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STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 45

Episode 45
After everything got sought out all of them were In dining hall talking about their experiences that what was happened with them one by one in these past two days then all of them concluded that their kids have manipulated them just for fun it was the time of evening here Basudha was getting ready as she was having her meeting with someone special someone who was getting mad to just get a sight of her someone who will be waiting for her there and without getting late she was totally lost in thoughts that after a long time they are going to spend some time to gather what will she do should she just go and hug him or she should call him out but what will she talk with him weather about their well being or something which suits both of them till now

they were living like a normal couple but this separation has developed some feelings in both of them the feelings are not the feelings of love but something which is more than love although till now she was having full faith on him but now she was having an unknown assurance that he will never leave her she know he is little bit egoistic little bit harsh towards some matters little bit crazy little bit emotional sometimes he was the person who was full of feelings weather the condition is for hers or for him he always felt the same pain as her he always felt that happiness same as her, although he was not a fun loving person since long time but now he was now he was fun loving as well as too much crazy for her that craziness which he use to hide every time was now coming out….


She was totally lost in thoughts while combing her hairs when Ganga pulled her stole which caught her attention she smiled at her
Basudha: what happened Ganga?
Ganga: feeling sleepy

Basudha: Oh feeling sleep!! Come I will make my beta sleep
She lifted her in her arms and started patting her back gently soon she slept and Basu placed her on the bed and started caring her head screen shifted towards Dining hall here Kaustuki was busy on an I pod which was gifted by Yash to her only to listen her all the favourite songs by Honey Singh she was busy in them all the other were busy in their chit chats here Priyansh and Gaurav were getting being scolded by Shreya to play such a prank on her Yash was taking their side all of them were laughing at him because every time Yash was opposite to whatever is happening like sometimes when Shreya use to pamper her both the sons he use to scold them a lot and whenever she use to scold them he use to take their side to help them in escaping every time he was alter than what he is all were laughing then Prateek caught attention of the stair case Basudha was coming down with every possible shade of happiness looking like she was flying high in sky but soon expressions got changed as Prateek stopped her
Prateek: Where are you going Basu?
Subuhi: You can’t go anywhere until one of us is with you
Basudha: why!!! I mean I am just going out will be back in sometime
Yash: junior we believe you but don’t believe that cheap man he may come anywhere following you
Basudha being irked: what the hell is this cheap man mama his name is Abhishek not cheap man
Yash and Subuhi in chorus: Oho this much passiveness for name itself
Prateek: leave that and tell me where are you going?
Basu: wo… papa.. wo…. I… I
Abhigya: wo…I …. What’s this all Basu tell us where are you going
They all were asking her back to back but she wasn’t ready to answer as she wasn’t getting any answer
Basudha: wo friend maa she came after long time so called me to meet her
Subuhi: are you telling the truth!!

Basudha: Maasi I am telling you….
She was about to say something but before that Kaustuki interrupted being lost in her music “papa se milne jaa rahin hain aur kahan jayengi (she is going to meet Papa where else she will go)” hearing that statement her eyes got widen then she looked at rest of them they were looking at her with glary eyes
Basu: listen papa wo…
Prateek: just go back to your room with same speed from which you were came down
Basu: but pa..
Prateek interrupted: I said go back
Basu: pa..
Prateek: just go back Basu
Basudha while going: rude

She went back to her room and decided that she will go out once every one gets distracted from her she started walking in too and from motion there and then after few minutes she peeked out of room and saw that no one was there in the hall she came out looking in every direction and closed the door silently when she started stepping down the stairs saying to herself “run Basu run if anyone see you (bbhaag Basu bhaag issey pehle koi tujhe dekh le bhaag le beta)” when she was about to step on the last step one voice caught her attention it was Yash who was stood resting his back on the wall near the stair case
Yash: going somewhere!!!
Basu slapping herself mentally: no mama no where just wandering here and there
Yash: so you can do that in your room too

Basu: yeah I am going bye by e
Yash: good girl
He left from there and she left to her room making an annoyed face and closed the door she tried various time to get out of house but every time some one stopped her it was getting late as already she was late two hours were spent like this
Basu thinking: what to do!!! He must be waiting for me its been two hours Oh God Okay now I will go whatever the situation is I am going

She stood up and went down again the Mehras were there they saw her coming down in same manner again same thing happen but this time she went back to few steps and then turning back with shocked expressions shouted “Oh Kaustu be careful it will break down (Kasutu dekh k wo toot jayega)” all of them turn to see why she shouted in the direction she was showing hand and when they turned she escaped from there with full speed and when they all turned and didn’t found her there Yash said
Yash: pagal bana gayi ladki (she made us fool)

Subuhi: let her come back we will see them both later
Screen shifted to beach here Abhi was waiting for her since two hours and now he was totally upset once he thought that she will not come and became angry as he thought that she is not even trying to get out of the house he started moving towards his car in anger when he saw that she was coming searching for him here and there madly she looked at him and smiled but turned his face in anger and started moving towards his car she ran towards him and stopped him
Basu: I am sorry!!! Papa and Mama caught me what to do
Abhi: yeah yea he caught you and being a decent daughter you obeyed them and when they permitted you came to meet me right!

Basu in a childish tone: why are you behaving rude I asked sorry from you na
Abhi: keep your sorry with you and go back to your home I am going it’s all waste to do all efforts

Basu: you are getting angry upon me just for it!!!
Abhi: just for it!!! You know I am waiting here from past three hours like a mad I was walking alone here and there you …. Aah just leave it yr go back
Basu was looking at her angry young man who was looking cute to her in anger she tried hard to stop him but all the time he jerked her hand and moved when he was about to cross the final path he turned hearing a voice of mild voice which was more of sweetness it wasn’t looking like professional or a good singer but it was enough to caught anyone’s attention who is fond of good music when he turned back it was she who was singing for him wait… she was singing!!! He thought for a while and that too for him he was stood there she was singing
aji rooth kar ab kahaan jaaiyega (Breaking away from me, where will you go?)
jahaan jaaiyega humein paaiyega (Wherever you’ll go, you’ll inevitably find me there)

nigaahon se chhupkar dikhaao to jaane (If you hide from my eyes, I become aware)
khayaalon men bhi tum na aao to jaane (If you don’t appear in my thoughts, I sense it)
aji laakh parda men chhup jaaiyega (You may hide behind oodles of screens)
nazar aaiyega nazar aaiyega (Yet you’ll be conspicuous to me)

jo dil men hain hothon pe laana bhi mushkil (It’s hard to bring what’s in the heart on to the lips)
magar us ko dil men chhupaana bhi mushkil (But it’s also hard to conceal it within the heart )
nazar ki zubaan phir samajh jaaiyega (You may fathom the language of the eyes)
samajh kar zara gaur farmaaiyega (Having done that, please express a wee bit of care)

She sung and finally he smiled helplessly looking that calmness in nature of hers which was the most lovable thing she knows how to make his anger calm but this time she did something new which was the best thing for him he didn’t praised her nor he asked her to sing for him always but what he did was just held her hand and said with a smile on his face “come its getting late” the tone was so calm that anyone can understand he was not angry now and when they were in car he played that song again and she was looking out of the window the talks were not there but still two hearts were happy the silence itself was becoming there words and suddenly the car stopped as they were reached at their home he parked the car and as they started getting in they found all of them in front of them

Basu: papa!!!
Prateek held her hand: its enough of you boy just go from here and you girl I didn’t expected that you will do this
Abhi: Papa!!!
Prateek was full of anger with this step of Basudha shouted on him: you just shut up
Abhi stood numb as he know it that his anger was genuine because escaping like that from house wasn’t right and that also by lying Prateek wasn’t angry upon them for meeting but his anger was telling that he was angry because she lied to him if Kaustu didn’t have blurted out then they would have never know that where she is going
Basudha: at least give me a chance to speak
Prateek: enough of you girl you said a lot today
Abhi and Basu both were having tears in their eyes not because they were going apart but because they hurt their parents Abhi was thinking that what Basu was done was wrong and the reason is only he because of him she took this step so he was stood numb
Prateek started moving holding Basudha’s hand but stopped as she held Abhi’s hand Abhigya and Prateek saw it then Abhigya looking towards Yash and Subuhi with anger said
Abhigya: lets end this here itself Prateek lets go

Prateek nodded his head in okay and both called them in outhouse Abhi was seated in front of them with heavy heart that what will be there decision and all of them were stood there leaving Abhigya Basudha and Prateek
Prateek: Basu why are you so concerned for him tell me that you lied to us today
Abhigya: you turned into liar just for him

Basudha was looking at the floor
Prateek continued: tell me one thing Basu he is not your love neither he knows you before marriage nor he met you, you both were just tangled into this relation with heavy hearted then why the hell you don’t want to live your life like others as they are happy
Abhigya: even our marriage also was arranged and not our 80 percent people are bound In arrange marriage but beta they also have met each other what is this story you both didn’t met each other one day and got married with family consent then one day you both accepted each other just like it is this the way tell me one thing what do you know about each other tell me

Abhi was looking at Basu who was still numb didn’t uttering a word
Prateek continued: this is not the movie that one day you will fell in love and that also after marriage you both don’t know about each other just the thing which you know is your likes dislikes and habits which will be well known to person who is living for us just for those too what’s new in it

Abhigya: do you both know about each other that how was Basudha’s life before marriage did you ever tried to know that how was Abhishek’s life was did you both ever thought to know that what the hell your lives were the relationship which you are sharing is just a compromising relationship nothing else here everyone is compromising you are compromising just for his happiness and you are compromising just for her happiness
Prateek: just doing what bring happiness to him doesn’t means that he is happy what if he is pretending to be and doesn’t liking what you are doing and what if she is pretending to be happy for what you are doing for her happiness

Abhigya: life cannot run with compromises my kids you both say that you both have faith on each other but why do you have that tell me people have faith on god also this doesn’t means they know when and what he will do (vishwas logon ko bhagwaan par bhi hota hai par kisi ko pata nahi ki wo kab kya karenge) you say you don’t feel jealousy looking each other with other persons why is it so

Prateek: it is not because you have faith on each other but it clearly shows that you don’t want to inter fare in each other’s matter just tell me one thing what if Abhishek get trapped into someone’s trap will you be able to figure out what happened? No Basu you will not because you never enquired about with whom is he meeting with whom he is growing his friendship you will get clueless if anything happens to him and Abhishek you tell me one thing will you be able to figure out if your wife becomes suddenly rude towards you or being lost somewhere after meeting your friend no you will not because you are not even enquiring leave enquiry you are not even bothering that what the hell is going on there

Abhi realised that somewhere Abhigya and Prateek were right it was happened with him lot of times Basu was just crying sometimes and he wasn’t even knowing the reason because he never asked what is bothering her until the matter became serious
Abhigya: we just agreed for this lame reason of separating you both that you both should understand each other what he is liking you should know without his expressions itself and what is bothering her you should know before that problem touches her understood
Prateek: I never thought that my son-in-law will be so irresponsible that he will never bother what is going on with her wife here also I wished to slap you Abhishek when in morning Abhigya told me that you was worrying for your daughters and she is she no one to you just a part of a family nothing more than that!! Damn it I will always have this complaint from god that why the hell he separated all of us otherwise we would have chosen a better person for her
This time Basu said in a clam tone: he is not useless
Abhigya looked at her and Prateek too

Basu continued: he is not useless he the one whom everyone can’t understand I know him he is more than a husband to me (looking at Abhi) if he was useless then why he accepted me, if he was useless then why he fought for me, if he was useless then why my restlessness was becoming his pain, if he is useless then why my tears were becoming the reason of pain for him, if he is useless then why my bruised were paining him, if he is useless then why my insult was insult for him tell me
Abhigya and Prateek were looking at her and Abhi who was having tears in his eyes hearing Basudha’s acceptance
Basu continued: I don’t know whether I do matter to him in his life or not but the fact is if this girl is standing infront of you then it is because of him you all always said that my age wasn’t of marriage that time yes I accept it, it was just like a matter of death and life for me that day I was thinking that if you were there maa and papa then I would also be living that life which other girls are living but no this was my life’s curse that you wasn’t with me but he was, he was there every time he did whatever I wished he did all that things which can make me forget that what I am and what I was he did everything to make me forget my pain he was the one who took me out from all that craps and if he doesn’t loves me then also I don’t bother because what he has done for me was more than that a person will do whom you love and I will always be thankful of him for that I don’t know how but yes he is the most important person of my life and I don’t have any complaints from him for anything, if he is with me just for our kids let it be because they are a part of me only if he is loving them then a share of it I am getting too in form of respect and I know all that, that you all just closed me here so that he could make his mind to propose me and I am still saying that I don’t want all that maa, if you want to ask him something so the things should be something else just like (she turned towards Abhi and holding his hand asked) if I went far from you will it be the reason of our separation?

Abhi with tears in his eyes smiled: the one who lives in eyes will remain there only doesn’t matter that the person is far or near”
Basu smiled: do you think that I am just a dust of your feet like others
Abhi with heavy heart replied: the one who lives in heart can never be on feet
Basu trying to control her tears: does my presence makes you think that you must have got something better someone better than me just for my antics which you don’t like
Abhi holding her hand back: the one who wish to live an era with someone doesn’t wish for anything else
Basu : okay then tell me will you be with me in my every small happiness (forwarding her hand to him)

Abhi holding it back: No
Every one including Basu was shocking hearing No from him then he spoke ahead
Abhi: I wish to be with you in your every sadness so that if you try to forget me at any point it become impossible for you
Basu was smiling having tears in her eyes and Abhigya and Prateek were looking at them happily
Prateek keeping hand on Abhigya’s shoulder: let go
Abhigya nodded and all of them left them alone


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