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Shakti 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya why she is throwing tantrums. Soumya says everyone made me feel that I am different since childhood and you are also doing the same thing. She says this is your room and you shall sleep here, I won’t sleep here. Harman says someone is angry and that’s why room temperature is high. He thinks I do some siyappa everytime. He holds her hands and takes her to garden. He says your anger will be cool down here, and asks her to sit. He asks her why did you lie to me? He says you said that you never went to school and whatever you learnt is from your mum. Soumya says yes, I never went to school and never lied to you. Harman says I went to school, but my mind is not intelligent like you. He says we will sit here and talk about your childhood. He asks are you good since childhood or became good after meeting me. Soumya says my childhood was different and tells about her happy moments with Surbhi. She says I was very lucky to get Maa and you, even though I am a kinnar. Harman asks her to tell what you would have done if not being a kinnar.


Soumya thinks what you have asked, and says I want to look at you, cry hugging you, want to tell you how much I missed you when I was away from me. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………She gets scared of thunderstorm and hugs Harman. Preeto witnesses their romantic scene and says Soumya will take a breath after eating my son. She thinks you will see new side of Preeto from morning.

In the morning, Preeto asks where is Harman and Soumya? She asks Raavi to call them for puja and says they will do puja with us daily. Raavi comes to Soumya’s room and knocks on the door. Soumya opens the door and asks her to come inside. Raavi says no, and sees Harman sleeping on bed. She asks them to come for aarti soon. Harman wakes up and says there is a conspiracy early morning. He senses conspiracy and says we will not go.. Soumya says no, and says mummy ji called us. Harman says if I meet God then I will ask him with which sand you are made of. Soumya says she called us with so much love. Harman says okay, if you insists we will go.

Maninder tells Bebe that Abhishek is going to come and says he will get jalebi. Bebe says God will hear your ardaas. She sees line and tries to wipe it. She says what he will think? Surbhi says what he will think and says even though line is gone, but we have been separated from heart. A fb scene is shown of her childhood.

Harman and Soumya come for aarti. Preeto says you both have come and begins the aarti. Harak Singh, Raavi and Harman do the aarti. Preeto holds Soumya’s hand and signs her to do aarti with Harman. Shanno gets irked. Harman and Soumya do the aarti together. Preeto takes aarti plate. She asks Harman to do whatever he thinks is right, and says you cares for Soumya and loves your Preeto. She says if you can stand for Soumya, then you can stand for your parents too. Harak Singh says he is our blood. Shanno asks Preeto to make Pulao. Harman recalls saying that Pulao made by Soumya was best. They all go. Viren asks Shanno to come, and asks what is cooking in your mind. Shanno says something is cooking in preeto’s mind. She says I can’t think beyond her thinking. Viren asks her to come. Shanno says you will understand when I made her lose.

Abhishek comes home and greets Maninder. Maninder says he will call Surbhi. Abhishek says he is in hurry and goes to talk to Surbhi. Maninder is about to step to Surbhi’s side of house, but Beeji comes stopping Maninder. Maninder stops and looks on. Abhishek tells Surbhi that he will help her in Soumya’s matter and will marry her when she agrees. Surbhi says you are helping me being good, but I have to go from here with Soumya and Nani. She says I am thinking not to marry, and asks him to think about his family reaction when they come to know about Soumya’s truth. She says you can marry someone else. Abhishek tells that he will marry her only, and gets impressed with her maturity and bravery. Surbhi looks on.

Harman eats Pulao and says it is good. He asks if Soumya’s food is sent. Preeto serves the food. Harman asks Raavi to give salt. She passes salt with evil intention and looks at Preeto. Harman sprinkles it on the food. Preeto and Raavi looks on.

Soumya feels headache after having food. Preeto looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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