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Shivika ff by nans ( part-3)

Hi every one
Really feeling blessed with ur comments.do continue ur comments if my ff makes u smile plzzz. So as I said in previous part, ram is not like shivay thinking so shivika fans don’t wry.I will never ever break them apart.here it goes,

So as we saw shivay did the dressing by sitting on his knees with a question running who is ram
Anika all the while staring at him with wet eyes ,looking for an answer for his care n concern
After dressing anika tries to leave when Shivay asks abt ram to which anika gives a shocking reply n leaves to working room
Shivay in mind”ram ? Who? Jaan? Special? Ram ki sunshine? What ta wuck!!!!!!!!
Daksh goes from there irritated bcoz of ta tatoo
Pinky jhanvy tej shakti dadi comes to hall and all sit on sofa along with shivomru
Shivay still being curious n jealous wala look
Rudra watching this goes to dadi touches her feet and holds his hands and says”jai shri raaammmm”
To which shivay is burning
Dadi: kya ?
R: dadi ram ka bhi respect karna chahiye na? After all he is so special n major purusho udyamam…
Dadi: kotiya !! Maryada purushottam
R: vahi vahi ram kitna mahan hai and wihes tejhanvi shanky jai shri ram
Tejshakti leave to office
Pniky jhanvy discussing abt today sangeet arrangements
R: seeing Shivay burning again gets started vaise yaad aya bajan
“Hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare,
Hare…. Shivay gives him a very serious valla look
Seeing this rudra says
“ok… Hare Shivay hare shivay shivay shivay hare hare,
Hare billu hare billu billu billu hare hare”
Shivom: what ta wuck!!!!!!


And om chuckles a lot
R: vaise dadi shiv ji ke life mein daksh naam ki villian tha na
Dadi: ha unke father in law .mata sati ki pita
Now shivay is hell irritated with ram n daksh happenings in his life n getups n tries to leave
At ta same time prinku returns home still with worried face covered by a smile
All hugs her and anika to comes to ta living area and sees om hugging prinku with unusual extra concern n assuring her with his expressions.
Then all ta hadbadi starts in house coz its sangeet in evening.so rehearsals ,arrangements ,designer outfits…..everyone are so much busy with their works.

Anika while walking in the corridor near shivay room suddenly gets pulled by him.shivay holds her right hand and twists it back along her waist and pins her to ta wall.with this sudden act anika holds shivay suit collar with left hand tightly and before she can question Shivay closes her mouth with his right hand.anika tensed nervous angry n what not
S: ee daksh kam tha kya ram agaya?
A: she gives what? Wala look to him
S: who ta Bl***y hell is ram?
With this anika leaves his collar n removes his hand placed on her mouth in rage n
A: don’t u dare Mr.oberoy!!! Mere liye apke man me…sry dimaag me ijjad nahi hai toh nahi sahi, par ram ke bare me kuch bhi kaha toh…
S: toh? ( the warning she gave in English “dont u dare” is not the surprising thing for him but ta concern towards tat so-called ram)
S: kyun aisa bhi kya rishta hai ? Tum uskeliye muje warning de rahi ho ,muje…
A: kya? ( now her rage got dominated by “inka kuch nahi ho sakta vala look”.
A: isse pehle apke andar ka antaryami jaag jaye aur aap ulta pulta soche, me hi batadeti hu. Mere aur ram ka khoon ka rishta hai.( saying this she tries to free herself from Shivays hold)
Shivay listening to this sighed relief and a smile appeared on his face which is not unnoticed by anika and they r lost in each other eyes. Shivay sees some small hair streaks playing with his panika cheeks n ears while she is busy in freeing herself from his hand grip.he cmes closer to her. With this anika looks into his eyes more nervously

,Shivay gently takes her hair streaks rubbing her cheek with his thumb and twirls it around her ear.after a moment of eyelock anika suddenly pushes him and leaves from their saying” akhdu Singh oberoy!!!” Shivay smile widen more hearing tat after all this Mr.oberoy drama.
Outside the room tia notices anika leaving from shivay room and goes to his room to notice shivay in deep smile. Now tia is burning so much tat ta seed she planted is disappearing n goes to confront anika.

Anika is walking in corridor and tia calls her out.” Anika!! “ anika turns back to her.
T: don’t you have shame?
Anika gives “ like I care anything said by u “ wala look
Tia holds her left hand tightly where anika got cut with this anika too holds Tia’s hand and removes her grip and tightly pushes her back. Due to this tia slips and falls on a tray kept on a side table in the corridor.
Rudra coming to om room “ kya o ! Abhi tak hum teeno saath me teek se rehearsal nahi ki. Aur sham ko sangeet hai. Lady baby pasand nahi hai toh kya hua? Muje social media ki likes toh bahut pyari hai na? “

O: mere khoon chusna band karo mere vampire. Shivay kaha hai?
R: muje kya pata ? Honge kahi, kisi kone mein anika didi se saath takkar ki romance kar rahe honge.
Om smiles listening this O: baath tho sahi hain
R: vaise ye kya hai? Pointing finger towards. A box.
O: ye .. Kal sab ke liye theme ka designed outfits aya haina, meine hum sab ki taraf se anika le liye bhi mangvaya
R: waah! Mere saath rehte rehte smart long hair creature bangeyo ho o.to fir une de aate hai na.
O: chalo
So omru comes in search of anika and see tia face in a tray with anika just few steps far from her. Now tia lifts her face which is full of pink paint ( tat tray was kept mistakenly by workers after finishing patch works in prinku room)

Seeing tia face, om tries to control his laugh( after anika blame om too convinced there is something tia hiding) ,rudra being rudra bursts out into laugh.
Anika with a innocent look: “ kya tia? Sabko reiki bejti hun, kudko courier karna bhul gayi? Muje tabse ye vibes arahi this kuch aisa hone waala hai.isliye warn karne ki koshish ki kadam sambal ke age bado. Par kya kare universe chahti ti ki tumara pink face pack pura universe deke( pointing towards rudra who is clicking tia pics) koi baat nahi tia mein tume positive vibes bejungi aur shaam ki pink blush lagane ki bhi jaroorat nahi hain. Hain na? Asking omru
Tia fuming continuously trying to clean her face
R: arz karun
Omika: irshad irshad

R: lag gayi hai lady baba ke face par pink color,
Lag gayi hai lady baba ke face par pink color,
Ab ye tia kam jyada dikrahi hai pink panther.
Omika: waah waah .laughing loud
Tia leaves from there and omaniru give HiFi to each other.
Om giving ta box to anika: aaj shama ko yahi pehna, dost ko mana nahi kar sakti aur koi banana bhi nahi.
R: ha did I varna meri kasam
A: pagal hai kya!! Teeke mein yehi pehnungi
Omaniru hug each other with wide smile on their faces

Precap: shivika romance ,sangeet ,shivika romantic dance

Hope u all like it. If yes just comment with a emoji tat will be a lot to me and I was just trying to make fun of shivay n tia. Don’t get offended all Krishna bakts n Buddhism followers. It was just fun of shitia only.

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