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Shivika ff by nans ( part-7)

Hi everyone
Thanks a lot to all of u. U all gave such a sweet comments ,I am really very happy.just a request guys if u read my parts lately also just do comment a word.😊😊😊
Last episode I kicked daksh , tia ,dhruv out of my imagination. Hope u like it.
So here goes to ta scene where I stopped
Anika leaves seeing everyone broken. Shivay stood like a statue looking down with frozen expression.dadi trembles and sits down on sofa with help of jhanvy n pinky.there is silence all over mansion. Om rudra see each other come to shivay.
Om: shivay…..Shivay….
Shivay still being a statue.
Om places his hand on his shoulder and shakes him. “ shivay”.now shivay cones to senses. He looks immediately at ta place where anika was standing but she is not there.he looks around but can’t see her anywhere.
Om: voh ja chuki he Shivay
Shivay looks at om n starightly goes to his room and closes the door.he leans to ta door for a moment then slowly goes near bed sits on the floor without any expression .

Anika reaches her place.enters inside her house lost somewhere.tears r rolling down from her face.she goes n sits near bed on the floor.she looks at her hand which shivay holded tightly sometime back distrusting her again, the wound was again sightly bleeding due to pressure.
Nazdeekh hai dil ke………
She removes bandage
Phir kyun large milke…….and she cleans it with cotton and again does dressing.
She looks other side breathes out heavily and bends down her head on bed. Still tears rolling down.
The only flash coming to her mind is shivay again not trusting her in ta morning.
Oh jaanaaaaa……………


Shivay sitting on floor still with no expression.flashes in his mind are going in one go
“ Shivay asking her what’s ur price, what’s ur status, I will buy u, ur self respect ur proud .then shivay giving her cheque.then he saying bleady outsider, then he saying there is line between us which will be forever.anika coking and saying shivay was with her all night holding his hand. Anika saying tia hugged someonand he scolding her.Shivay saying anika tat she is doing this with motive. Anika saying tia is married.he again bursting on her.his stupid convo with om when he says anika is golddigger.anika today saying I trust u. Shivay holding her hand tightly.”
He looks at his hand tightly closes it and hits ta floor so hardly that his hand starts to bleeding.
Tuhe meri jeene ki vajah ………..oh jaana………….

In living are evryone sitting on sofa.
Pinky: kabhi soch nahi ta tia yesi nikalegi.chiiiiiiiiii
Jhanvy: she made her husband as brother in front of us, disgusting
Tej: what had happened if shivay marries tia
Shakti: bcoz of matarani tat anika saved us from all this
Dadi: rudra is right, she is angel of this house specially shivays angel whom she always saves. Whether it be chopper blast ,whether it be current in water,whether it be poison gas attack,whether it be CD scandal, whether it be murder case and now she saved us all from kapoors.but in return she is blamed n targeted always.if Shivay is great wall in front of us na then anika is great wall in front of shivay.
Evryone smile at this but still in a shock with all happenings.
Pinky: we should have understood anika is best bride for shivay when she saved shivay in tat murder case staining her respect

Now everyone are silent.rudra watches everyone comes n stands in middle and plays song in his phone and starts dancing “ let’s nacho……..”
Everyone: rudra !!!!!!!!!
Rudra: arey lady baby is kedi baba I know all ta time. Now she is out.and my anika didi will become wife of my great wall.dance toh banti hain na…..
Again he dances let’s nacho and pulls everyone
Slowly everyone smile n then laugh n then dance.
Now evryone again relax on sofa.
Om: really she is angel if she is not here then what would have happened with shivay!! I can’t even imagine
Rudra: but u see anika didi became more smrt being with me.how smartly she exposed reiki centre na? Ek dam pahad thod……( mountain breaking….)
Now everyone realise something and at same time
“Royal security department?????”
Tej: how is anika connected to them
Pinky: may be she worked with them
Jhanvi: pinky but they saluted her
Dadi: om beta!! U are her bff na u know abt this?
Om: no dadi. I too don’t know anything abt this.
Rudra: arey may be she have friends. Anika didi is so nice na anyone will do friendship with her.
Om: may be.

Its been 2 hrs.anika and shivay are still in same position.anika still crying.
Suddenly her new phone rings its ram flashes on screen
Anika: ha ram
Ram: so x told me what hpned.so u did tia pardafash finally
Anika: what I did they did everything smartly( she says in low tone)
Ram: so u r crying now
Anika: yes Mr.telepathy
Ram: u know what just go to shivay and gve him a tight slap , u will feel better
Anika: kucj bhi!!!
Ram: if i would have been there then I would have did tat only.but I can’t come there right now
Anika: hmmmm
Ram: oye….enough ha.don’t become sunset from sunshine.
Anika looks at her tattoo and smiles till with tears
Ram: stop crying now…
Anika: just be on call line, tats it
Both on call with silence.
Anika remembers all her moments with Shivay. All their good moments their nokh jhok, his care his concern.
Ishq pe ansoon ishq hai nagma ….
Ishq junon hai rahat ka….
At last she remembers again how shivay distrusted her.now she closes phone speaker with her hand and cries vigourously then calm downs and brings phone near her
Anika: OK listen , I am fine now. One more thing I am leaving from ths city to some other city.after 1o days I will comeback as decided.OK?
Ram: just take care
Anika: OK bye
Shivay: bye.

In mansion,
Om: rudra its been 2 hrs now we should go to shivay
Rudra : haan bhayya
They both go to shivay room. They open ta door and see him sitting on floor.
Shivay is in same position.
Omru go near him sees his hand bleeding
Omru r shocked.rudra ges first aid box from cupboard
Om does dressing.
Om: R u mad Shivay? What have u done? Have u lost ur mind?
Shivay still in lifeless expression
Om shakes him forcily “shivay”
Shivay turns towards om. And remembers om words “ when u fall in love u will come crying to me and will say om u r right” now shivay starts crying terribly and hugs om tightly.
Shivay: om u said na..tat when……I….reali…….realise……
Om: u will come to me crying
Saying this he pats Shivay. He was crying terribly. Om sees rudra rudra too joins the hug
After a moment,the break apart
Om: Shivay u realised na every thing will be OK. U have to make OK.
Shivay: I can’t om…. I destroyed everything by my own hands ..i…. I cant face her. I can’t….
Om: u have to. U have to face her, apologise her, win her trust again and u have to express ur feelings to her.u will do it
Shivay: om I can’t…
Om: u will. And he shows his hand rudra to joins n places his hand now shivay looking at both of them gets courage and places his hand tooo
And they three hug again.

After sometime everyone assembled in hall. Shivay is standing in front of them
Dadi: so billu…
Shivay: so?
Tej n jhanvi:so…
Pinky . shakti: soon….
Shivay: what?
Prinku sumo omru: sooo ( in angry tone)
Shivay gives a confused look.
Rudra: oho bhayya every one wants to know how u r going to propose anika didi oops bhabhi.
Shivay: I…. Don’t….know….
Evryone: what do u mean by u don’t know?
Shivay: I don’t knw means I don’t know. I kow she even won’t hear me. She will not even accept apoplizise and proposal is so far thinking
Evryone: who hurted her?
Shivay: me
Everyone: who said harsh words to her?
Shivay: me
Evryone: who didn’t trust her?
Shivay: me
Evryone: who will apologise?
Shivay : me. Wait . guys I know I have to apologise and i have to propose but I don’t kow what to say.
All giggles

Shivay: stop it.just help me if u can.
Tej: shivay just book high class restaurant and make high class arrangements and propose her with most precious solitary diamond ring.
Jhanvi: seriously tej anika don’t give imp to all this.shivay just surprise her. U know a beautiful surprise…..
Shakti: just take her to temple and ask her hand for marriage in front of god with blessings of pandit.
Pinky: yes and make her listen mata’s bhajan
Sumo: bhade bhayya according to study made on a…
Rudra: sumo u leave it.bhayya first make ur body buildup.when anika didi will see ur biceps she will say yes automatically. And does logic wala sign.
Shivay: oh god why????
Soumya laughs at rudra .rudra keeps silent.
Prinku: bha. Bha bhayya. a u just propose aaaannnniiikkkkaaa inn aaaa goooodddd waaaayyy
Shivay: ok( in a low tone)

Now Shivay is totally fed up and looks at om.
Shivay: om y r u silent? What’s in ur hand? That’s apainting right? Don’t tell me tat u want me too give her a painting and say her a painful poem n propose her.
Om: I would never even imagine tat
Shivay: time god
Om: its a gift from our side. U know na she likes painting a lot.so t thought to gift her as a token of thanks. And abt ur proposing wonder just speak out ur heart infront of her.
Rudra: bhayya we will do rehearsal.assume me as anika didi.
Saying this he comes and stands in front of shivay
Rudra: kanji ankhon waale Baghdad billa….mere pyare billujiiiiii….
Shivay: what ta wuck!!!! Just stop it
Everyone laugh

Shivay: its my fault to ask u all.I will do it by myself. But how to make her come? I……. Am…….so…..nervous…..
Everyone smile at him.
Omru: leave tat work to us and give HiFi to each other smiling.
Dadi: finally mere billuki takkar ki ishqbaaz shuru hogayi.
Shivay: but se will forgive me na?
Omru: she is anika
Om: but this time its going to be really tough
Shivay: don’t scare me
And screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: shivays proposal. Anika says…….
Tats a surprise guys

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