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Shivay’s destiny remark for Anika next in Ishqbaaz

Dhanteras and Diwali celebrations will be seen in the show next. Rudra and Soumya get the look of Banjaras/villagers. Everyone get shocked seeing their colorful costumes. Dadi was waiting for them. Pinky likes their traditional clothes.

Its Laxmi puja happening in Oberoi mansion. Pinky wants Shivay and Tia to do the Laxmi puja together as a couple, as they are going to get married after Diwali. Jhanvi asks Rudra and Soumya where were they all night. Rudra and Soumya took the disguise to get saved from psycho Romi. Rudra and Soumya cook up a story. Shivay asks Tia to come, and they proceed to sit in the puja. Tia gets her boyfriend’s call and goes.

Anika stands beside Shivay when Tia walks out. Shivay does not see Anika and holds her hand, thinking she is Tia. He makes her sit beside him, and tells pandit ji that she is his destiny, his would be bride. Anika does not free her hand and is lost seeing Shivay. Pandit ji starts chanting mantras as Shivay and Anika sit in Laxmi puja, instead Shivay and Tia. Anika does not tell Shivay its her. Shivay does not makes efforts to see her. Tia comes back and Shivay gets surprised. Anika then gets up and stumbles to fall on Shivay again. Destiny got them together. Anika then lets Tia sit for puja. Anika will find out about Tia’s boyfriend secret before Diwali.

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