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Story: Dragged Down (Prologue)

“Stop there!” The command was promising. His savage voice reverberating everywhere around the lane meant it.

Radhika’s heart leaped up nearly a tangible jump at his odd usage of tone against her. This was the first instance she was witnessing such harsh approach for because never before he’d been rude with her despite the throw of bunch of piercing dirty gazes she received every day from the very people around him. No matter what, he’d never played with her rightful dignity she possessed as a human as like many other people voluntarily loved to do.


Now completely dazed by his approach, her running legs obliged in an appropriate shock. Though it was a very good night with the bright moon hanging over her head, the bleak weather of Mumbai didn’t help in stopping the running rivulets of hot sweats making path down her skeletal shins to settle on the ground. He was approaching her from her back. An unusual sense of discomfort coursed through her nerves as she didn’t want him to come before her face. A very little amount of woman in her fourteen-year old teenage girl’ body aroused a strong sense of cautiousness that the small mounds of her br*asts would be eye-catchingly visible to him as the thin cotton garment that covered her fragile body got greedily pasted to it exhibiting every curve of her thin frame as it was. The threadbare sleeveless gown suddenly did no favour to her modesty and her hair too that was a messily tied bun left her defenceless in a complete abandonment. The clicks of his booted feet’ gaits against the hard floor sounded long and vividly ravening that took him closer to her immovable body with his every step. She could feel he’d zero patience in getting into her zone.

Sensing him swiftly nearing her, she suddenly turned around partially in an effort to stop him wherever he was.

“What?” she dubiously asked in a little voice, eyeing him uneasily from the corner of her eye.

But he already caught her upper arms in a rough clutch, turning her fully so that her face was facing him. With a reactive gasp, her arms automatically crossed around her chest, her pale lean fingers curled above his trying to detach his stubbornly digging fingers from her flesh.

“You must know where they are,” he spat out.

Her eyes widened at the expression he held for her in his face. His black gaze held hers a prisoner and what she saw in it made her heart flutter with a sudden release of panic. It read a clear accusation on her. He was accusing her! How could he when she was the worst affected of all. She’d hoped he’d be the one to support her. But now she was feeling like a fool looking at how his locked jaw showed her how sure he was about her being the knower.

Oh God, was he really thinking she knew where they were!

“How should I?” she asked helplessly in merely an audible voice.

She knew her words sounded more of a begging than demanding though she didn’t intend it. Was she begging him to believe her? No, dear god. The very thought ran layers of disgust slimily over her skin. Why the heck should she? She needed to manage to appear undeterred lest she couldn’t see her own face in the mirror for pleading with him when she actually had done no wrong. No matter what happened, this was about her dignity and that was what she could be left of finally if not of anything else from this world before her death. Determined, she shot him an unblinking look giving up on releasing her from his biting grip. She possibly couldn’t wrench away from a completely grown up strong man who was practically older than her by seven full years and so she decided better it would be not to try it overall so that at least she would be defiant standing for her self-respect.

Ultimately the figures didn’t count here as she was a girl and he, a man, and that was all.

Indignance curled his lips as he gave her whole body a rough shake. Radhika clenched her teeth tight to keep them from rattling visibly. She sucked in her cheeks while trying to hold back the stinging tears. It pained her cruelly to ascertain that he could be this wild. More specifically, she felt an acute twinge in her heart for that he could be this wild against her for because she knew how short tempered he was otherwise with the local rogues around. But never been with her. But now? Why should fate be taking its every chance on her already screwed up life! Why should he too treat her now for granted as though she were his doormat, she silently lamented.

She felt herself of dirt seeing his abhorrence filled face convulsed down at her. His dark brown eyes glared with full of hatred that made a fine razor path deep into her flesh.

“How should you?” he hissed between his teeth. “Wow, you really are asking me this. bl**dy, don’t ask me now how should the sluts be your mother and sister, too.” Leaning down closely to her face, he boomed out a devilish chuckle – the gesture that nevertheless humiliated her to the core. The arid air that was comparatively thick at the confined space between their faces drifted a strong unpleasant odour that pinched her nostrils with such intensity. Sucking in a heavy breath to inflate her lungs beyond their limit, Radhika jerked her face sideward as she realized he was drunk such horribly that he was totally inebriated now. She didn’t know why she felt relieved at this discovery but she did. Perhaps he was behaving ferally just because he was not in his senses, she thought. “Oh girl, you shouldn’t turn shy now, do you?” He pulled her to him such unceremoniously that her head suffered a harsh hit against his hard abdomen.

Radhika couldn’t help wincing when his clasp practically hurt her flesh. She was sure it would soon be black and blue with the fine impressions of his long strong fingers.

She titled her neck backward so that she could see his face. “They’re,” she said sternly. “But again how should I know? In fact, I miss them badly and I need to find them, too. Trust me,” she whispered looking straight in his eyes, hoping he just was lacking understanding. “Please,” she added, her liquid brown eyes coaxing.

But his next words attacked her like poisoned darts coming from every direction, crushing her new hope into ashes of grey. “Come on, how could a Mishra not know of its own breed?” he said feigning amusement that though his lips curved in a smile, his face showing his hard planes drawing out the structure of his skull in a perfect outline.

It occurred to her he was actually livid as if he couldn’t digest the fact that a diseased worm like her was a part of the world he was living in. His demeanour was uncommonly intimidating that raked a shiver down her dainty body.

By stressing her as Mishra, she knew he wanted to demean her. Completely. And he mentioned her as its breed. Her chest constricted with a rising lump that threatened her from the back of her throat.

A swift anger possessed her as she dared lunging her hands for his shirt’s collar. “Mr. Arjun Mehra!” she said intently, receiving his awe filled face. He was visibly shocked hearing her uttering his name as his hands around her upper arms lost their grip automatically. But Radhika didn’t leave his shirt instead she comforted her hands into a perfect grip with the space she’d gotten from the release from his captive. “It’s unequivocal that I’m a Mishra but mind it I’m not ashamed of admitting what is true. But what will make you say you think you must not know where are the men from your breed?” she said bitterly, giving his own tone back. “A breed who just insanely loses his pants at the whiff of any Mishra at any given second.” Tears pooling her eyes from her unabating stare on him blurred her vision restricting her from reading his reaction to her words but still she wasn’t done. “A breed running behind the sluts. A Mehra,” she deliberately emphasized the last two words between her teeth, sadistically wanting him to feel the absolute pang she was feeling.

Once she spat out the fury in her, she blinked releasing the unshed tears to run down her reddened cheeks. When she chanced to have a clear look at his face, her hands spontaneously left the grab on his collar. Her feet intuitively tried locomoting her body away from him moving a step backward but he was inflexibly aggressive as his arms quickly snaked around her body jerking her up against him to his face level. With rounded eyes, she squealed in shock, pressing her palms against his chest. She was sure her dress would’ve been dried by now but nothing seemed to be helpful when being in the hurting manacles of his manly arms. She’d known of his strength but it was greatly more than what it simply seemed to eyes.

The tempest swirling in his darkened eyes howled millions of things to her and to her dismay she could hear none in her favour. “I’m a Mehra and you’re a Mishra, right?” he muttered in a grave voice before thrusting his face into the crook of her neck. He sniffed deeply as if literally deriving out her scent. “Delicious!” he whispered into her skin, leaving an audible sucking kiss there.

It was utterly shocking the touch of his wet mouth on her skin, the jolt she felt physically down on her stomach. “No!” she cried out, putting her force on her hands trying to push him away.

Temper filled his veins in a swift rush as he ruthlessly squeezed her body. “No, don’t try anything. Just be still,” he said slowly in a deep husky voice planting kisses along the lane of her collar bone. He immediately felt her body devoid of any struggle constrained within his dead control as her palms clutched his shirt dependently instead of hitting him away. “Good,” he said with pride giving her the space to breathe out and listened to her drag in air greedily. “Wasn’t I a jackass to think of you to be a kid? An innocent kid who doesn’t know anything about the male pants and the things under them…”

There was no mistaking where his words were heading. The chilling fright that curdled her blood stream rushed northward to rigidly constrict her sinking heart.

Harsh realisation widened her eyes as she felt his hand on her naked thigh rolling up the fabric of her gown to her hip. “No!” she almost pleaded, vigorously shaking her head.

Was he going to rape her! This moment she felt the burning pain cut her skin everywhere not because she was undergoing this but because she was being undergone by him. He was her impression, her idol, her belief, her saviour, her everything. He meant more than anything to her as she worshipped his everything. Her love – she could dare say – but never would have the same dare to claim him in any common fashion of love. Not this way; the physical way. He was something virtuous that she couldn’t deserve but worship from distance. Her love for him was something beyond every bound that humans knew ever since their very evolution by any existing theory.

She shrieked when she heard the old panties she was wearing tear up. “No. God, you’re not in your senses,” she screamed madly, helplessly trying to stop him there and then.

“I’m in my senses,” he drawled liquidly, looking straight in her terror filled eyes. “In fact, very well aware of my senses, baby. You just told me a Mehra could lose his pants at the whiff of any Mishra, didn’t you? How about checking that out?” His face hardened like a stone; a hard-to-catch sneer touched the tight set of his mouth as he tugged her undergarment to have it flown away in the very next tick. His big hands took her lean legs and wrapped them round his hips, completely snubbing her sobbing gasp of utter shock. Keeping his one firm hand at her bottom to keep her from pulling back, he let his other hand roam up her stomach to cup her very small br*ast. Something changed in his eyes as if wonderment momentarily replacing the lividness in him. “You aren’t a baby, are you?” He bit out haughtily, sneering at her. His breath hitched before he buried his face down her neck.

Radhika took a deep intake of breath, unable to interpret the plenty of unusual sensations flooding down her body. Could he be affected by her? The way his breath practically tensed, she knew things at least to this level – he was irresistibly horny now. She knew very well where man put his thing as he said. She’d read in books secretly in her room until her eyes hurt, until the words blurred into meaninglessness as the soul-healing magic the interlaced alphabets possessed couldn’t be compared with even the feel of being the richest of all. Lying down in bed late at night, she’d many a times imagined of her enacting the romance she’d read in book with someone with no particular face to give but never Arjun. She couldn’t equal him. If he were the duke, she was his peasant; a loyal peasant for her whole life. For her age, Radhika was intuitively too ashamed to admit to the pleasure she was feeling at the fact he was aroused by her.

A sharp prickling sensation she abruptly felt at her chest yanked her back from nowhere, crunching the ball of fog around her senses as if someone poured cold water over her head.

Her one sleeve was not in place, torn away, and her br*ast was exposed where he bit her. She sensed the danger nearing her as he was so much a total bullhead now. Ungovernable tears found ways down her cheeks until his lips tasted the salt stream. She watched at him with her shrunk up pale face when he immediately lifted his head up. “You aren’t doing this,” she pleaded; her throat convulsed badly. “You can’t,” she gasped, throwing her head back.

“Why can’t I when I’m Arjun MEHRA and you’re Radhika MISHRA?” Placing his hand on the back of her head, he pushed it toward him, forcing her to face him.

Radhika bit her trembling lower lip, her body shook violently under the effort of controlling her rising turbulence. Swallowing down the lump, she shot him a straight stern look. “Because, I love you,” she whispered without any stitch in her words.

He was visibly taken aback; his body froze and Radhika madly ran her eyes over all of his face as if trying to read all the things going on in his insides without missing anything. After a moment, he jerked back like a scalded dog, dropping her body on the ground. She didn’t even aware of the squeak that left her throat when her bare bottom came in contact with the hard surface as she was completely lost in manipulating the wires of him.

He removed his overcoat and hurled it over her body that the sharp end of its hem almost whipped her skin. “You, garbage!” he snapped in a hatred filled voice, indignantly turned around and stalked away.

She kept watching his tall and lean retreating back until he was nowhere to be seen.

Feeling lifeless, she curled into a ball clutching his coat to her chest. God, no. She shouldn’t have told she loved him. How could she explain him it wasn’t not like what he thought? She wished she shouldn’t have taken the impression of the face of him thoroughly despising her.

Now where would she go? Her mom; her sister; god, they were missing. The home would be haunting by evil spirits now without their scents. She couldn’t go back there. She needed to find them, but not now; not at this wounded second. She just even couldn’t think about the cause. She was going to meet him tomorrow morning and hoped he would understand when he was sobered and himself come forward for her aid. She knew he would be sorry for this night or that she thought.

Letting the sinking exhaustion reign over her manhandled body, Radhika closed her eyes, unconsciously loving the confidence the gently grazing breeze offered her.

After what it seemed like only seconds, she felt the dull sound of some vehicle hit her ears. Trying to move away, she opened her eyes and yelped in shock as it pained at places even she didn’t know. A low grunt emanated from the exertion she put in as his teeth mark on her flesh was smarting up to her neck.

The vehicle came to a halt right behind her back, taking her by surprise. But the surprise didn’t give her enough strength as she expected for she felt heavily dizzy out of nowhere. The air felt strangely thick before realisation dawned on her that she was narcotised.

A pair of arms lifted her and gently slid her down on the cushion of the vehicle. The person seemed to wear thick beard but she couldn’t memorize the whole of his face under the influence of tree shades from the window of what it seemed like the back of a car. Conscious enough to think of her body, she immediately pulled Arjun’s coat over her arm so that it spread on either side of her side-laid body.

Letting her there, he descended, slamming the door, and took his seat before the wheel.

Flinching, Radhika shifted slowly so that she could see the back of his head. She adjusted the coat again; every ounce of move needed a great deal of effort.

He seemed to call someone and she peered to keep her from passing out.

“It’s twelve. Name, Radhika Mishra,” he said to someone over phone which sounded like a far cry to her as she dozed off spinning as the galactical.


Guys, I’ve started a ff titled ‘Cold Town’ on zee TV’s ‘zindagi ki Mehek’. currently loving watching it. God! the leads are damn good artists.

Credit to: Thena

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