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Simraj and twinj ki college wali love story

Heeyyyaaaa I m anshika Anshika Jain naaam toh suna hi hoga 😂😂
U all must be thinking Kya dramebazz fir se Aaagyi
Okay so start with my new OS simraj (simple and yuvraj) and twinj (twinkle and kunj ) ki college wali love story
Girl is shown kissing a boy but what we see is the girl face is not visible its very dark but we can see the boy clearly
Suddenly the voice came and they have to parted away
V-uuthhjàaaa kunj (yes kunj is dreaming about his love )
K-di aaj fir se vahi Sapna aaya aakhir koun hai wo ladki
V-Pata chal jayga kab tera time aayega

Next scene
A girl is shown sleeping with smile on her face and she is dreaming the same dream and this time the boy is not visible
She wakes up with her alarm clock’s voice
G-Kya yrr hamesha hahaha you Sapan aakhir mom hai yeh handsome
Girl is the twinkle tanejaa
Screen freezes with the confusion face of twinj
A girl comes there in her white BMW and wave his hand to her FREINDS
C-ohhhh Aaagyi ms. Jasmine Basin
T-oohhh Chinki I m twinkle the twinkle taneja
C- yrr. U R Jasmine also
T-yaa I m but in my tv show yrr I m an actress so I have to work in my different roles but pls don’t call me that I front of all everyone think that i m doing just show off u know I have a dream to become a actress and now I m an successfull actor I m very happy while she was talking chinki’s boyfriend enters
A-heyyy jaan


C-HEEYYY but don’t call me jaan In front of everyone
A-u r my GF so I can call u
T-ohk ohk u talk I am going
C-butt….(intrupt by aarav)
Twinkle was going in her class room when she collide with someone
K-HEYY Jasmine
T-do I know you
K- who dont know u
K-if I m not wrong u r twinkle tanejaa who are just playing the role of jasmine basin in love school you are just awesome .
I just love….
T- love??

K-woo woo I just love ur acting
T-oohhh thanks
K-can we freinds
T-off course
T-but know my name but whats ur name
K-kunj kunj sarna
T-manohar Sanra’s son
BELL RINGS(talking while walking)
K-yess but how do u know??
T- actually my di is getting marrying to your Surjeet uncle’s son yuvraj sarna I mean your Bade papa (I donno what to say Bade papa in english)
K-ohh wow u r uv’s Sis in law
K-soo how is bhabhi
T-she is good and how is uv jigs
K- jigs ???
T-jigs means jiju
K- he is good and going to come here
T-why ??

K-because he is also studying in this college
T-and di is also studying in the same college
T-means ??
K-its a love marriage
T- omg omg omg (while jumping)
K-calm down TWINKII every one is watching
K-see we are friends and ab toh we are relative so I can call u with nick name
T-but I hav’nt give u permission for that
K – oh sorry but can I call u that
T-(while laughing) I m just kidding kuu
K- kuuu please dont call me that pls call me kunj pls
K-Okay callme that I like whatever u call me
T-ohh so sweet
Meanwhile they are front of their classroom they see all classroom was full their was a boy who was sitting in a 2nd seat with a girl and twinkle smiles seeing this
Kunj smiles seing the boy but was angry also
Twinkle kunj sits on the last bench
T-why are u angry
K-see uv is getting married but still he is flirting with a girl is siting with him
T-you know about uv’s marriage
K-no accually I was out of delhi because of my freinds marriage and mein kal hi aaya hu and mein next lecture ke break mein milunga
T- oh so u donno about who’s the bride
K- I want to see the pic of her

T- face 2 face Millo break mein
K- ohk but pehle uv ko sabhak sikhalu
T- okk now we will make fun😂😂( Wait kunj)
K- where are u lost
T- nothing
K-heyyy uv u r getting married and u didnt even told mee and u r flirting with her
Uv- who told u… about I m getting married and she..
T- (gesture to uv ) not to say anything..
Uv- ok ( actions)
K- chal twinkle teri Sis ko batate hai BTW uska naam Kya hai
Uv- oye tameez se baat kar
K- oye hoye apni sister in law ki itni Parwah
Uv -oye iski nhi Teri bhabhi ko unkaa bol uska Bhai
K -Okay Bhai
Screen freezes on laughing faces of kunj uv and twinkle

PRECAP- twinkle was scared and crying in a room

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