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Shani 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shani 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

One of the guys move forward. Are you challenging me? Shani says I am suggesting you to leave the wrong path. Better leave it. He sits down on one of the roots. I will spare you if you leave from here. I will attack if you will attack.


Chhaya feels restless. Don’t know why I feel as if Shani is in some problem.

One of the guys is scared. Other guy tells him not to be scared of this kid. Step forward and cut this tree down. The first guy is very much scared as he looks in Shani’s eyes. Shani tells them to come on the right path. I will have to do it otherwise. Second guy decides to find out what Shani will do. He walks towards the tree. Shani touches his weapon near his leg. The guy falls down holding his leg. First guy is all the more scared. Shani says I told you not to force me.

Second guy apologizes to him. Shani picks a leaf and crumbles it. Second guy promises not to repeat it ever. Shani says don’t expect to forgive if you do it again. Shani keeps the leaf on the second guy’s leg. His wound heals on its own. First guy runs away from there.

Chhaya looks at Surya. It is time till sunrise. Hope Shani does not come in contact with sunlight.

Shani sees the first guy running and walks after him at a slow pace but is always in front of the guy when he runs. He reaches the edge of the cliff and turns but finds Shani coming up the steps. Why are you following me? Shani replies that he left the place because of fear. You did not give up on your wrong thought. I wont leave you till the time you give up on your evil thoughts. The guy steps back in fear.

Chhaya prays Shani does not step in sunlight come what may.

Shani takes promise from the guy that he will never return. The guy obliges. He slips from the edge but Shani holds his hand in time. Sunlight falls on a part of his hand and it burns. Surya Dev can feel it too. SHani pulls the guy up safely. Remember your promise. Also remember that I neither forget anything nor do I forgive again.

Surya Dev is angry thinking about Shani. Chhaya sees him thus. What happened? Is everything alright? Surya Dev signals her to be quiet. He looks at the pot of water before him. Probably you dint tell your kids not to come before parents without seeking their permission. They notice the bubbles in water. Surya Dev tickles in water. Yami laughs. It is tickling. Yami steps out of the pot. Surya Dev says it isn’t good to overhear conversation of elders. She asks if it is good to tickle kids. I got hurt. He blows at her hand in concern. She smiles. I am fine now. I wasn’t hearing your convo. I hid while playing hide and seek. I turned into water and hid in the pot. I dint know servants will bring me here. Surya Dev tells her to think before using her power as water. Yam says she always thinks before doing anything. Yami hides a little behind her father seeing her brother. He asks for his coin. They run around chasing one another. Chhaya advises them both to play outside. Kids go out. Surya Dev notices Chhaya looking at her. what are you looking at? She reminds him her question. Why did you get so angry all of a sudden? Surya Dev shares that her son came in his way today. He broke his limit today. Chhaya gets tensed. This means you burnt her? I cannot understand. How can a father burn his own son? Surya Dev replies that those who play with fire get burnt. Your son chose this way. You are lucky that he is still alive. He walks out from there. Chhaya says Shani worriedly.

Shani comes to his home. He looks at the wound on his hand. Mata, I don’t want to interrupt your saadhna. Please return soon. I broke your order.

Chhaya instructs her servants to feed the kids and put them in bed. Yam and Yami ask her if she is going somewhere. Chhaya lies that she is going for puja. Yami says there is time. Chhaya nods. I have to go little early today. I have to go. She caresses her kids’ faces. Eat on time. She asks for her puja thaal. Kids go to bring it.

Shani comes to the corner of the room. What happened, Mata? Did you not hear me? Why are you taking so much time? Room is empty from inside.

Yam brings puja thaal for Chhaya. He looks around for Yami but she does not come out. Chhaya goes out. Yam notices Yami on the floor in water form.

Shani waits for his mother outside the room.

Chhaya leaves the palace.

Yami shares that she wanted to know where mother goes to pray. Yam says father taught today only that we shouldn’t do anything without seeking anyone’s permission. Yami wants to check out the place. Maybe we can play there while she prays. His brother reasons that not every time is for play. Let us have food.

Chhaya reaches the jungle. She changes her dress. Shani is eagerly waiting for his mother to come out or respond. You come back before dark every day. What happened today? Are you alright? Maybe you are not. Forgive me. I will have to peek in your prayer area without your permission. Chhaya is still on her way. Shani heads towards the black curtain. Curtains open just when he was about to. Chhaya asks her son why she was calling out to her. He replies that he felt she might be in some problem. She lies that she was meditating so she dint hear. Why do you look so sad? He says I made a mistake of breaking your order. I went out of jungle area and got hurt a little. She gets concerned. It is badly burnt. She blows on his wound. It must be paining a lot. She cures his wound using her powers. Does it still hurt? He nods. It is for going against your order. She asks him why he did that. He shares everything with her. Sunlight gives life to everyone. How did it burn my hand then? She reminds him of her promise. Why did you do it? He replies that he was helpless. They were cutting our tree. She tells him to let them do it. Every kid plays in the house. You too could have stayed inside. Do you play with anyone? She gets quiet realising what she said. He says who I play with. I stay alone. I only get to spend time with you at night. You meditate when everyone is awake. She hugs her son feeling his pain. You must be hungry. I will get food for you.

Chhaya cries alone. She picks a plate of fruits and goes out but Shani isn’t there. He is sitting by the lake. She goes to him. Chhaya asks Shani what he is looking at. He wonders why Surya hurt him. Why sunrays have a problem with me only? Either you are hiding something from me or you are hiding something from me!

Precap: Shani and Chhaya are sleeping. Earth shakes because of which Shani’s sleep is broken. An Asura holds a bird in his hand. He turns into human form when the Asura is about to eat him. He shouts for help. Shani goes to him. He challenges Asura. Come on the right path or I will have to bring you to the right path.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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