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STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 41

Episode 41
Abhi smiled as they were started being in fight and he went in escaping from both of them
He went in carefully hiding from all of them as everyone was in dining hall and Basudha was there too which wasn’t noticed by him he went in directly and carefully by hiding sometimes behind the poles, pillars, and sometimes behind the doors which were open and finally he managed to reach the stairs as her room was at first floor and now the challenge is how to reach at her room without being caught by someone so he waited there for some time until everyone gets extreme busy in their talks and when this happened he rushed towards the first floor and then when he was getting in the room of hers he stopped for the moment as there was Dinu Kaka there inside the room he was coming out

Abhi: damn it if he saw me then for sure I am gone now I have to manage to escape from him too but what to do where to hide
He was looking here and there when a table kept out of the room which was big enough to hide a person like him caught his attention he hid behind that until Dinu kaka left from there completely, then he came out and went inside the room but to his fate he didn’t found Basudha there but someone else was there looking whom he forgot everything and a smile formed on his face, it was Ganga she was playing there with some building blocks finally he was looking her, his little girl of 2 years who was busy in playing there, he tried to come in many times and two times he got success too but he never saw her because sometimes she was with Subuhi or playing with someone else but this time his luck worked she was in front of him, she was so busy in playing that she never noticed that he was there, he silently went ahead and sat beside her there
Abhi whispered: Gangu….!!! Shall I play with you
Ganga being busy in game: No Ganga is playing
Abhi: so papa can’t play!!!
Ganga: papa will play with didi
Abhi: Oh so it means I have to go back?
Ganga then looked at him and as she noticed that he was there she smiled widely and her eyes sparkled in happiness as she has got something special she jumped over his lap and encircled her arms towards his neck, he lifted her up in return and then she said
Ganga: Papa late…
Abhi caring her hairs: Hmmm mistake!!
Ganga: leave me Ganga will tell everyone, papa is here


Abhi laughed: if you told anyone then they will throw me out of this house
Ganga with crying eyes: they are angry from you
Abhi: hmm little bit!! (making a face like kid)
Ganga: don’t worry I will tell them
Abhi: what you will tell them
Ganga: to sorry you (hah she want to say to forgive you)
Abhi: haha for sure bete sahab it is possible they will hear you
Ganga cupping his cheeks: mummy also angry!!!
Abhi raising his eyebrows: don’t know!!
They were having there chit chats when he heard door handle knob gave a sound of click he gestured Ganga to keep quiet and while lifting her in his hands he hid behind the door when the door got opened he took a sigh of relief as it was Basudha
Basu: Ganga!!! Where are you?? Come we will have lunch beta…. Where you are…
She was calling her name when Abhi silently closed the door and said
Abhi: oho so lunch is only for Ganga not for me??
She heard a familiar voice and turned back and was surprised to see him in her room
Basu: you!!! How you came in I mean ho… how? (stammering a bit)
Abhi: I think Ganga your thought was right… mummy is also angry with me
Basudha: what!!! But why would I !!! I was just asking because Yash mama was out so how you managed to get in

Abhi winked at her: secret babes
Basu: what!!!
Abhi: Babes…!!!
Basu: stop that now…
Abhi: what babes??
Basu: Aaan you are irritating me now
Abhi: really!!! Babes
Basu: please!!!
Abhi laughed at her as she was pleading like a kid insists for the stuff he wants
Basu: I am getting irritated and you are making fun of mine
Abhi: who said that
Basu: yes you are doing so
Abhi: no I am not
Basu: yes you are go from here I will not talk to you huh

Abhi: then where will I live Basu!!! If I will go out
Basu: at your home go and live there it is my room
Abhi: but my home is somewhere else
Basu: really!!! Then go there!!
Abhi: but how?? Someone is stopping me from going there
Basu: what are you talking about and why are you talking round and round can’t you talk straight please
Ganga interrupted: papa is in mummy’s specs (as she was looking reflection)
Abhi laughed
Basu: yeah yea nothing is left to see that’s why he is in my specs right (being irked)
Abhi: really!!! You are looking me day and night through your specs!!!
Basu: I understood you came here just to irritate me you are too bad
Abhi: sometimes it is good to be bad
Basu being irked was going from there but her dupatta tangled on the side of the table
Basu without turning back: now what is this leave my dupatta
Abhi enjoying the sequence: no will not first say Ganga said extremely right
Basu: no she didn’t said right now leave
Abhi: no chance
Basu: leave me!!! What have you turned into from where are you getting these ideas
Abhi: I won’t tell it to you

Basu: please
Abhi: no
Basu being irked turned and saw that it wasn’t him but her dupatta was stuck into corner of the table from where a pin was getting out she looked at him and moved his shoulder that he don’t know she gave him a stern glare and taking off her dupatta started to move and that time itself by mistake her hand touched at the music player which was kept side by and a song played in that Abhi put Ganga down and started acting like song finding it relevant he rushed and closed the door firstly so that she can’t go out the song was playing she was going to off it but he kept his hand there resisting her to stop that song and then resting his face on his palm acted on it
ruuth na jaana tum se kahuun to (please don’t start sulking if I should say to you)
main in aankhon mein jo rahuun to (if I were to dwell in these eyes, then what?)
ruuth na jaana tum se kahuun to (please don’t start sulking if I should say to you)
main in aankhon mein jo rahuun to (if I were to dwell in these eyes, then what?)
tum ye jaano ya na jaano (whether you know it, or don’t,)

tum ye maano ya na maano (whether you agree, or don’t,)
mere jaisa diwaana tum paa’oge nahin (you won’t ever find another madman like me.)
yaad karoge main jo na huun to (you’ll remember me when I’m gone.)
ruuth na jaana tum se kahuun to (please don’t start sulking if I should say to you)

She was moving here and there to ignore him but he was everytime either following her or coming infront of her teasing her more because he knew it that she was irked because somewhere in her childishness Ganga said the thing which was in his heart and her too she took a book to read and sat on the table pretending that she is reading it and again she was about to turn off the music system but he again stopped her and this time her diary which was secret for all he picked that and she was struggling to take it from her and he putted his hands up to make the diary out of her reach and to tease her more Ganga was enjoying all that then she sat on the chair turning her face aside and then he gave her that diary back and sat beside her on the bed then sitting down and resting his head on his palm he started to stare her and the song was continuously playing in BG..

meri yeh diwaanagi kabhi na hogi kam (this madness of mine will never lessen;))
jitne bhi chaaho tum kar lo sitam (commit as many atrocities as you like.)
meri yeh diwaanagi kabhi na hogi kam (this madness of mine will never lessen;)
jitne bhi chaahe tum kar lo sitam (commit as many atrocities as you like.)

He kept his head on her lap like a stubborn and she pushing him aside started to move without speaking a word and he came enacting

mujhse bolo ya na bolo (whether you speak to me or don’t;)
mujhko dekho ya na dekho (whether you look at me or don’t.)
yeh bhi maana mujhse milne aa’oge nahin (i don’t even think you’ll come to meet me.)

She turned to him finally and looked that he was looking her how lovingly for a moment she turned into every possible shade of red then controlling herself gave an assuring smile to him and he held his ears in return for making her trouble this much

saare sitam hansake main sahuun to ( if I endure all these injustices with laughter, then what?)
ruuth na jaana tum se kahuun to (please don’t start sulking if I should say to you)
She nodded in no and laughed like him then Ganga was also laughing, Basu made him sit on the bed and said
Basu: you are looking changed today is there something special
Abhi: Nups just thought to come out of that boring casual formal wear all time shirts and all
Basu: but I never saw you in such clothes who gave you idea for this
Abhi: Madam it was my idea only just the fact is I left wearing them after college days otherwise in college days no one was stylish than me
Basu: now you are doing over acting
Abhi: okay so you caught me but I am telling the truth that it is only my attire when I was in college and then got job and everything went sueeeee…..
Basu: haha by the way looking good in this too
Abhi: really!!! Say it again please
Basu: I said it na, now I am not going to repeat it
Abhi: please na Basu there are very less chances that you praise someone and you did it today so please do it again after all I am getting compliment from my wife after a long time please….
Basu: okay I said you are looking good is this enough for you
Abhi: no, no please say it little bit more lovingly
Ganga: Papa looking beautiful
Basu: see she said that hahaha now no need of mine
Abhi being in serious tone: there is need of yours Basu everything looks incomplete without you there I want my family back

Basu who was laughing her expression changed hearing that and she looked at him both were having a layer of tear in their eyes which wanted to burst out badly but wasn’t coming out they were looking each other and that moment was disturbed by the knock on the door it was Yash who was on the door
Yash: Basudha open the door I know that cheap man is inside your room open the door I said
Basu stood up with shock expression : oh god Mama now what to do
Abhi: ye budhau phir aa gaya yaha (this man again) I think my trap is no more a trap
Yash: Basudha just open the door today I will not leave that cheap man he trapped me I will not leave him

Precap: yash is under the bed “Oh god this woman is mad i know that but today she is ready to chop me out save me mummy save me papa come back down and save me i also have saved you several times from mummy you cant even save me for once huh”
i think i am the bad writer because see i never use to thank any of you but i will do it on my 50th episode till then keep reading and dont think your comment doesnt matter because it matters alot and keep guessing that what happend to Yash suddenly

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