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Shani 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shani 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Guru Shukracharya closes his eyes and gets to see everything clearly (including Shani). Who are you? Not just anyone can end Dambnaad! Are you the same power which was created by Mahadev? It is strange. Dambnaad lost his life to a kid! His spy too finds it impossible. Guru Shukracharya says that is no ordinary kid. He has special powers and is here only. Find him. His spy agrees to find him.

Shani asks Kakol to leave. Mother would be coming.

Chhaya is about to leave for puja but finds Yam and Yami waiting for her. Why dint you both sleep yet? Yam says we want to know why you pray every night. Chhaya says mother prays for kids and wife prays for family’s well-being. Go to your rooms now. Yam isn’t convinced but agrees. Kids leave. Chhaya goes.

Yam and Yami are at the door. Yami

says you only asked me not to go inside without mother’s permission. Yam nods. I am your brother too. you wanted to know what mother does and who she prays to? She agrees. How will we go?

Shani thinks to head home asap. It is time. Mother would come.

Yam asks Yami to open door. Mother has left. She turns into water form and goes to the other side of the door. Chhaya passes by from there but does not see Yami.

Chhaya thinks it is late. What if Shani looks beyond the curtain? I must hurry.

Yami manages to open the door somehow. Yam and Yami close it again from inside. They find the room empty. They wonder where their mother went to. Yam notices the open window. They look out and see Chhaya leaving on a horse. Yam says we must follow mother. We will go wherever she goes. Yami is tensed as their mother is heading to jungle. It gets scary at night. Yam says this is what we have to find.

Guru Shukracharya’s spy is in the jungle along with few of his men. Shani senses the presence of someone nearby. They sound like that of an Asura. He hears a voice too. Mother is alone at home. Hope she does not get into any trouble. I must hurry up.

Chhaya changes her dress magically. Yam and Yami are following her at a distance. Chhaya too hears some strange sound as she walks.

Asuras continue searching.

Yami is scared. Mother comes to pray to whom here? Yam tells her not to be afraid. Your brother is with you. no problem can come to you till I am with you.

Chhaya hides seeing the Asuras in jungle. What are they doing in Surya Loka? Leader of Asuras tell other Asuras to look for that kid everywhere. We have to hand him over to Acharya. Chhaya worries for Shani.

Shani reaches home and calls out for his mother. Why is it taking too much time? Are you fine? Chhaya is stuck because of the Asuras.

Shani looks at the curtain. I am coming inside.

Chhaya hides in jungle. The main Asura (butterfly one) is nearby only. Chhaya reaches a dead end and the Asura is really near.

Shani walks towards the curtain.

Chhaya is hiding atop the tree. Asura misses her. She drops something in the other direction to misguide them. They go in that direction. Chhaya wonders who these Asuras are looking for.

Shani extends his hand towards the curtain just when Chhaya steps out. She hugs him. You are safe son. He nods. why are you tensed? She says I was disturbed while praying. It seems as if some trouble is around. Shani says you are right. There are Asuras in the jungle. She is surprised as to why he was quiet after knowing this.

Yami sees Chhaya and points at her to Yam. Yami wonders why she is dressed differently. Yam wonders who she is talking to. Yami points out that it is getting late. We must head home. Yam says we cannot leave this in between. Don’t be scared. We have to find out who mother comes to meet here. We have to stay back then. I am here to protect you.

Chhaya says I am tensed. We must hide from the Asuras. Shani says people who do wrong deeds hide. There is only one way to escape fear – to face fear. The more you try to run from fear, the more it will scare you. the day you will stand facing it in the eye, it will run away itself.

Yam and Yami cannot see Shani. Yami can see some movement in bushes. She goes to check without telling her brother and is shocked to see Asuras. She is about to shout when Yam covers her mouth.

Shani and Chhaya step out. Shani says seems like they are here. His mother tells him not to go out but he heads outside. Asura says I felt the presence of a kid here. Find him. Other Asuras disperse in different directions.

Shani does not find them there when he reaches that spot.

Yami is scared but Yam pulls her with him. She refuses to go ahead. Let’s go home. Asuras are here. They hide seeing Asuras nearby. Yam again tells his sister not to worry. I brought you here. I will protect you from them. she worries what if something goes wrong. Yam looks at the Asura determinedly. Asura goes in another direction. Yami cries. We should go home. What if something goes wrong? What will we say to father? He will get upset. Please listen to me. We will come back tomorrow morning please. Jungle becomes scary at night. Yam gives in. We will return tomorrow morning for sure.

Shani paces outside. Chhaya asks him what happened. Shani says I thought someone was here. She is sure it must be Asuras. He holds her hands. We are together. nothing can happen to me till you are with me. I wont let anything happen to you till I am with you. She smiles.

Main Asura says sun is about to rise. Acharya wouldn’t want us to come face to face with Surya Dev. We must wait here only.

Shani asks his mother to sleep as she must be tired. She lies down to sleep. He pats her head lovingly and puts her to sleep. He stands up and looks around.

Yami and Yam return to their palace. Indra Dev’s eye is keeping a watch on everything. Indra Dev thinks something is surely going wrong in Surya Loka. Devi Sandhya leaves palace at night. Her kids follow her. Only kids come back before sunrise. It will be fun to meet Surya Dev now.

Precap: Shani requests his mother not to go for puja today. She says I will be back before you wake up. Shani removes the curtain and only finds Kakol there. I demand to know where mother is. Kakol says she isn’t here but I know where she is. Shani comes to Surya Loka and is shocked to see Chhaya there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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