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Stubborness of hot gangster.!! OS

When Sunrise ….everyone wake up

But She come back home.

When Sunset ……everyone sleep

But She start her day.

When Sun rise…everyone do tge works…
He shoots some rich brats..

When Sunset…everyone comeback home …
He too come only to take bath and wash out all blood.

She is beauty of goddess, he is Greek god of Handsome.

She smile only to make you fall,he smile only to count your last moment.

She love to kiss every hot man and too much more, he love to take out all his frustration through hia AX revolver just to finish the chapter.

She is too spoiled to even waste her spit on you, he is too silent to shattered your all life.

For her life is nothing but A good bedmate and enjoying money.

For him life is nothing but to finished all your weakness and snatched the money.

They both are different too much.



She is queen of beauty worlds Billionaire ‘s youngest daughter Swara Malik .

He is Beast of Death worlds the most powerful Gangster of Europe & Asia Sanskar Maheshwari.

“Mr Malik Swara mam is been kidnapped.!”

“SK girl had been kidnapped!”

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