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Star cross love abhigya (episode 21)

Guys as i said heres my nxt part
Abhis heart was beating fast he searched pragya but pragya was in wheel chair n ram was taking her to car while abhi ran inside roshini came outside n got into car with help of her papa then they went in car abhi felt like his heart is being carried away hes a big bussinessman of reputed company n a clever n rich guy but nothing could help him to find his pragya he went home he was so sad so he locked himself in his room his mother was constantly knocking at the door n decided to leave him alone n called someone nsaid……only you could help him come soon ………..on other line the person said okkk ….

As ram n roshini was going in the car ram asked the driver to stop the car n got down it was a shopping mall she asked papa why we came here he saod my dear roshini as we shifted to mumbai we didnt bring our things so to buy things for you we came here.she said okkk papa ram made her sit in the wheel chair n took her inside the mall they started shopping roshini took many light dresses for her n bought a shirt for her papa they paid bill n checked out she was i car while she saw a restaurant n said papa im hungry immediately ram stopped car n parked it they went inside the restuarant she said i wanna go to that dhaba n not here itll cost more here papa ram laughed n said my dear beti your father is a very famous bussinessman so its not a big deal they ate happily first time ram had eaten food happily after 25 yrs of worst accident in which he lost his family suddenly roshini asked papa wheres maa ram eyes got a little moist n said shes no more beti roshini too got tears in her eyes but controlled herself n pacified her papa n said papa can we go home. Ram nodded they went home n ram said roshini this your room n go sleep n take rest tommorow morning after you feel okkk we re going to get some things to arrange in your room she said okk papa n dozed off.
Ram went near his wifes photo n started To tell her that after losing them hes found a happiness by this girl n he too dozed off


Here abhi too slept but with tears abhi was dreaming in his drm he saw his pragya n hugged her but she disappeared he shouted pragya here roshini was sleeping but woke up suddenly as someone called her she dtank water abhi was in tears here tears rolled from roshinis eyes she didnt know why she was crying Later her heart got slow n crying stopped she felt some relief abhi too slept hugging pragta photo screen freezes over there faces

A voiceover will abhi know whether roshini is his pragya to know it stay tuned
True love is the marriage of two hearts
If one is in pain the other two feels pain

Missing many of your comments pls comment hereafter ill come regularly n thanks everyone those who commentedbecause of you all im here at 21 epi im so happy i never knew i can reach till here thanks guys keep supporting all special yhanks all who r commenting on my ff .frnds di n chotis n bhais pls comment yr n ashiks choti i wont forget you dr

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