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STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 49

sorry for this episode why i said so you will get to know after reading it
Episode 49
Prabhas: I will tell you but will you able be listen that
Abhigya: is it related to papa or ma
Prabhas: not Maa but papa
Abhigya: who ever I want to listen
Prabhas nodded his head in okay
Prabhas: come with me then
Abhigya and Prabhas moved together from there and here the screen shifts towards Shreya and Yash they both came in main hall, Abhi and Basudha came down from upstairs
Yash: did you found something Shreya
Shreya: yeah this mansion is kind of strange
Abhi putting his both the hands in pocket: yeah full of dust and spider webs
Basudha: excuse me!! I think this is closed from past 25 years so it is obvious that it will be in that condition only
Yash: now tell us Shreya why did you find it strange
Shreya: look there is one room in the corner of the mansion which is locked with a huge lock.
Yash: what!!! But why I mean there was no such room on which he use to put lock beside one in which he was having his and ma’s memories but that is also on the first floor in the corner beside that there was no such room
Shreya: But Yash there is one room come see I will show you
They went to see the room and He was confused so as Shreya and the screen shifts towards Abhigya and Prabhas they were in the room which was their room in their childhood where they shared their almost every secret
Abhigya: now start

Prabhas: Okay as you know after maa left this world he was so alone he rarely use to spend time with anyone even not with me or Vibha also he called Ronny uncle at the house most of the time he use to spend with him talking with him for hours and hours and that was the time when everyone left him alone Aliya Bua went abroad with her family as she set up their business there Purab chachu was with at London you know well and from there what happen with them and where is he we don’t know as we were no more in contact with him he became all alone Abhu and started living alone too for himself the whole Mansion was turned into a silent place where even sound of bird chirp was not present the Mansion which was filled with voices of small fights songs music and laughs of our family that became life less Abhu extreme lifeless it was feeling like a graveyard I tried to contact you but he stopped me saying troubling others is not well I am perfectly fine there is no need of troubling anyone you are happy in your life after all you gave birth to your daughter that time and already problems were in your life so he didn’t even thought to trouble you more he started living ill (voice became heavy and emotional) I thought to tell Yash at least but he said not to trouble him he is busy in making his career if you will tell him he will leave everything and I don’t want that I want him also success like you and he never ever let me talk about Subuhi but still I contacted her Vibha and Ranvi called her Ranvi took care of Naren he was younger than him and Subuhi and Subhash also started living here hiding the fact that I have called them when they both were here Papa started to go a room regularly and never ever let us came near that area and after few days he locked that room and to our surprise he never told us where are the keys then the next room which was near the music room he locked it too suddenly when we asked about that why he did this he said something is not to be shared and then our backyard you know there was a store room one day suddenly he called some men and cleaned that room and locked it too and me, Subuhi, Vibha and Subhash were totally clueless what he was doing and our outhouse he changed its architecture totally this time I hidingly tried to figure out what he was trying to do but what all I can see was the outhouse was totally covered now no windows were there and one lobby was there where a huge portrait of maa is there but what is inside we never knew and to our strange he put such a huge locks on the door that if we try to cut the locks we need some hard materials or trained lock cutters.
He was telling then the screen again shifted towards Yash


Yash: why the hell this lock is here and when did this came we need to break it
Abhi in serious tone: wait mama I think I have too seen such thing there on the first floor there also a big lock is there
Basudha: I also have seen one room in which a huge size lock is there
Yash: this mansion have so many locks I think we should name it lock mansion
Basudha: Mr, zero have you done with your crap jokes so shall we move to see them
Yash: you…
Shreya: Yash that is not necessary now
Yash: okay… let’s go
They left the place and here the screen again shifted towards Abhigya and Prabhas
Abhigya: so he never told that what was there and you never asked too
Prabhas: yes he told me but in puzzles and which are still puzzle for me
Abhigya: what was that?
Prabhas: I asked him that what is there in that room then he said
Prabhas: Papa what are you hiding from me from us we are noticing it slowly you are closing all the rooms of this Mansion and you turned our outhouse into a closed wall why is it so
Abhi smiled: what if I don’t answer you
Prabhas: you can at least share with me that why are you doing so there must be some reason
Abhi smiled: okay I will tell you but you have to find the answer yourself
Prabhas: even I am ready for that
Abhi: some memories which will go with me some memories which are past some memories which are for me and some memories which was only for me
Prabhas: memories in every room!!!
Abhi: now find out yourself
Flashback ends

Abhigya: so he never told you about which memories he was talking
Prabhas: no but I got to know about one of them through his diary
Abhigya: okay but why you started hating dada tell me where this link came in mid
Prabhas: I am telling that only each and every passing day was taking him towards the weakness his health was not stable at all finally he was on bed as he lost his courage now when consulted with doctor they said that he is in some kind of shock since very long from which he never ever recovered
Abhigya: what!!!
Prabhas: yes and knowing that was a great shock for me I was here for those years as I was posted in Mumbai itself that time and that time from that moment every day Abhu went crying for one of us because his condition was becoming worse day by day he was looking maa everywhere we tried a lot saying that no one was there but he always use to say “Fuggy see this boy is torturing me you are there see him” and this results him end up with collapsing I consulted best doctors and all of them said just one thing to us and that was “Mr Mehra doesn’t have any choice of live life further now” I tried hard Subuhi tried hard to make him wish that he should live for us but no use Abhu that man was crazy, I never ever seen such craziness in someone he was wishing to be with them who wasn’t there sometimes he was calling out in his mid sleeps “Pulkit don’t go anywhere don’t worry I am here for you” sometimes he was calling out his name saying don’t ever try to trouble me (Abhigya was shedding in tears badly) Abhu you will not believe that for his mental piece we conducted a big pooja at this Mansion that temple where maa use to worship where he started to worship after she went which was became like a place where no one goes we lit it up and does every possible way to make him stable but as doctor said he was having no wish to live further it was becoming true the priest said this is not the case where the pooja will work because it was the case of self wish he said let him wish what he is wishing just pray for that his wish should be fulfilled otherwise what the condition would be it will become painful for him because now this is the high time he is at his end he will remember his all life till now his good deeds his bad deeds everything he will see those persons who are lost who are dead I got angry on word dead as I can’t hear that word for maa I was about to hold his neck but Vibha controlled me
Abhigya: and you never let us know all this haah you and Subu hid this all from us
Prabhas: it was his wish that we shouldn’t tell anyone anything he was so stubborn you know that which was a big problem that time he left having his meal and then you know we use to feed him saying that maa is there looking out to you she will angry if you didn’t had this people use to say that its hard to control an old person who is at his/her last time as he/she becomes a small kid that time the same was with us we were trying hard to keep him happy and finally a day came in our lives which changed everything one night when Subuhi and I were talking to him he was happy we seen him happy like that after so much time that day he sent us out of his room to sleep he said today I am feeling happy I just want to rest so we left him alone and will you believe what happened next morning
Abhigya: what
Prabhas: he never woke up in morning I went to wake him up for breakfast as it was very late that day I called out his name but he didn’t responded I felt somewhat tensed so I jerked him and his hand fell lifeless on bed I touched his head then forehead it was all cold the blood was looking like freezed his body was turned cold and becoming pale I sat over there lifelessly what could I have done I was having no courage to accept that he, he was no more Abhu after sometimes Subuhi came in and looking me like that she understood that, that happened which we were wishing that it shouldn’t be all she cried her heart out and that was the moment finally this Mansion was having some sound the sound of wailing when Vibha and Yash came there to handle us we got somewhat normal controlling ourselves and informed you both then before you both came here we were doing some rituals which were to be done before the final ones we made him lie on the cot which was made of green bamboo the final bed of every person and when we were doing so Vibha found a diary which she brought to me I kept it with me that time and after all the rituals were completed when you all left from here after few days I remembered about that diary and I read that and my heart was ready to pop out that time
Abhigya wiping her tears: what was written in it?

Prabhas: a last page of his diary where he wrote every special moment of him from marrying to maa till understanding her feeling fully then finding dada and Subu dada’s departure towards his dream his leaving us then I found his last letter to him which he was reading I think every day he asked him never ever to cry remembering him this was the only reason he was pretending strong but he couldn’t because maa knew it that he is pain which is not letting him recover she asked him to let it out but every time he said how could I, I have promised him I won’t so I can’t and this made him affected from inside as he wasn’t sharing all that beside it that’s the reason maa was so concerned for him after dada left and from the day when his condition started becoming worst he said to his diary that he is meeting him every day he is coming to meet him every day I was totally hurt Abhu looking that and imagining that pain from which he never came up and the final page of the diary when he asked us to go that day last day he wrote what happened after that there it was written there that he wrote it I cant tell you, just read that
He went towards one drawer and brought one diary which was looking so old its pages were breaking into parts as they were old now
Abhigya: what it is doing here
Prabhas: that day when you all were remembering him and I was angry I came here and kept it here as I don’t want to remember all that
Abhigya opened the diary’s last page and read it there was written
Dear diary,
Today I am too much happy you know why because finally she is here with him they both are here Fuggy and My dear son with whom I have my unknown connection both were here today but he went so soon saying “come soon I am waiting for you” I don’t weather it is my imagination or what but I felt happy as he is waiting for me but someone is there who is still waiting me see how she is looking at me I have to go now” bye
After reading so diary felt from her hands
Abhigya: his mental state…!!!!
Prabhas: was lost and the main reason of it was one promise by him only because of it that happened and I will never ever forgive him for that if he haven’t took that promise from him than this would have never ever happened
Abhigya: what about those rooms
Prabhas: I never thought of breaking them because then I left this mansion and never ever turned towards this mansion which ate everything like a rattle snake everything which happened back to back
Abhigya wiping out her tears: But bhai why are you punishing him your son what is his mistake just it that he is so much polite same as him
Prabhas: his nature kills me Abhigya
Prabhas: Bhai listen many people are there with same nature will you hate everyone Naren also have same nature towards his family should Subuhi start to hate him Abhishek also have same nature even he is more polite then we should hate him!!! Kaustuki our granddaughter she is having same nature towards Ganga so shall we start hating her no Prabhas we have to face it you should be happy that he is like that otherwise the nature now a days kids are having if he would have been like that then he must have done something wrong till now but that boy is waiting for you Prabhas just forget all this dada wanted that he should remain past then he will be past yes he will remain in our hearts but don’t relate all that with real life brother it will give immense pain only long time back papa did same mistake he related that letter with his real life so seriously that ended up with a painful end now you are repeating the same you are angry on him for ho reason just think about this Prabhas all is changed we can’t change the time which have been spent but we can change the time which is about to come so now brother you have to decide weather you want to stop there itself or to move on towards a fun life
Prabhas: I told you the whole matter and you didn’t felt that pain
Abhigya smiled: I felt that but don’t you remember what maa use to say when we get attached to something and losing it use to cry
Prabhas was looking at her
She went from there and Prabhas was stood there here screen shifted towards Yash all the four were gathered at one place
Yash: now I know there is something for sure
Shreya: that’s why no one even thought about coming at this place in this much years!
Meanwhile Abhigya also came there
Abhigya: what happened why you four are here and where are others Subhash, Prateek, Subuhi, Kaustuki and ganga where are they all
Abhi: Papa and Uncle went to check about lights as it is needed right now
Basu: Ganga and Kaustuki are with Maasi she took them to have their meal as it is getting late na
Yash: didi we found something weird
Abhigya: what is that?
Shreya: four strong type of locks at four different rooms
Abhigya remembered about Prabhas told about those locks
Abhigya: what is there inside?
Yash: don’t know as no one told me about that
Abhigya passing an evil smile: so what are you waiting for just break them!
Yash: are you sure!
Abhigya: just do it boy now no one is there to stop us and we have full right to know what is there so let’s do it
Yash: okay then let me do this with this room itself
Abhi: I will go to up as with this work will end soon
Abhigya: go ahead
Yash and Abhi nodding okay went from there towards their direction Yash firstly took something hard to cut it which he found in old store room or their home it was kind of saw and Abhi found a rod both went towards their direction Yash started to cut the lock as it was so it was so strong to cut down Abhi who took the rod was trying to open it with rod
Abhi: damn what kind of a lock it is so tight security
Basu kept hand on his shoulder: relax just try some other trick
Abhi nodded his head and then left it for some time he tried again and this time the lock clicked
Basu: its open just stretch it now
Abhi: how do you know?
Basu: I just heard the click sound I think it is open as it is old lock so just try to do so what I am saying
Abhi: okay
He tried and the lock opened both of them took a sigh of relief then screen shifted towards Yash his efforts also worked he was also success after hours of struggle Basu and Abhi were roaming around the room looking for what there is inside exactly here Yash and Shreya was roaming here and there in the room as it was totally dark all the four were managing to search what is there with their mobile torch but in vein as the room was looking totally like hall screen shifted towards Basu and Abhi
Abhi: it is so much dust here I think we need to clean off this place first then we will be able to find out something
Basu: you are extremely right I think this is closed from very long time
Suddenly she stumbled into something and something fell down because of that sudden strike
Abhi: arey carefully
Basu: I am okay
She puts the torch on that area and found a box which was fallen there and then she noticed something written there she called him
Basu: listen come here see what is this
Abhi came there: what happened!!!
Basu: see this
They looked at it and gets puzzled screen shifts towards Yash and Shreya it was about to turn morning she opened the curtains and when the sun rays came in Shreya turned and the thing she saw got totally shocked she called Yash and when he saw it his expressions was mixed confused as well as shocked

dont get upset that i didnt disclosed the suspense because i believe in maintaining the suspense what was that which Basu and Abhi saw wait for the next episode to know what all the four of them found

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