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Should I confess ??? Ch 15

Chapter 14

Today’s episode
A hope arose for once in Twinkle but she let it go..it was literally her fault that she wasn’t able to realize that he loved her. She had gone insane. Kunj wasn’t talking to her jst for her, he felt that if he wouldn’t talk to her then no one would taunt or tease her ..but more or less …he was wrong . What was destined to happen always happen. She hated his quiet behavior. She hated that he didn’t talk to her . She hated that he ignored her . She hated that he didn’t help her in times she needed it. She hated the new ways of kunj. She hated her kunj.


Even for kunj each nd every day went like hell. He wanted to talk to her , tell her how much he loved her , feel her cuteness her presence around her but couldn’t…jst for her. Nd moreover when he came to know about Twinkle Hating him, he broke down…he cried a lot. Yes the boy who was popular for his attitude of making others laugh was himself crying.

She started ignoring him. Kunj often thought to go to her nd say her what he felt , say sorry to her but he was an idiot. He thought that whatever remaining friendship was there, he would even loose it.

Whoever knew about them felt bad for them. Truly they felt bad for each other. When one got hurt, the other one felt the pain. Twinkle even didn’t want to listen his name. They both tried forgetting each other but even couldn’t do that…

Days passed , hatred increased. Difference between them increased but the love , the care never decreased…never did it.

Twinkle pov : I show Infront of everyone that I hate him …but even if I try , I never can do it…never ever…I love him..I love you kunj but u don’t ….I know that… Nd saying this she broke down crying vigorously….

Kunj pov : I love u Twinkle …Nd the day I came to know that u hate me…I couldn’t take it…but I can’t talk to u..jst for u…jst for u..I love u…

They had to concentrate in their studies …their life ahead…but both had a very important role in each other’s life….very important.

Precap : Leap of 10 years .

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