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Spoilers — 10th November 2016


Soumya is sold to a Sheikh and being sent abroad. Harman traces Soumya and spots her. He follows the kidnappers car on his bike. He races the bike and jumps on the car top. The goon tries to beat down Harman. Harman fights back and manages to stop the car. Soumya is pushed down the cliff by the goon. She shouts to Harman. Harman ties the rope to the car and jumps down the cliff.



Rishabh and Kiara are dancing. Raina takes their photos. Kiara asks Raina to click their pics. Kiara and Rishabh’s engagement is fixed. Rishabh feels like he loves Raina, but after Shivam entered her life, he gets distanced. Rishabh tells his dad that he is ready to marry Kiara. He is confused and feels Raina has left him for Shivam. Raina feels Rishabh does not love her and left her for Kiara.

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