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Spoilers — 26th November 2016


There are shocking revelations in the show. Mohini is the one who controls Brahmarakshas. She has the powers to control the devil and make him spread terror in the village. Brahmarakshas has done all the crimes on Mohini’s orders. Mohini controls Brahmarakshas by help of a locket. Brahmrakshas got free of the cage, but she caught him again. He will do what Mohini tells him. Brahmarakshas has beaten the police and ruined village. Rishabh was also shocked seeing this. Raina gets to know Brahmarakshas’ truth that he is controlled by a powerful person.


Mere Angne Mein:

Lucky and Preeti get engaged by elder’s blessings. Shanti is upset and feels guilty of Nandu’s demise. Shanti holds Preeti and Kaushalya responsible. Nimmi and Nandu work out the plan to make Preeti marry to Lucky soon. Sarla is revengeful and wants to ruin Shanti’s peace. Sarla aims to snatch everything from Shanti and is angry as Shanti lost valuing her now. Sarla has many misunderstandings in mind.

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Naagin 2


Ishqbaaz maybe added later.

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