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Should I confess ??? Ch 16

Chapter 15
Well the present age of twinj ( after leap ) is approx 24 – 25 yrs
Girl: Sir …. Mr. Malhotra has suddenly called for a meeting. He is saying that it is very important..so can u attend it ???
Man : yes….call him by 1: 30 nd ya..ask namita to cancel my meeting which was going to be in the evening.
Girl : ok…sir
The girl was about to leave …
Man : Listen … Shanaya…
S : Yess sir…
Man : order almost 20-30 bouquets of roses…..white roses !!!
S: Ok sir…
Shanaya leaves nd comes nd sits on her desk.
She says to herself : Today is 17 th June…Nd like every year kunj sir has ordered so many bouquets of white roses..god knows why is he soo addicted to white…( So the man is kunj )
Kunj comes out nd the media surrounds him.
A reporter is speaking Infront of the camera : Today is 17th June …yes 17th June nd like every year he will again go somewhere with those bouquets..
Yes he..the biggest business tycoon..Mr. kunj sarna… He has never told anyone, where he goes..That has been a secret since his career in this business field.
A reporter to kunj : sir..sir plz tell us where do u go ?? Is there someone in ur life..sir tell us..plzz
2nd reporter: sir …do u have a lady love..sir tell us..plss sir..we want to know sir …
The bodyguards make the reporters aside nd kunj leaves.

Screen shifts to a hospital.
A doctor is seen having mask on her face . She comes out of the operation theatre nd removes the mask.
D: The operation was successful… congratulations Mr Johnson..U r blessed with a baby daughter.
Mr Johnson : thnkuuuu doctor…I’ll always be grateful to u..jst because of u my baby and wife are alive..I had lost all hopes.. thnkuuuu doctor …U have come Infront of us as a god…may u lead a happy life ahead….
D: It’s ok Mr Johnson….go ..U can meet ur wife nd baby…
A nurse comes to her running…
N: Doctor doctor… somebody has come to call u…he’s very tensed…
.doctor come fast..
D: Ohk…
She comes out running and sees a man standing.
M: Doctor there is an emergency..plss doctor help me..
D: Where is the emergency…???
M: you’ll have to come with me..
D: ok come..Nd she sits in the car nd leaves with him….
They come half the way.
D: where are u going ? U said that u have to go to xyz place then where are u going…out of city..??
M: This is the way to xyz place…
D: Stop lying …stop the car here..ri8 now !!!!!!
Suddenly a man from behind puts chloroform on her mouth and she faints…
A dark room is shown where the girl is brought . A girl comes out nd takes the unconscious girl inside .


Precap : The place to be revealed where kunj goes..who were the people who kidnapped the girl….Nd who’s the girl ??

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