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Shivika ff by nans ( part-2)

Hi everyone
Guys I am so happy tat u liked my first part.if I make happy withis one too just comment one word so tat I know u r happy😊😊
Note: guys sahil will not be there for sometime he is gone to science trip of school but he will be back after some time. He gone after tat night anika is stalked and bus gone to village coz her 1 acre land got buyers.actually who cares abt tat stupid bua in my ff anika is scared of darkness but she doesn’t have a past shown in serial its different past in my ff and sahil parents have nothing to do with her.she and snail are bonded by heart.
After a sorrowful night anika wakes up n gets ready and she gets a msg on phone “we r following ur orders madam. Ram sir gave us total info.ur work gets completed soon” with this she sighs in relief and turns n seeing doll she says “ek toh meri life puri tarah bayam rahi aur inko is life ki insurance karna hai.had hai”( yesterday anika gets a glimpse of tia phone screen in which she sees her house view so isn’t it obvious tat doll has can so tats y in previous part she msgs someone in washroom now she does drama of life insurance company)
Locking her house anika turns towards the road and see shivay sleeping in car.his face is towards her house.seeing him anika steps back a bit and breathes heavily and moves towards his car.the way maybe short but she was going all through his harsh words again n again.now she is just front of shivay cars door.shivay is in tired sleep. Anika with tears rolling questions shivay in her heart
“ kyun billuji kyun kal itna kehne ke baad yeha kyun aye hai aap. Agar apko surf muje par data hai toh app kud mere ifazad ke liye puri raat yaha kyun hai? Kal apko sunne ke baad laga apke liye mein much nahin par yeha dekne ke baad………. Mein samjuki hun ki aap pattar nahi darpok hai appko apni feelings accept karne ki himmat nahi hai. Aur unde door bagne keliye meri baremein itna much bola apne. Dil se door bagne ke liye dimag me jooti samaj dal rahe hon app kyun…..😭😭😭 par apke muh se itna sunneke baad me kabhi bi apple karib nahi aapaungi.” Saying his she turns and goes her tears falls on shivay hand which is on window panel. Anika takes rickshaw n leave to OM.
Shivay wakes up bcoz of tears and gets into senses n sees anika leaving in rickshaw trough mirror.
“mujne dekne ka baad bhi u didn’t bothered to talk to me. U need to answer me anika y u send guards away. Y are behaving with me like this? U have to answer “
Anika get down rickshaw and just few steps away.Shivay stops his car in front of her by overtaking n get down. He forcibly holds anika shoulders and pins her to car.anika is breathing heavily due to this sudden act
S: what u think of me? Meine tumari safety ke liye vaha pe guards raka and tumne warning deke unte bejdiya.agar time kuch jota to?
A: Mr.oberoy employee ke liye itna kar rahe ho ..manna padega aap bahut achi business man hai.agar muje much hojata toh ek nayi organiser aata joh mujse jyada is job ki kayak hai.aur apko meri shakal dekkar irritate nahi hona padega Mr.oberoy
(Shivay is hell shocked with this behaviour and Mr.oberoy thing)
S: Mr.oberoy ki gaana band karo. Tum muje billuji bulati hona toh fir…. Aur is tarah behave kyun kar rahi ho? Tia pe false blame tumne ki and u can’t behave me like this.
( he has no idea tat she heard his Congo with om yesterday)
Anika now gets away from him by side pushing him and says
A: aapke meri behaviour indecent Lahti hain na toh Bas me formal rahungi.vaise bhi boss ke orders muje follow to karna padega
Apne kaha apko billuji nahi bula sakti isliye Mr.oberoy
S: then call me shivay damn it
With this anika angrily tries to goes from there but Shivay holds her left hand wrist and pull her
A: sssssss aaaaaa
S: kya hua tum ….and sees a cross cut with blood slightly .anika ye kaise hua tum teek ho kab ye…( anika lost in his kanji eyes) kal us stalker ne knife se attack kiya na tab lagi hai? Tum abi tak dressing nahi ki is chot ki?? And he panics
Anika removes his hand by holding his hand and leaves it
A: bahari chot se muje dard nahi hota hai Mr.oberoy and she leaves asap.and enters mansion
Shivay comes after her and fastly goes to room to get first aid kit.
Omru are present in hall.om seeing anika goes to her keeps hand on her shoulder and asks
O: anika tum teek ho?
A: with a strong smile jab aise sache dost ho toh muje kya hoga!!
Om side hugs her
Rudra with sad puppy face comes to them
R: didi apkeliye mein much nahi hun?ap log dost dost kel rahe hon muje chod kar mein bhi toh apke bhai kam dost huna?
Anika n om smiles at him and anika hugs him. Daksh comes there.shivay too comes with box and asks anika too sit.and he will do dressing.
Daksh omru: kyun kya hua?
S: she got knife cut by the stalker
And daksh hearing this takes box from shivay and makes anika sit and takes her hand.shivay is totally burning
R: fire brigade bulau bhayya?
Shiv gives serious wala look.
Daksj tries to remove all metal bangles and watch which hurts her more. At this shivay yells “daksh stop it I will do it” and kneel downs in front of her takes her hand. She being on sofa.daksh goes m stands so tat shivay do it comfortly.he slowly tries to removes bangles
A: daksh karlega Mr.oberoy
Omru cupling their mouths “mr.oberoy?”
S: shhhhh anika
And shivay slowly removes all bangles and watch and there on her hand above the cut there is a tatoo written “RAM KI SUNSHINE”
All: ram ki snshine?
Shivay with a questioning face completes ta dressing and anika stands up n tries to leave
S: anika ye ram kaun hai? Who is he? And permanent tatoo?
Omru daksh also expecting answer
A: koni kaas hai Mr.oberoy.meri jaan hai.apse koni Lena dena nahi hai
And she leaves
Rudra to Shivay : bhayya ab pura fire station bulau?
Shivay is hell shocked thinking: permanant tattooo ram? Special?Jaan?
Daksh too furious but not as Baghdad billa.

Guys don’t wry anika keliye shivay aur shivay ke liye anika no one else.and ram is not like shivay thinking.so relaxxx.u will reveal it later.plz do comment


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