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Shivika -Qubool hai Episode 3


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Episode 3

Anika land in india
Anika come to a very big hotelshe go to her room she thought sleep sometime she is sleeping she see dream in which somelady shoot a lady and then same lady shoot a man

Anika shout but she realise its dream

Anika : what is this whats that mean whythease dream always come i donot know whats happining with me i feel i belong to this place but donot what is happening go and sleep tommorrow is meeting with oberoi

Next day in temple

Anika come out of car she buy a pooja thali but suddenly shivaay also come there she hit him she is falling but suddenly he hold her by waist …… They lost in each other eyes they both feel connection between them but didnt realise they are love birds then. They both come in sense

Shivaay : cant you see and walk ….. you hit me

Anika : Wow you hit mee fall my pooja thali and you gave me lecture kanji aankhon wala

Shivaay : what did you say

Anika : kanji aankhon wala

Shivaay : i jus you are bl**dy middle class pepole you donot know who i am i am shivaay sing oberoi

Anika in mind : ohh so he is shivaay singh oberio i come for him india … ohh i mean i come to meeting with this stupid man but this is really importent i have to

Shivaay : where you go

Anika : so Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi No one in this world is small but someone have much mone someone have name fame but everyone is equal and i tell i never see a badtameez man like you kanji aankho wala

Shivaay stare her and go from here

Anika also go

In oberoi mansion

One girl come to and she is doing pooja in temple and come with prasad she distribute to everyone …… shivaay come She give him

Ishana : shivaay bhayia you look strees what happen

Shivaay : nothing when i see you my all strees go my cute little sister and today you go with me to attend a buisness meeting

Ishana : but bhayia

Omkara come : We know ishana you donot intrest intrest in buisness but this year you complete your MBA i think your bhayia is right you have to go

Ishana nod to yes

Shivaay smile

Shivaay Ishana come to press confrence room
Anika also come there shivaay see her

Shivaay : What are you doing here you know what

Shivaay leave it

Anika go to press confrence shivaay also come

Shivaay see her surpriesly

Anika ; So i am Anika Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi

Anika show her presntation and shivaay kike this

Anika handshake with him and he is surpries with her she do like shivaay do with his hair

He is surpries
a flashback
Shivaay : see what i do with my hair

Anika : Ohh please teach me shivaay

Shivaay : This is shivaay singh oberoi style but i teach you because you are my bestest frend

Shivaay : is she my Anika

Shivaay sense something fishy he invite her for lunch to his home anika agree for this

Shivaay go from there

Suddenly someone hit Anika

Ishana : I am sorry i donot do this intially

Anika : its okk so you mr. Shivaay singh oberoi sister he is very rude i cant see ever like this man he donot have respect for poor

ISHANA : yeah i know he is rude but not bad from heart he is rude because some reasone someone say evryone have a own story so shivaay bhayia also have a story But what he do with yu

Anika : Leave all this

Ishana smile and go

Anika : when i see her i feel some connection with her and him i feel like i meet him before donot know Anika thease bad dream someday they become you mad

Oberoi mansion

Om : What happen shivaay is everything okey

Shivay : yeah meeting succesfull
They hug

Om : so ishana how’s you day

Ishana : its Awesome and you know what when i meet that girl i feel like i know her i have some connection wirh her donot know

Om : when pepole understand you than its like that we know them from Ages

Ishana : yeah

They smile to each other

Shivaay think even ishana also feel like this i have to find all this

Anika dinner in oberoi mansion she feel she come there before and some flashes

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