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Shivika love story – two shot (Part 1)

Hii gyez i am rithik i want to write on current track in my way

So start the episode


Anika come and sit next to girl which shivaay bring her for contract marrige and say

Anika : you know we do marry in life its mean we stay for each other we stay our whole life each other thease ritual weeding vows doesnt ritual make two body one soul i know you also thing like this i want say you one thing please listen to your heart

Girl : Yes you are right i am going to do such a stupid thing only for money no i cant do this

Shivaay come there

Girl : i am sory Mr. Oberoi i cant do this marrige

She run away

Shivaay come to Anika and stare her Angerily and he brust his anger on her

Shivaay : What you think yourself why always you come between in my decision you have no idea what can now happen Now whole media and buisness partner Buisness rivals all are here my faimly respect my khandaan respect gping to finish

Shivaay held her arm and point her to the wall and hurt her hand

Anika : Your respect your faimly your khandan but whay about that girl you thinl about yourself not about that girl Yu know A girl dignity what mean for her

Shivaay : Wow you know Word of dignity Wow You sleep with daksh for 15 Lakhs but that girl cant just marry me for money

Anika slap him hard then burn her hand in Diya

Anika : This slap for you think like this about me i never accpect this from you and i burn my hand for i love a boy who think like this about me

Shivaay is shocked about her confession

Anika :Yes i love you before but Now i just hate you i thought you think me jus gold digger but your thinking is soo low about me You know why daksh give me 15 laks because i took a loan and dadi give money to daksh for giving me a d that night i am with soumya in daksh room And daksh in soumya room that night

Shivaay understand daksh plan and he is guilty but donot react

Shivaay : You done a mistake now you also recify you going to marry me you sit in place of tia you wear mangalsutra of my name in your hairline fill my name vermilion

Anika ; No i never done this

Shivaay : you have to do it

Shivaay come with tia bridal wear and give Anika

Shivaay : Wear this otherwise i do this

Shivaay close door Anika wear lehnga and come out of changing room she see shivaay is not there and run from the window she go to find tia in hotel ( remember gyez om Anika rudra go behind tia for spy ) Shivaay see Anika running from window he also go behind her

Shivaay Anika marry and shivaay take off her duppatta to put vermilion everyone is shocked to see Anika Media also see this

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