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Shivika ff by nans ( part-1)

Hi every one
This is my first os with ta present track of IB. Guys I am really angry on Shivay for always misunderstanding anika and now its limit. We saw tat tia planted seed of obsession in shivays mind and from there my os starts hope u like it….
So after pinky forcing shivay to perform for his sangeet he decides and goes to om room for practise while our rudra is busy on making sumo wear ta ring Here anika sees a wedding PIC of tia which tia uploaded just now seeing anika going through her account. And after anika runs to shivay she deletes tat from her account. Anika being unknown goes to om room and,
A: tia shadi shudha hai
S: tum hosh mein toh ho!
A: app ye dekiye uske baad apke hosh udjayenge and she shows the phone but there is no PIC just a blank page. Om tries to speak but shivay bursts out
S: have u lost it anika! Har baat ki limit hoti hai in A very angry serious tone anika eyes become wet
S: coming close to her in rage tum Bas tia ko wrong prove karna chahti ho, baar baar karnepar use galti nahi batameezi kehte hai and u ….
Om stops him and shivay leaves in anger😡😡😡

Om tries to speak to anika but she leaves from there and tia being a dayan type taunts anika again.here om goes to shivay and tries to talk to him.anika makes herself strong and thinks to talk shivay clearly abt all happenings and comes to his room and stops at the door listening omshiv convo
O: shivay voh anika Jo bhi kehrahi hai ek bar suntolo . she won’t blame tia without reason na?
S: plz om tum bhi rudra ka samjme aata hai,tum bhi anika ki side lekar tia ko blame kar rahe ho
O: shivay anika ko me janta hu , vo aise hi bina baat ki…
S: actually u r right, vo ye sab yuhi nahi kar rahi. Vo aesab maksat se kar rahi hai. Vo meri tia ki relation break karna chahti hai. First I thought tia is wrong but now I know the reality. Sach ye hai anika tia ki jagah Lena chahti hai.isliye use galat prove karne ki koshihs kar rahi hai.sach ye hai Anika is just a gold digger. Use Jo save karke me favour kar raha tha use lagne laga ki I care for her and voh muje trap karna chahti hai . yes she is doing for this only..yes ( he means nothing in tat actually shivay thinks tat anika is feeling for him and due to jealous she is doing tat but he says all this to make his own mind free from anikas obsession)
O: shivay tu pagal hai kya tu aisa soch bhi kaise liya.tat anika..
( om sees anika listening) anika listening all this is in a shock heavily breathes in n out but Shivay words rewine in her mind. She sits outside ta room along ta wall tightly closed her mouth with both hands but she couldn’t control her cry and runs from there.om comes out of room and see her running and goes after her and witnesses anika crying vigorously sitting down and holding her knees tightly .om goes and sits beside her and keeps his hand over hers.anika tries to stop her tears

O: anika vo shivay…
A: om plz apki bhai ne jobhi kaha voh sahil hai. Galti meri hai Jo limits cross kar rahi thi.unki yesan ko much jyada samaj rahi thi. Par ab nahi.
O: anika I am sorry from his side but tumne tia le bare me jobhi kaha muje nahi pata sach he ya joot par itna janta hun ki tum yese hi inti nadi baat nahi bologi. Age se jobhi kaha soch ke bolo and me tumara saath jarror dunga always. Apne dost keliye itna toh kar sakta huna?
A: thank u so much om. Mein na batak gayi thi.ye sochne lagi unte meri baat par vishwas hoga par Mr.oberoy ko proof chahiye ab muje pata hai muje kya karna hai. Muje todi dear akela rehna hai main teek hojaungi om plzz
( om leaves her saying take care and anika again remembering all harsh words cries more and says to heart “ Bas bahut hogaya Mr.oberoy .apko ab prrof milega and uske baad is gold digger ki shakal nahi dekni padegi and aur yes an karne ki bhi jaroorat nahi hai ab Bas. And she takes her phone and calls someone which is muted)
Later she does all the work of sangeet while shivay eyes on her for her glimpse. But she doesn’t cares a bit and don’t sees him even once after work when she is leaving daksh offers her lift shivay comes and says “y will u go , I know ta way well , I will go ,come anika”
A: daksh mere ghar already achuke he and vo rasata janta hai and vaise bhi vo mera dost hai to unke saath jaungi mein. Abki is favour ke liye thanks Mr.oberoy
( she n daksh leaves. Shivay was shocked with this.he was thinking I should be angry on her for blaming how can she talk like this .daksh is her friend what? Wow then wht abt me ? Am I nothing? And she is saying my care as favour? How can she do like this? )

Omru who watched all ta scene and shivay in thoughts of hurt comes and rudra asks “ shivay bhayya kuch jalne ki boo arahi hai na”
S: ha kya…y will I feel jealous ? Tat to coz of daksh
Rudra smirks.
O: he is right rudra after all she is a employee tats it let’s go n practise tats more imp right shivay?
S: ha…yes let’s go
Here anika gets down on ta main road itself saying she will go by herself and thanks daksh and bids bye and otw to her house in late night some mask men comes and tries to hurt her with knife when daksh comes and saves her . mask men runs away. And guards shivay arranged also come there.
A: thanks daksh. Main teek hu ab vo nahi ayega usne guards ko bhi dekliya na toh … Mein chalti hun
D: take care OK . any need just call me.bye
And he leaves

Anika to guards
A: aap log jayiye. Main teek hu
Guards: par Shivay sir
A: dekiye apne mereliye yaha safeguard kar rahe the thanks par ab jayiye varna majbooran muje complaint karna padega apke upar bhi so plzzz
Guards leave . anika goes to her house and sees tat doll again and goes to freshen up and in washroom she msgs someone and comes back and sleeps with full tears
Shivay gets to know abt everything through guards and he himself drives to her place and stays there all night watching her house from his car.

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