Sambhav will win and he can’t win. She says yes. Spider gets in Yuvraaj’s shoe. Saiyyam smiles and wishes Spider bites Yuvraaj and he dies. Spider goes to Suhani’s foot. Saiyyam worries and thinks mum is wearing open slipper, spider will bite her. He runs and pushes Yuvraaj on the bed. Suhani looks at Yuvraaj and moves. Saiyyam picks the spider with the tissue. He asks Yuvraaj to be away from Suhani. He leaves with baby.

Yuvraaj asks whats his problem. Suhani says he is not that bad. He says he is acting. She says leave it, are you fine. He says I m not fine till he stays here. Saiyyam puts spider in the box. Baby says I was doing this for you. He asks did I ask your help, why did you interfere then. He shouts on her. She asks why are you behaving like this. He says if you do such mistakes, how shall I behave, whom did you ask. She says this spider would have bitten that man. He says my mum would have died today. She says so what, she left you, you hate her. He says I don’t want to kill her, stay away. She asks why don’t you like to kill her, she left you and is with your dad’s murderer, she is a characterless woman. He raises hand on her. Yuvaan comes and calls Saiyyam an illiterate guy to raise hand on a girl. He scolds Saiyyam. Baby leaves. Yuvaan goes.

Sharad asks what, Saiyyam pushed Yuvraaj. Suhani says yes, I did not let Yuvraaj beat him. Yuvraaj says Suhani was right, I was not wishing children to know that, Saiyyam saw me feeding samosa to Suhani, he will tell this to everyone. Pratima says would he doubt. Suhani says yes, he would know this. Sharad asks what to do now. Suhani says we should tell truth to children before they know from someone else.

Baby and Yuvaan get friends. Krishna comes and looks on.

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