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Shivaye aur Anika k anokhi prem kahaani. OS

Hello guys this is nithu….this is my frst shot guys…actually i wrote one ff and my second ff is on the way…!!! As im having xams i thought to contune in december or jan…but im free today soo i thought to write a a shot for shivika…and ishkara…but my ishkara os is under surgery…so im writing shivikas….😍😘
My shot starts from…karwachauth…
Shivaye lifts anika and take her to his room and placed her carefully on the bed…
He called to his family doctor
Doctor came to oberoi mansion and checks anika

Doc: Mr.oberio she did not eat anything from…yesterday morning…so she fainted….take care of her …her condition is not good..at all
Shiv: okay doc
Om: doctor come ill leave you near your car..
Prinku comes running inside shivaye s room
She goes near anika
Prinku:aankh kolo anika..mein tumko daanta ..phir bhi tu kuch nahi khayi..mein tumse bahoot naraaz hoon..utho..anika please..(open your eyes anika i scolded ..evn though you did not eat im angry on you anika get up..please)


She was crying
Shivaye comes and hugs her…
Shi:you know that she did not eat
Prinku: haan bhayya…
Shi: i thought she will not listen to my words only..now she is not listening to you also
Prinku: bhayya this happned bcause of you only
Shi: what did i do..
Prinku: she was scared …..bhayya..she was like if i do any mistake in todays preparations billu ji will kill me…
Shi: really …now you dnt cry…prinku ill take care of her you go and take rest..
Prinku nods her head and goez to her room
Shivaye gets a call and goes outside
Anika comes into her senses…

She gets up
Ani: phel gaya raitha…im late sahil is alone in house…
She gets up then a strong pair of hand stops her and makes her to sit…
Ani: billuji aap..
Shi: do you think you are any supergirl..or a saint..y didnot you eat from yesterday…morning have you gone crazy…screw dela hogaya kya tumhara..haa(he was very angry)
Ani: no..i dint think like that..by the way
Then cuts her and gives her a glass of milk
Ani: did you mix any milkpowder in this
Shi: no i muxed only turmeric..
Ani: yeww…i dnt drink like this..

Shivaye gets angry and makes her drink the milk..
Ani: michmichi…ho rahi hein.mujhe..
Just shivaye gives her few tablets…
She sees them and
Ani: one two three…
And counts them putting oneby one in shivayes hands
Shivaye tell her there are 12 tablets…
Anika gets shocked
Ani: 12 tablets..y..
Shi: dnt ask me jus eat them…
Ani: how can i eat them like that without knowing the reason tell the explanation for each tablet thn ill eat them
Shi thinks…she is stubborn like me only..i shd have to explain her
Shi: this white one is for cold
The green is pain killer
Yellow colr one is for fever
And he continues
Ani cuts him in middle
Ani: till now i was thinking if your mad or not…now i got confirmed that you are mad …
Shi: me mad…
Ani: yes
Shi: y am i mad
Ani: cuz u see im fine and im not having cold cough or fever
Shi: your body temperature is one degree more than regular body temperature..whn you was unconsious you sneezed twice and coughed once..you dod this much work surely you shd have body pains..
Ani: stop….
Omru comes near her…
Om: y are you scolding him anika..
Ani: i think your bhayya is starting new bussinezz
Ru: really di…which bussiness
Ani: medical shop businnesz
Omru : what and smilez
Ani: omru tell how am i…
Ru: bahoot pyaari bilkul pari jaisa
ShiOmni lukz at him angrily
Om: fit and fine anika
Ani: yes..right..see your bhayya is giving me 11 tablets to eat
Shi: not 11 itz 12
Ani: yea something..and you know he is giving me fever tablet as my bodytemperature increased nearly 1 degree

Omru smiles
Om: he is like that only anika…
Ru: di you know bhayya eats atleast 10 tablets min for a day…
Ani: rudra…at which time he eatz
Ru: at evryday evng around 4 or 5
Ani: itz snacks time na…i think he feels hungry at that time thatz y he eats tabletz at that time…
Shi: yeah..
Ani: ill b here in ur house till your marriage ..right if your are hungry tell me ill prepare you some food…
Shi gets angry..
Shi: yea u ll make a new dish like half baked pizza topped with burnt paasta..right
Ani: no ill make aaloo puri
Shi: i hate oily food…by the way i wont eat tablets as i am hungry..

Ani: for will u eat them…
Omru: if im ill for one day my shares will not increase…1 percent…
Shi says your right..
All sighs together
Ru:didi do you ill also ask bhayya same question yesterday….
Both does their signature step…
Ani: you ppl are very good…i rem my family seeing you guys…(gets teary eyed)
Om: anika are you alright
Shivaye was looking at her contnusly and bcam sad

Its okay leave my matter omru will you drop me to my home and spend little time with my brother..please..
Shivaye us till staring at her omru notice this
Omru: we ll come but y dint you ask dint you ask shivaye
She looks at shivaye who was staring her…
He searched for her eyes…their eyes met and having a pleasent eyelock…they entered into their own world
Ru: O yeh kya hoo raha hein…
Om: shivayee…
Ru: anika di…
They dint respond…
Omru shouts shivika…
They dint respond yet….
Om goes near shivaye ears and rudra goes near anika ears and shouts
They come into their senses
Ani:y are you shouting…we have ears i can hear

And dnt no abt billuji
Shi: evn i have my own ears and can hear…
Ani diverts the topic and asks omru to come with her
Omru: will you not call shivaye…
Ani:my bro loves you and hates shivaye..so im not calling him home
Shi gets angry and turns hisface
Omru gets yp from bed anika tries to get but fails as she was having severe leg pains…
She tried again …she stood up and started to walk but bcuz of her weakness her legs are not supporting her..she was about to fall agin our hero shivaye and catches her ….
Shi turns red in colr

Shi: im cumin with you tbese both cant handle you..
Ani: i can handle myself …
Shi: you cant evn stand properly….and ypu think you can walk jus shut ypur mouth
Ani: now dont bring me a wheel chair…
Shiomru: wheel chair…
Ani: i know your bro…he might have it in his store room…
Shi: y will i buy a wheel chair…
Ani:if your little finger on your leg gets hurt you would react as if you met with a accident…and you will sit in that wheel chair..and moves around your house…
Shi :seriously..anika…you are mad…
Ani: no you are mad you eat these many tablets evry day…i think one among them is for treating your madness…
Shu gets angry and says okay…lets go…
She was not walking properly…so shivaye lifts her in his hands..
Omru gets schicked and walks behind him…
He makes her sit in the car…
Shi and om were sitting in front rudy and ani were sitting at back…
Shivayes sets the front mirror in such a way that mirror shows ani eyes
Om sees this and smiles
Ani and rudy talks…as usual thy speak about a movie and cracks jokes on shivaye
Shi looks angryly at him
Ru: why are you doing long distance war with me that too with your khanje anke…
Shiom: shut up rudra..!!
They reaches her home…
Before anika get down the car shivaye lifts her in his arms…
Omru: rings the doorbell
Sahil opens the door
Shivaye makes her to sit in sofa…
Sahil: akka ekkada unnav eppati varaku
(Di where were you till now)
(Guys actually i made anika a telugu girl…dnt worry guys ill covert them into..english..)
Ani: sry sahil …pani ekkuva undi anduke late iyyinde kannaa….
(Sry sahil…i had lots of work so i was late )
Sahil: parle akka okay…
( ots okay..)
Ru: in which language are u speaking di is it chinese
Ani smiles
Ani: no rudra we are from telugu statez…andra pradesh and telangana…
Ru: okay di….

He sees omru
Sahil: hello omru…how are you..
Omru:hello sahil…we are fine how are you..
They contue their talks
Anima sees sahil smiling…and goes into her room just then shivaye gets a call and goes outside …
Ani bolts her room…
She takes few photos and crys very badly..
Shi sees her crying
Ani: y did you leave me mumma…and dadu..
After your death my life was miserable
Dhivaye gets shocked as she was speaking in fluent english
Ani: nani dadu dadi dada..your sisters and your brothers took to their home but did not treat us like human beings..so i took sahil and left from there and came to mumbai from hyderabad…i love hyderabad…

She takes another photo and cries
Im sry guys…
(The ppl in photo are her frnds whom she loved a lot after her parents and brother)
Im sry tulasi shama shaza ….minnu shivani…goms ananya rizwana…
All are north indians except anaya tulasi minnu and shivani…(these 4 are telugu ppl)
Ani: im sty guys i love you guys soo much i miss you giys soo much…she sits on her knees and cries..i want your support badly guys…i miss you sooo much…im sry i know you also rem me evryday and cry …but im sry …and sry….
She wipes her tears and goez outside her room
Shivaye thinks i shd do something…and gets an idea..

Om : are you fine nika..
Ani: yes dear..
Shivaye comes inside and takes sahil to a side and asks him whether anika closes herself in her room evryday
Sahil: yes sso.
And goes from there
Shivayesees her face..
He asks omru to come fast

Omru: bye sahil c u later
Sahil: bye..omru..bye sso..
They go into their car
Shi tells omru evrything wht he had seen..
Shi: i want to see her happy see guys i have a plan which is muted
They smile
Screen freezez on omshiru and anika faces

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