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She is the one god made for me (OS)

Hey guys. After a long time I am posting my OS. N thanks to everyone who commented on my previous OS. I have replied to all of ur cmts. Miss u Aamu. U really gave me a shock. Come soon. Now lets begin…

The tiny droplets of water sliding over the leaves gently stroked the ground, cool breeze passed by touching every nooks of my body. I unlocked my eyes to glance a view of that very place where I was standing. I was a total stranger to that place. ‘Heaven’, an only perfect word to define the place’s beauty. Once I opened my eyes, I never felt like closing it. The entire house there were one roofed which were decorated with brown n red walls, flowers, n wooden fences. My inspection was going deep on n with every turns of my head; I found something new n beautiful to look. Then at one moment my head froze, my eyes remained wide opened, my thoughts paused and I couldn’t sense anything except my heart beat. I felt as if my heart wanted to share something with me. “She is the one and only made for u. She is the angel who stole ur heart at her first sight. She is the angel of ur heart.” My heart said. There was a girl some distant away, so to the power infinite time beautiful. She shined like the brightness of the moon during the night. There was no ideal word to define her beauty.

She was dressed in a Kensie textured mock-neck shift dress, with her silky straight hair, inch perfect eyes, perfectly sliced nose, baby pink shed lips and a cute smile over that paradise. She was standing in the garden. Those beautiful flowers looked ugly in front of her prettiness. I was standing lonely n helpless meters away there. Me n my heart knew that she was the one god made for us. Many thoughts came in n drifted away through my small mind. Finally I decided to talk to her going against all my thoughts. But every single time I gathered little courage n walked one step front, my feet would go like two step back. Why was I so afraid? My feet continued to take a front n two back ones. Suddenly I heard a voice “Hey Kunj.” Perhaps the sweetest voice. I focused on the owner of the voice n to my goodwill the owner of the voice was the girl, the angel who stole my heart. Am I dreaming or what? I wasn’t able to believe it. “Hey Kunj, look over here.” She said waving her hand high. OMG she was calling me. I t was not a dream. My name sounded so gud from her lips. I proceeded nearer to her. “U can do it Kunj. Just go there n talk to her like a gentle man.” My heart said. As I proceeded nearer to her she emerged out to be more beautiful.

This is not fair .Every single time I tried to carry out conversation with her my mind went blank. I flirted with so many girls but this type of situation was never created. I was confused no…no actually too confused from where to begin. “How do u know me? Perhaps we met for the first time.” I said. Possibly the most awkward method to start off conversation. I didn’t even greet her. I hated myself for saying those lines. “Yes Mr. Kunj I know u n u also know me.” She said with a cute smile. What I know her? Is she one of those girls whom I flirted with? No…no she can’t be one of them. Anyways leave it, I no more wish to know how she got to know me but still I asked, “But I don’t think that I know u Miss….?” Oh shit I even forgot to ask her name. I was about to ask her name but when she interrupted my words. “ U are my college friend. Remember, we used to meet at the fence then u went to Mumbai from Amritser to continue ur studies.” ‘Twinkle, meri siyaapa queen.” I said with a big smile on my face. “Haan may tumari siyaapa queen.”She said. “But how were u so sure that it was me.” I said. “How could I forget u. U haven’t changed a bit.” She said. “But u have changed a lot.” I said. “Ummm Mr. Kunj would u like to go for a coffee.” She said. “Ok but pls stop calling me Mr. Kunj. Just call me Kunj like before.” I said. “Ok Kunj.” She said.

In coffee shop,
“Coffee.” She said. Although I hated coffee, I waggled my head to give a sign. A sign that said ‘Yes.’ The two cups of coffee out there on the table looked like two juvenile hearts, her n mines. She took a sip of coffee, I did the same. My hatred towards coffee had all of a sudden drifted away, I had started loving it. I could have same cup of coffee all over the day on the same coffee shop, if only I could hang out with her. The silence filled the environment. I was staring at her n she too was staring at me. We two looked exactly like love birds. I yearn for to explain her that I loved her. I wanted to tell her that she was the one god made for me. She was the answers to all the riddles of my life. I wished to be with her. I wanted to tell her I love u. “Kya kaha tumne.” She said. “Kya sunna tumne.” I said. “Nothing.” She said n took a sip of coffee. I had heard that two people who love each other can know each others feeling without uttering even a single word as their hearts are connected. I think that’s true. She just heart what I said to my heart. May be she also loves me. O

nce again she said, “Kya kaha tumne.” “Kya sunna tumne.” I said. “Nothing.” She said n took the last sip of coffee. Gathering some guts within me, I planned to propose her. As my mom had said, ‘Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is mystery n today is the reality. So live ur life today because tomorrow never comes.’ I was so much terrified for this was my first proposal. I came off my seats n walked towards her. But suddenly the weather changed. It started raining n my siyaapa queen ran outside n started jumping n dancing in the rain. She looked so cute. The water droplets were running down her face whereas my heart kept on saying, “She is the one god made for u.” I was lost in her beauty. Finally after few moments I gathered little courage n walked towards her. I bent down on my knees. By seeing me in that position she stooped dancing.

I caught her soft hands n said, “U are the air that I breathe, the life that’s in me, the angel who stole my heart, the beats of my heart n U are the one god made for me. I love u Twinkle. I love u.” n I gave a peck on her hand. I didn’t know what her reply would be but I was happy with the fact that I loved her. “Kunj” she said n made me stand. My heat beat was growing faster n faster. OMG, it was the best moment of my life. She kissed me. I felt her soft lips on my lips. Her hand reached up for my neck n I pulled her up by her waist onto her tiptoes. We were all wet in the rain but still we were enjoying the kiss. I must say it was the first but the best kiss of my life. After few moments, I realized that there was a huge crowd watching us. I thought that they were angry. I unwillingly pulled away from her n I snuck a peck onto his forehead. It was still raining. Then everyone started clapping. One shouted, “Bravo.” I just smiled n bowed. We made our way. “Hope u got ur reply.” She said n blushed a bit. “Kunj I loved u since the first day of college but I was too afraid to say u.”She said. “I love u too Twinkle. Will u be Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna?”I said. She nodded her head while blushing. Thanks god, u are the best.

The End.

Plan ur life on a paper but live ur life by ur heart. Enjoy life today. Yesterday is gone n tomorrow may never come. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in rain.
Keep loving Twinj

Hope u liked it? Thanks for lending ur valuable time n reading my OS. Sorry if it bored u. Do drop ur cmt below?

Lots of luv,

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