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Soumya in big shock of Nimmi’s death in Shakti


Soumya has come home. She has broken seeing Nimmi’s dead body. She can’t accept Nimmi has left them. She apologizes to Nimmi and asks Surbhi to apologize too. She asks Surbhi to wake up Nimmi.

Surbhi cries and wants Soumya to accept the truth. Surbhi tells Nimmi has left from the world. Soumya says Nimmi is sleeping and will wake up. She does not accept her death. Nimmi was her biggest support. When that support has gone from her life, Soumya is in shock. Harman shakes up Soumya and shouts asking her to accept Nimmi’s death. He tells her that Nimmi has left her forever. Soumya breaks down and sees Nimmi. She hugs Nimmi and breaks into tears. Harman’s love will give strength to Soumya to accept Nimmi’s death. Keep reading.


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