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Storm of the Bruised Hearts Chapter-5 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

Hiiii….how are u all? A late Happy Diwali and Halloween. Hopefully u all got tons of chocolates this diwali and if u did trick n treat in Halloween.
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Now a complain- why r there less updates nowadays? Everyone passed out? Ik today EDKV corner will b flooded with ffs as it’s Neeti’s bday but I want more everyday!!! Greedy me 😅 enough of intro let’s get into my update. (⚠ WARNING- Too confusing! Its boring too but don’t miss this update. Imp notes to b taken.)



(Sumo’s POV)
“Paramedic Cardiovascular Cases-2007” was sleeping above my head on the wooden shelf. I balanced on my toes to grab it but yet felt like a bird chasing an aeroplane. Should have been more athletic to grow a bit taller, I thought when I noticed a petite girl with a narrow figure staring at me with huge attention. She tan face was half covered with the highlighted red hair which flowed down her shoulder. On her wear was a short black top exposing the waist and nude pants till her knees. She seemed to have a great fashion sense. But why is she staring at me?
Oh come on Sumo there are bookshelves all around you, she might be looking for some books, I convinced my detective mind and kept jumping until the required book came into my clutch. A huge smile on my success and shit! My legs twirled- London Bridge is falling down!
Uh soft landing! Quite warm too. Heaven came on my support. As my eyes took a look, it was all dark…black… yellow… BATMAN! But I recalled the library carpet to be maroon not with batman theme. Hell!!! I looked at an angle over my head and found a CN tower below me. 😂

(Shravan’s POV)
I saw a frame under my chin. It was a girl, I could say easily because of the cologne. My hands which were under the pressure of her figure besides my body obv, slipped down on the carpet, letting her to fall completely over me and let out her weight on me. She was light… Tough competitor of a feather I believe.
After my sudden movement, I felt her figure crawling up to match my face level. My vision slowly got covered by silky auburn hair…hazel eyes…tan cheeks…stain-free yet cherry lips….SUMO!!!
“What are you doing here?” She asked smiling at my face as her warm breath penetrated through my face. Our faces were inches apart yet all background was dark. I broke the eye contact to look at the surrounding and realized her thick hairs scattered all around my head not allowing any outside light to transmit through.
“Ummm…lying under you.” I responded in lack of confidence. I felt an unrecognizable defeat for a while until my eyes caught hers growing large with alarm and terror. That same shock. Her breaths grew quick and heavy as she rolled down and stood on her feet.
I balanced myself up and rose my hand near hers to give the thick book which caused all these drama, but seemed to unnoticed me. Her eyes searched all around furiously until it fell on my hands. With a smile she received it, as I started to concern. She was sweating when it’s almost Halloween and the temperature is around 3. Neither did the library turn on the central heater.
“Everything fine Sumo?”
“I’m so sorry Shravan, like a HUGE story from me. I always end you up in awkward positions,” She frowned. Well she should be sorry for that, I thought stubbornly. Not only did she cause me to feel awkward physically, but also mentally. Her presence is a mess for me. But is that why she looks so serious? I couldn’t stop but smile looking at her innocence. This girl really is something out of my understandings. She acted as if someone got murdered just feeling guilty for ‘my’ feelings.
“What are you doing here?” I asked curiously though I knew very well what was on her life-studies as I have been subconsciously stalking her ever since she helped me get my final assignment done.
“Oh just working for my health assignment. You know Cardiovascular cases! But how come you are here?”
I paused my breath to have a sec of thinking. I know why am I not is class, but why I’m in the library, specially the biomedical corner, I have no clue. “Well I got a spare now so as always ran up to the library.” I spoke the truth straight into her eyes.
“In the medical conner? Since when?” Dart in the board! She interrogated with a smile as I felt my skin burning red in embarrassment.
Time to be honest Shravan, I reminded myself as I spilled the white milk out. “I was walking to the counter when I saw someone cursing her height *She turned tomato!* so just felt like help the poor beast, but horror pruitt’s! I came half the way in as she slammed over me. You know who is that girl?” I asked sarcastically.

(Sumo’s POV)
My cheeks heated up as he kept saying. Oh gosh! Never interview this guy ever again; you’ll end up being under spotlight yourself! I didn’t want to make him realize my situation so I acted too normal as by now it was my piece of cake.
“No need. I believe that girl was epic enough to drop the CN tower.” I giggled at my own words but soon realized it wasn’t a joke. Shravan’s smile disappeared as he looked down and took deep breaths. “Something wrong?” I asked without hesitations.
“Shravan? You okay?” I asked again but my words seemed unnoticed by him. “Hey did I do anything wrong?”
Finally he looked into my eyes, bold but teary. My heart started beating fast. He was scaring me. Something isn’t right….I kept thinking of all possible ways I screwed up which caused him trouble until he spoke… like FINALLY he spoke to shut my brain down!
“Thank you” he mumbled.
Stop stop Sumo, kick of your thoughts and try listening to him, I barked inside. He just couldn’t be thanking me!
“Because of you I was able to finish my final assignment on time. They called me for an interview next week. And I’m on…”
I interrupted, “Your way to your dream life” He smiled as we kept walking towards the counter. Nothing sounded happier to me. I wanted to see this smile everyday. I loved this part of Shravan Malhotra. Humble! But…
“Is that all you have to say?” I asked casually not being under suspect as I kept walking but he paused. Legs stationary, breaths heavy, nerves pumping hard, pale face…..turned into a smile as he hummed “yah, a thanks isn’t enough? Or should I…” His face turned red as the mischievousness got reflected clearly. Quickly with big steps, he came closer to me letting me give him blank looks.

(Shravan’s POV)
I saw her eyes grow wide with my move as it made her unprepared. Her mind was blocked with me thoughts I can bet that and somehow I liked it. I wanted her to think of me…more.
Lost in my lost, unrealizing, I nearly pinned her to the bookshelf. Her eyes tensed, looking at my foot as I kept stepping until reality hit me. We were hardly a meter difference. I stopped, right after my ‘realization step’. Feeling embarrassed, very uncomfortable…not by her closeness but by her hidden fear, I grabbed the book which a few inches behind her head and brought it between us.
“Greatness in Psychology- ummm should I read it to find other ways for thanking you?” I asked trying to sound cheering and avoid our awkwardness as she signed relieved.
“No need Mr. Malhotra I’ll just give u a buddy hug to say ‘Mention not’” she smiled as her soft arms went around my shoulder for a side hug.

(Sumo’s POV)
As my fingers traced his shoulder off, I saw that girl with red hairs staring at our direction, not at the bookshelves any longer…but us.

That’s all! In short and quick. Sorry for that lame part though. I had to crop and edit the real part soooooooooooo much! Literally hating this short version. So basically this part included two chapters where u explore many hidden parts of the characters……CHARACTERS…. So how many characters are there here firstly?
Instead of puzzling u let me just point out some of my creativities 😎
-Question: why, when I cropped so much of the original text, I didn’t remove the part of the red haired girl? Who is she and what is she staring at? Shraman or bookshelves?
-Don’t you by now suspect Sumo’s common fearful eyes like Shravan? Did u guys find any connection between that fear and……(guess out the rest)
-Did Shravan pause to turn sarcastic and naughty with Sumo or was there something he tried hiding?
-Clue: CN Tower (one day u can reread this chap just to link CN Tower with the protagonist)
-Sumo wrote acting normal a piece of HER cake. What abt that part? Is there something she is hiding?

Okay I guess I screwed up ur mind. Sorry this part was crappily written and turned into a kabab as I rushed through it. The next part will b up soon….Roughly Friday. If I can’t update then for sure i’ll b up on Sunday.
Love u all. Btw I’m glad no one managed solving the drinks riddle from previous chapter 😜
Take care

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