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Should I confess?? ch 10


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Today’s episode..
After the picnic was going to come the most threatening think..EXAMSSS….
The time table was displayed nd the chaos increased. The children became very restless. They were hell irritated , all the enjoyment was over.

Time passed nd finally reached the comp exams.
On the exam day,
All were roaming here nd there nd studying. No one was talking to each other , bzy in themselves.
They continued studying nd after sometime proceeded towards the examination hall. Suddenly the shoelace of Twinkle opened. She was struggling hard to tie it. Suddenly an idea struck her mind , she went to kunj nd
T: kunj..
K: hmm
T: Will u help me ??
K: Yess..say
T: Can u pls tie my shoelace ?
Kunj smirked. K: why not ??
Kunj asked Twinkle to keep her foot on the bench. She followed. Kunj bent nd was tying her shoelace. Uv and Mahi were smiling.
Tanish : Wowwwww…look here..
Ashwin: Oh my god..
Tanvi : ohhhooo
Rishab : Ahhhaa…

Kunj tied it soo tight that it started paining Twinkle. She asked kunj to leave it nd went nd sat on her bench. It was paining so even after trying she wasn’t able to loosen the lace.
Tanvi helped her nd Uv was jst smiling.
They after their first part had a break. They were sitting nd discussing when
Ashwin: Twinkle …from all the characters of Doraemon who do u think is kunj ???
T: kunj ??…mm…he’s nobita..so idiot…
Tanvi: And Twinkle is shezuka…
T: Yeah..I’m shezuka…I’m so cute n …
Tanish : oh..so Twinkle is shezuka nd kunj is nobita….nice connection…hmm
Twinkle realized this nd started blushing. kunj smiled..
They again started studying nd Uv nd kunj were jst talking. Tanvi nd twinkle were studying.
Uv : So enjoyed picnic very much hnn ???
K: hmm…
Uv: Twinkle was looking cute ri8.

From this point Twinkle started listening their Convo….
K: She was looking like a dumbo.
Twinkle fumed … maybe unknowingly affected by Kunj’ s words.
Uv: But I thought she was looking nice..
K: U thought…I didn’t…I should also think the same..h n.??? So plss
Nd here Twinkle was fuming more nd more.Uv left nd only kunj , tanvi nd twinkle were left in the class…
K: I think I should also leave..U both be here …girl with a girl.
This was enough to make Twinkle more angry. Twinkle took the steel scale in her hand and started proceeding towards kunj..he started moving back..Twinkle finally pinned him to the wall..
T: Wht did u just now said??? Girl with a girl..!!!! Listen…Mr. Kunj Sarna…don’t try to act smart with me…is that clear ??
Realizing the proximity..she backed off, returned nd sat on her bench. Kunj was even shocked nd went outside the class. The whole day went out in utter silence. Not a word between them.
The next day was the last day of skul nd after that again some exams were there.
It was propose day. All the children decided to play captions.( Captions is a game in which there are two boxes of chits ..one with blue color nd other one with pink. Suppose a guy comes up nd picks up a pink chit nd there it’s written ” cute ” , then he will give the chit to the girl whom he feels is cute. Then the girl who gets the chit comes up nd picks up a blue chit nd there it’s written ” handsome” , she gives to the person whom she feels is handsome nd thus the game continues…)

First goes ashwin nd he finds the chit saying ” all rounder” . He thinks for a while nd gives the chit to Twinkle . She smiles nd takes the chit. She goes nd picks up a chit . It said “pagal ” . She gives it to an idiot guy. Then after some time comes Uv who got a chit saying” straight forward”. He passes it to Twinkle . Then she gets a chit saying ” dramebaz ” she gives it to another guy. Then again comes kunj who got a chit saying ” rockstar ” . He gives it to Mahi. Mahi comes and gets a chit of ” teddy bear” he gives it to Uv. Then Twinkle gets a chit of ” trustworthy” by a guy nd kunj of ” handsome” by a girl. Now xame the twist …. Twinkle went nd got the chit of ” Mr. Perfect ” . Twinkle was in a great dilemma whom to give. Finally she was about to give when……

Precap : The real propose day fun…

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