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Shakti 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Saya giving Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand while a music plays marking their happiness. Saya says from today our Tarana is yours Soumya. She says today is an unique day, as it is happening first time in our world that someone is going away from our world. He says you both have set a new example today, and will give hope to many. She asks Harman to keep Soumya happy and bring her sometime to meet us. She gives something to Soumya and asks her to give a message to Nimmi that she will never trouble her again. She says this is a gift to a mum from my side. Soumya hugs Saya. Kareena asks Soumya not to forget them and meet them whenever she wants. Soumya hugs her too. Harman, Soumya and Surbhi sit in the car and leave. Saya gets emotional and teary eyes.


A boy comes running

inside the house and tells that Soumya di came. Maninder is shocked. Harman, Soumya and Surbhi come there, and get down the car. Surbhi sees people standing in white clothes and asks if everything is alright inside. Soumya calls Maa…Surbhi asks why there is crowd in our house. Soumya says don’t know choti. They get inside the house and see Nimmi’s dead body. Maninder and Bebe are shocked. Surbhi asks Nimmi to get up and says I brought your Somu…Soumya tells Nimmi that she is very much hungry and can’t bear hunger. She asks her to make kheer fast and says we have brought gifts for you from Delhi. She asks her to get up and says I will show what we have brought from there. She asks Surbhi to ask Nimmi to wake up. Surbhi cries badly. Soumya holds her ears and asks her to forgive her.

Surbhi hugs Beeji and cries. She tells Soumya that Maa is dead. Soumya says no. Kalsi says she is kept in ice. Soumya shows chunari which she brought for her. A neighbor tells that they have to make Soumya cry else…Beeji asks Soumya to come and says Nimmi will not wake up. Soumya says she will wake up and ties their hands with cloth. She says Maa will wake up now. Beeji says she will not wake up. Soumya says Maa…Chudail came to take me, I have tied the cloth, please wake up and save me. Neighbor says someone have to make her cry else she will get in depression.

Harman tells Soumya that Nimmi will not wake up now. He says Mummy ji….went to some place from where she can’t return. Soumya says Maa needs rest and that’s why not waking up. I will show you how she wakes up. She brings her childhood stuff and recalls Saya kidnapping her in childhood. She tells her that toys saleswoman came to take me Maa. She asks her to hug her and give shelter in her arms. She says Maa….you are my shakti…you have to wake up, how can you sleep? Harman says Soumya…your mum is dead, now she will not wake up. He asks her to touch her body and says it is cold. He asks if she moved…no. He says she has left us for forever. He says she was tired of fighting and that’s why slept for forever. Now she will wake up. He says she will not come running to you again, and will not wake up…never. Soumya is shocked and feels her mother’s touch by keeping her hand on her cheeks. Shakti song plays……….Soumya understands the reality and shouts Maa cryingly. Harman looks on.

Preeto calls Varun. Varun says Harman came with Soumya and Surbhi. Preeto says I know, and asks him to bring Harman home somehow. She gets happy and asks Viren to bring Pandit ji, and tells Mahi that her wait is finally over. She asks if you are happy now. Pandit ji tells Maninder that Nimmi is unfortunate as she has no son, and that’s why you have to do her last rites. He says I will make the arrangements for the same. Surbhi says no, you couldn’t give peace to my mum when she was alive, then how you will give peace to her soul. He says you will not give her fire. Bebe says so if Nimmi’s dead body will be kept here like this. Surbhi says her last rites will be done by Soumya. Maninder asks her not to get mad, and says son or husband have the right to give fire. Surbhi says you said right, as Soumya is not her daughter, but her son. She will give her fire. Soumya says choti….Surbhi asks Soumya to give fire to Nimmi and says now we will not argue further. Harman looks on.

Soumya asks Harman to do last rites of Nimmi. Harman performs all the rituals and gives fire to Nimmi. Harman and Soumya come home. Preeto holds Harman’s hand and is shocked to see Harman holding Soumya’s hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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