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Shakti 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Surbhi crying. Beeji asks her not to cry. Surbhi says she couldn’t fulfill her last responsibility and tells that before her marriage, Nimmi said …a fb is shown, Nimmi says Harman is Soumya’s rakshak, but now I can say that you are also her rakshak. She asks her to promise and be with Soumya always, protecting her. Fb ends. Beeji tells Surbhi that she will take care of all her responsibilities. Surbhi cries. Varun calls her and asks if Harman left from there. Surbhi says yes, he left. Varun thanks her and asks her to call him if she needs anything. Surbhi to about to tell him about Harman taking Soumya with him, but he ends the call. Beeji asks Surbhi to call Varun. Varun tells Preeto that Harman left. Preeto gets happy. Varun picks the call, Beeji tells him everything.


A fb is shown, Maninder stops Soumya from entering inside the house, and Harman taking her responsibility. Varun smiles and asks Beeji not to worry. Beeji asks him to keep Soumya for some days in their house. Varun promises. He comes to his room and thinks everything will be shocked seeing Soumya here. He thinks to enjoy the show. Maninder warns Surbhi and Beeji not to think of bringing Soumya back in the house. He says if you try to bring her back then I will make her stay on road. Surbhi gets angry and packs her bags. Beeji asks what you are doing?

Maninder also asks her what she is doing? Surbhi says she is going to make home on the street and says she will not stay in his house. She packs her bags and asks Beeji to come along with her. Maninder throws her bag and says I will see how you will go. Bebe looks angrily at Surbhi and goes. Beeji asks Surbhi to hear her. Surbhi cries.

Beeji asks her to calm down, and let Maninder say whatever he wants. She says once Nimmi also tried to run away with both of you, but couldn’t leave the house. She says this had happened many times, then Nimmi adjusted slowly. She asks until when you will run away. Surbhi says she can’t bear whenever anyone talks bad about Soumya. Beeji tells that good things will happen with Soumya and asks her not to worry. Surbhi says yes, you said right. She shouts Maninder Singh…come out.

Maninder and Bebe comes out. Maninder asks what is this nonsense? Bebe asks you are calling your father by his name, have you gone mad. Surbhi tells Maninder that she…Nimmi’s daughter snatches Soumya and her’s right from him. She divides the house into two…Shakti song plays……………….A fb is shown, Bebe doing the same thing years ago. Surbhi says this house is divided into two, that side is yours and dadi, and this side is nani and me. She says Soumya can come and stay at my side anytime, I will see who stops her. Maninder looks on angrily.

Bebe asks what is this madness Surbhi. Surbhi says you have done the same partition in our childhood, then it was not madness. Maninder says you are doing partition with your dad. Surbhi says when a father can do, why not a daughter. She says you can’t stop it even if you want it.

Door bell rings, Preeto opens the door happily. Mahi is sitting at the mandap. Preeto holds Harman’s hand and asks him to come inside. Harman is standing there itself. Preeto turns and looks at him. Soumya comes. Harman is holding her hand with his other hand. Preeto is shocked. Soumya is scared. Shanno and Mahi are shocked too. Mahi gets up shockingly from mandap. Preeto leaves Harman’s hand, and tries to separate Harman and Soumya’s hand. She separate their hands and tries to push Soumya, but Harman stops Preeto. Preeto is shocked.

Harak Singh brings the gun and keeps on Soumya. He says I told that this kinnar will not enter my house. I promise that I won’t leave her. Harman holds Soumya’s hand and takes her behind him. He says until I am alive, even God can’t touch her, leave human. He says Soumya will stay here in this house, even if you want or not.

Harman tells Soumya that everything will be fine in 3-4 days. Preeto beats the plate and calls Harak Singh. She gives toys to Harak Singh and gives him. Soumya is scared seeing her behavior. Harman stands strong with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Superb let them leave together with a little bit of happiness

  2. Shurbi act was nice today…. Maninder s too stubborn…he will not change ……

  3. Love surbi’s strong character

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