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Soumya and Reyaan’s marriage talks worries Rudra

Omkara is upset. Shivay asks Omkara to be happy to be part of their family, who loves him a lot. Omkara is angry with Riddhima for breaking his trust. Pinky finds Riddhima a wrong girl. She praises Tia. Dadi praises Anika to be a perfect combo of beauty and brain.


Rudra dresses as a girl and gives a shock to everyone. Rudra flirts with Omkara to make his mood happy. Omkara calls Rudra mad. Rudra performs on Breakup song. Rudra’s Ghagra falls down, which makes Omkara laugh. Omkara dances with Rudra. Shivay has his own worries about Daksh’s proposal. Rudra thanks Soumya for the Ghagra. Soumya is upset and tells Rudra that her mother is coming to fix her marriage with Reyaan. Rudra gets worried. What will Rudra and Soumya do now? Keep reading.

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