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Should I confess ? Ch 11 ## Hpy bday Anam di

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Today’s episode
Twinkle after having the chit jst had one name in her mind nd that was of surely kunj…bt she wasn’t able to give ..( pata h…U all r angry ) coz Rihanna nd Ciara started taking the name of Tanish nd at that point if she would have given it to kunj ..all might think that she’d some feelings towards kunj….so she decided to go with the flow…Nd forwarded the chit to Tanish …. unwillingly making kunj even sad.
Then after sometime kunj came nd as he picked up the chit ..a smile appeared on his face. Everyone started shouting what was there in the chit but he remained quiet. Then Twinkle stood up went to kunj nd took the chit from him ..Nd after reading it she even smiled…she said that the chit said ” million dollars smile ” . She was about to return the chit to kunj …he jst indicated her to keep it with herself. She without uttering a single word kept it with herself ..later on she gave a chit of ” cheerful ” to kunj nd the game continued.


In the last period
Twinkle nd mahi were asked to mind the class..
Twinkle was continuously shouting to make the class quiet . Then Uv called her….yunj were sitting on the last bench.
Twinkle went to him nd asked what happened….Kunj was having his hand in the position of having a rose in his hand but in real his hand was empty …( Hope u undrstud the situation ) his hand in the position of a fist..upwards. Twinkle started putting hr chalk inside his fist. Kunj laughed…Twinkle was confused why was he laughing…then Uv asked her to spread her palm. She quietly followed the instruction given to her by them. Then slowly kunj pretended to keep something on twinkle’s hand ( as I’ve already mentioned that his hand was empty )
K: now u can go….
T: U r really an idiot …wasted so much of my time…huh…nd she left..

Then the bell rang … suddenly something struck twinkle’s head.
T pov : Was he pretending to give me a rose ??? Was he trying to propose me ???? No no…why will he.??? But….
T: kunj..
K: yess…
T: Thank you..
K: why ??
T: for the Rose..
Kunj was literally shocked…he didn’t know how to react ..what to say …
Twinkle left nd kunj stood there being shocked..

Days passed … Valentine’ s day was on Sunday ( monica di’s bday was on Sunday this year )..on the last day of exam …Kunj was sitting quietly.
Twinkle asked : what happened ?
K: Nothing…jst thinking about her..
T: Why don’t u confess ??
K: no…I don’t want our frndship to be broken..her frndship means a lot to me….
T: idiot…. Then keep sitting nd she’ll go away with someone else.. Twinkle left..
K: Was she ri8 ??. SHOULD I CONFESS !!!!!! No…I can’t take such a risk…I can’t afford to loose her…never..

T: I was thinking to tie u a rakhi today…bt forgot to bring…
K: u shouldn’t tie a rakhi…U should tie a love band….U know pyar ka dhaga ( string of love)
T: To u ???
K: Mm…no..I mean who said me..?? To ur boyfriend…
T: But we were talking about u..!!
K: Soo what !!!! Jst leave it…bye..
T: hmm …ok..bye..
As kunj left Twinkle was engrossed in some deep thoughts..she was baffled at kunj’s reaction..his closeness ….care…love..proposal nd every single thing about him..
The students started waiting for the results..

On the result day..
Kunj was sitting on his seat nd twinkle on hers..
Twinkle was bzy chatting with the boy sitting beside her…… Suddenly tanvi nd Naina started staring and them nd twinkle turned to look at them..they were staring nd kunj was smirking..
T: kunj…this is very bad…why do u always do like this… whenever I talk to a guy u behave like this…. this is very bad…let me talk to someone yrr…jst bcoz of u I’m scared to talk to a guy…U keep passing comments….very very very bad….this is not gud ( she said this in one breath )what problem do u have when I talk to a guy hnn?? Tell me…( She was saying this very cutely)
Kunj smiled nd the results was announced. Uv came first ..Twinkle second…Mahi third nd kunj fourth..All were hpy with their marks..

Precap : Std 8…WhatsApp …care…. comments….hatred….cuteness.. difference …nd many more things….

Happy birthday Anam di…a very very bday to u …..may u be very happy in ur life…have a blast nd enjoy ur bday 🎈🎈🎉🎉
Thnkuuuu for those who have commented…I’ll not request anyone to comment now…
Love u all😘😘😘😘😘

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