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Spoilers — 19th November 2016

Jamai Raja:

Satya gives a beautiful surprise to Mahi. He gets all her childhood memories with her father Neil and mother Anya. Mahi cries and touches her parents pic. Satya comes close to Mahi. Mahi and Satya hug. Mahi will get Payal’s love as she got Satya’s love. Mahi is upset. She is expecting to get Payal’s love. Satya will fulfill his promise by uniting Payal and Mahi.



Preeto asks Harman to get away from him and angrily goes to commit suicide. She gets kerosene and pours on herself to burn herself. On the other hand, Harman does drama and gets a knife.He threatens Preeto and asks her to stop, else he will cut his wrist. He asks her not to do drama. He says stop nonsense, you know I love you. Preeto gets a matchstick to burn herself. Harman cuts his wrist to stop Preeto. Preeto gets shocked and worries for him.

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Chandra Nandni



Naagin 2




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