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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with inspector giving warning to Yuvraaj. Saiyyam says its family matter and acts good. Inspector leaves. Baby meets everyone. Saiyyam thanks Yuvani for supporting him. She says I did not. Yuvaan asks Suhani why are we bearing Saiyyam, why did you not say anything to Saiyyam. Suhani says yes, why am I not telling him anything. He says yes, we have to put him in jail. She says no, I need to talk, I understood the problem. She thanks and hugs Yuvaan.


Baby unpacks her bag. Saiyyam asks you really came here. She says yes, I had to come, see what state they did of you, is that woman your mum, she was hearing you getting scolded. He says she hates me. She says thank God I came, I got police to scare them. He says next time, you won’t do anything without asking me. She


Suhani tells Saiyyam that she will change him and do her duty. She goes. Baby calls her ill mannered. Saiyyam looks at Baby. Dadi tells Pratima that she will not risk Yuvraaj’s life, Suhani can drink Saiyyam’s poison, its enough now. Pratima says Saiyyam tried to kill Yuvraaj. Dadi says yes, make that guy leave from this house. Suhani comes and says no Dadi.

Suhani defends Saiyyam. Dadi says he is devil’s son. Suhani says he is doing this as I did not accept him, I m the reason for all this. Yuvraaj comes there and hears them. He gets angry and leaves. Baby goes to Yuvani and asks are you writing sorry card for Dadi, you love her a lot. Yuvani asks don’t you have manners to knock and come. Baby says sorry and knocks door. Baby says we are with Saiyyam. Yuvani says but I will support my Dadi, as she is my family. Baby says yes, but if we forget this, can we become friends, I really admire you. Yuvani asks why.

Baby says I like your makeup style. Yuvani says skin tone does not matter, everything can change by makeup and beauty treatments, you can come to parlor with me. She says I have to go for a party tonight. Baby asks can I come with you. Yuvani says fine. Krishna comes. Yuvani asks her to cover up for her. Krishna refuses and asks whats wrong with you, aunty is in tension and you want to do for party. Yuvani says fine, I won’t go, you sleep with mumma as Baby will stay here. Krishna goes.

Yuvraaj sees the musical band and angrily plays the drums. He recalls Suhani’s words and Saiyyam. Suhani comes there and sees Yuvraaj angrily playing drums. The stick flies to her. Yuvraaj stops Suhani from coming to him. He asks how can you do this. She says he is my son. He says he is Sambhav’s son. She says he is my blood too, I have raised him in my womb for 9 months, I did not raise him. He says he has become like his father. She says no one told me right and wrong, Snoopi and tiger are different. He says I raised snoopi. She says yes, our children are also such, what is Saiyyam’s mistake in this, I have left her, when Yuvani raised hand on me, will we leave her. He says Yuvani can change, but Saiyyam can’t. She says give me a chance, I will make him like me. He says Saiyyam can’t change and argues.

Baby gets a courier orders and sees a poison spider. She gets the spider and smiles. She says one sting and life is gone, Saiyyam thinks death is worse, but I think painful life is worse than death. Yuvaan comes looking for Saiyyam. Baby hides the spider and asks do you want to meet him, I have no value. He asks why, does your BF not value you. She asks don’t you know him well, is he a caring BF, no. Yuvaan agrees. She says I think you are caring. He says yes, I m loving and caring, not ill mannered and rude like Saiyyam. She says normal people do this. He says yes, but Saiyyam is devil, I m wondering what are you doing with him. She says everyone asks this to me. He says if you were not Saiyyam’s GF, we would have good bonding. He leaves. She thinks to trap him.

Suhani asks Sharad to explain Saiyyam, how to punish Saiyyam when half mistake is mine. Bhavna says I don’t understand anything. Yuvraaj says yes, I can’t bear Saiyyam. Bhavna says I don’t think you both should fight about Sambhav, do you want him to succeed. Suhani says I m adamant, I need Yuvraaj, he has to understand me. Yuvraaj says if Suhani feels I m support her, she is mistaken. Bhavna says I understand, but think once, if you both get away, Saiyyam wins and it means Sambhav wins.

Krishna falls down and thinks did Saiyyam see her. She calls Yuvaan and talks about Saiyyam’s GF. He says she is good and sorted. She says she made me leave from my room. He says you are taking like kids, she took a room, she is guest, you adjust. She says I thought you will understand, she is encouraging Yuvani. He laughs and says every girl goes to parlor and party, whats wrong. Baby comes. Yuvaan asks her to come for party. She asks for beauty product info of Birla company. He says I will tell Dadi, and get samples for you. She thanks him. Dadi looks on and thinks its good to know this girl knows value of beauty products, she needs it too.

Baby gets worried and thinks where is the spider. She looks for spider. Suhani asks what are you doing. Yuvraaj walks by.

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