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SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 9 (ishqbaaz ff)

Hey guys I am back with the 9th epi.
Here is the link for previous epi.
All Parts here

In hospital


Rudra somehow manages to extend his nonsensical talk of girls and such things for about an hour. Om then forces shivaay to sleep without giving him a chance to ask about anika.

Om (in a low voice)- thank god shivaay is asleep. At last! (he sighs sadly)
Rudra (trying to lighten his mood)- why r u sighing. I am supposed to sigh, I did all the work, u know how difficult it was to talk about girls in such a situation (he says by making a funny baby face)

A smile creeps over om’s face

Om- u have actually grown more mature, I don’t know how but I happy as u have started to use ur brain even though only 1% 😂😂🙂🙂
Rudra- all the credit goes to love angel, she is so awesome, she is so intelligent, she is so good, she is so…
Om- ok ok ok. I don’t want to know more. Pls.🙏🙏🙏

Rudra goes into deep thought for a few minutes, om shakes him and asks him the reason.

Rudra- o I am not that worried for shivaay bhaiyya now, but anika didi………………
Om- rudra I told u na. nothing will happen to her.
Rudra- one part of me also tells me the same but the other tells me the opposite because she has not gotten up yet and it is 5:00 am means there are 8 hrs more that’s it.
Om- rudra, 1min is enough for a person’s condition to change and anika has 8 hrs she will get up to be ur super girl.
Rudra- I just hope u r right.

In oberoi mansion

It is 7:00 an everyone has gotten up (tej,Shakti,dadi and sahi) but no one has their usual smile on their face and sahil is like a lifeless child without his anika didi.

Suddenly there is a ruckus outside which is heard inside. All four of them assemble in the hall.

Tej- what is this noise outside??
Servant- sir media has come and are forcing themselves in as they want to know more about shivaay saab’s accident.
Tej- media has no other work. I will just lash out at them.

Dadi stops him

Dadi- wait tej. U will not do anything as such, if u do so media will give more and more attention it is better u and Shakti go and answer their questions calmly and finish it there.

Shakti and tej nod and go out. Seeing them the media runs and surrounds them while the bodyguards do not allow them to get any closer.

Reporter1- mr. tej singh oberoi and mr. Shakti singh oberoi we all would want to know when this accident happened and how?
Shakti- this happened yesterday night.
Reporter2- we have also got news that along with shivaay singh oberoi a woman named anika is also hospitalised as she too was there in the car. What relation does mr. shivaay singh oberoi share with them.
Reporter3- is she mr shivaay’s girlfriend and where were they going so late in the night?

Tej could not handle anything more

Tej(super angry voice)- just shut up! Not a single word more about shivaay and anika. Anika is just like my daughter, she has done a lot for this family and I will not let anyone point a finger on her character.
Shakti (to the reporters)- all of this is our personel matter and it will be good if u do not interfere in it.

Tej and Shakti leave from there in anger and go into the mansion. All media people are put out.

Tej and Shakti tell dadi about this and she worries

Tej- what is this happening? One side my anika is fighting between life and death and on other side the media is talking such of her. Shivaay is also not in a condition to listen to all of this.
Dadi- tej we should only focus on anika and shivaay and not on what media is talking. Media will be handled later, first I want to go to hospital. I know that my anika will get up and lash these reporters. I want to see her fine.
Shakti- I just hope no one has told shivaay about anika’s condition.
Tej- let us go and find out. We must handle shivaay and wait for anika to get conscious.

They three leave for hospital along with sahil. (guys I forgot to mention that prinku has gone for her college camp)

In hospital

Shivaay wakes up and omru get up in a second looking at shivaay’s movement.

They help him get up and shivaay starts with the same questions of how is anika? Where is she?

Om scolds of giving stress to his mind and calls doctor to check shivaay and omru go from there to save themselves from shivaay’s questions.

Back in the ward, shivaay is in a state of concern for anika but no one is talking of her.

Shivaay (thinks)- why is everyone avoiding my questions about anika? Why am I getting a feeling that she is in a problem? There is something wrong I need to know, I cant be calm without hearing that anika is completely fine and nothing will happen to her. But whom should I ask? No one is here and Omru are just avoiding my questions and I sure ma and badi ma will do the same. But why???

In anika’s ward

Omru, pinky and jhanvi are standing around her bed just hoping that she will open her eyes any minute.

Jhanvi asks omru to go back to shivaay as they cant let him be alone and only omru can handle shivaay right now.

Omru follow their mom’s order and enter shivaay’s ward only to see him deep in thought. Om has some breakfast for him they sit and feed shivaay. Shivaay tries again to ask about anika but fails because of rudra’s antics and omru’s so called fight.

Omru somehow indulge shivaay in some topic and they are carefully listening to shivaay.

Jhanvi sees them through the window then she turns to look at anika’s ward and gets sad and worried. Pinky coms to her

Pinky- jhetaniji anika is still nots opening hers eyes. I am getting worried there are only 4 hrs more.

Dadi comes there then, keeps her and on pinky’s shoulder

Dadi- nothing will happen to her. She is very brave, she can fight through this condition too.

Jhanvi and pinky hug dadi at the same time and say ‘we hope so’

Tej and Shakti and sahil look on.

Precap- shivaay says with tears in his eyes ‘anika is the reason that I am here in front of u safe without much hurt. She has again saved my life like always, I need to know her condition pls om tell me how is she’ omru look at him teary eyed.

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