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Shraddha’s move to get Bihaan and Vaani together

Shraddha adds some chemical in Aditi’s face pack. Thapki and Aditi were getting relaxing moments by the beauty treatments. Shraddha is angry on Aditi, as Aditi is going to marry Dhruv.


Shraddha hates Aditi and can’t bear failure in her relation. She gets a chemical bottle and adds in face pack. Thapki and Aditi get the face pack applied. Thapki starts feeling uneasy by burning skin. Thapki starts coughing. Bihaan runs to rescue Thapki. He asks Thapki what happened to her and hugs her, saying he won’t let anything happen to his Thapki. Thapki does not see Shraddha doing this crime. Bihaan showers love on Thapki and worries for her. Shraddha’s step brought Bihaan and Thapki close. Keep reading.

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