I m so.. so.. overwhelmed by your kidki-thod response and comments as I had hardly expected this for my intro.. thank u soooo much everyone. Another thing which is a huge one for me. Surbhi ma’am liked my post which made me crazy as I was not expecting that. OMG… I cant tell u whats going on in my mind. [sorry.. if I m being over excited!!!]One important thing guys.. SOWMYA DOESN’T KNOW RUMI.. SHE IS ONLY HER CLASSMATE.
Okay… I will limit my talks,
coming to the very first episode of SYHP


The morning after karwachauth.
Anika is in Oberoi Mansion early in the morning.
Dadi: Anika puthar, can u get the thalis from the store room?? Today I have arranged a special Pooja at home for my grandsons.
Anika: dadi, u don’t worry. I’ll get them.
[she goes to the store room which is on the 2nd floor]She wore a top with lace in the back. As she was about to leave, she just realised her lace got opened.. so she closes the door and tries to tie the laces. Suddenly she gets conscious as there comes two warm hands on her bare back. She is about to scream when he cups her mouth with his hand. She turns towards him and is amazed.
Anika: aap?? Aap mera peecha karte hue yahaan tak aa gaye?? Chipde!!! { did u jst follow me to the store room??}
Shivaay: excuse me?? Stop that language and why would I follow u?? am I mad??
Anika: arre waah billuji!! Aap toh khud hi maan gaye ki aap thode khiske hue ho! { oh wow billuji! U have voluntarily accepted that u r mad}
Shivaay [ gets irritated] : shut up paanika!! [just then he notices her back and says] now, u turn. I will fix it up.
[anika blushes and turns red. Seeing her awkwardness, he tries to comfort her]Shivaay: mein tumhaare saath kuch karne wala nahi hoon. So. Jst chill!! { I m not gonna do anything to u}
Anika: jaanthi hun.. bharosa hai mujhe { I know that, I trust u}
[they share an eyelock . oh jaana plays in the background]Anika turns and shivaay just ties the lace.. she could feel his hands on her back. That touch was unusual. It was like a current running through her body.
Shivaay: hmm… uhh.. its done!!
Anika (innocent smile): thank u billuji
[billuji just stares her as she was the only beautiful creature in the world. Anika breaks the silence.]Anika: I will open the door. [she tries to open the door] FAIL GAYA RAITHA.. what to do now??
Shivaay: what happened?
Anika: the door…. Its not opening.
Shivaay: what do u mean?? U can never do any work properly. I’ll try. [he smirks while anika angrily glares at him] WHAT THE WUCK!!! Its not opening. Shittt..
Anika: [smiles n shows her tadi] aapka darwaza aap hi ki tarah tadibaaz hai (laughs). Darwaaza singh oberoi aap apne maalik ki tarah itni tadi kyun maar rahe ho?? Khul jaayiye naa.. khulne mein koyi takleef ho rahi hai?? { door oberoi, y r u showing attitude like ur owner?? R u facing any trouble to open up??}
Shivaay [ somewhat surprised at this gesture and sighs]: she’s impossible and then laughs loudly. Anika in complete surprise just looks at those kanji eyes]

_____ _____ _____
Om was outside his art gallery. After finishing his work, he was about to return back home when he heard someone shouting “ Arrey!! Wo dekho ANAMIKA!!”.
He freezed for a moment, then he composed himself and turned back to see her. There she was, trying to hide her identity with a dupatta and just stormed off into the car
He ran towards the car. All he could see was her eyes. THOSE MESMERISING EYES. Uff!! THOSE EYES WITH THIN BLACK KOHL. There was a swift breeze due to which her dupatta flies and falls over him. He smiles and utters “ANAMIKA”!!!
Saathiya song in the background.
He was just immersed in thoughts when he heard “sir, sir!!! Car has already left and u r still standing on the middle of the road.”

_____ _____ _____
Sowmya takes plate full of parathas and keeps it on the dining table. At the same time, rudra enters with his protein shake.
Sowmya: ohh god!! After fasting for 1 day, I m eating my parathas today.. love them!!
Rudra: hii moti!! Uhh…. I mean…sumo!!!
[sowmya gives an annoyed look]Rudra: arrey sumo, whats all this huh?? Always eating parathas, jst c ur size, u urself have become a ‘gol’ paratha [and he laughs]Sowmya[angry bird]: shut up rudra!!! I don’t need to take tips from a dumbo like u and that too for my size!!
Rudra: oh come on!! If I add my 10 ex girlfriends na, even then ur size bigger than them. From today, I will call u “P.S”- PARATHEBAAZ SUMO [ he continues with his chitchats] u know PS, my current gf rumi , she is sooooooooooooooooo………. H… COLDD!!???? [Then he realises that sumo had just spilled all the protein shake over his head!! Which was cold!!]Sowmya [smirks]: ha!! Your RUDRAABHISHEK is done. Cry baby oberoi!!!!!
{ RUDRAABHISHEK is like an Abhishek done to god by pouring liquids}   

PRECAP: ishaana’s khubsoorat entry… MSO.. CSO..
SO GUYS, how was the epi?? I m extremely sorry as I have not introduced ishana in 1st epi.. and evn om’s story was less.. bt only today..! I felt it will be awkward as ishaana is a new character . I thought first I have to give a glimpse of ongoing track of current characters so that it will help me introduce a new one (ishana).
Guys, how will be ishana’s entry??? Let me know ur guesses in comments section. I posted this epi today leaving my study aside as I was very happy with ur comments!!!
I will now expect darwaaza thod response from u guys.
C u in the 2nd epi of SYHP.

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  1. Hi Sahana
    the part 1 was amazing. I loved shivika an rumya convo.. especially shivika. . U nailed anika’ s dialogues perfectly… it will b lovely to watch these in IB live
    One suggestion. . I dnt knw if its prob wit TU pages.. have each person dialogue in a new line.. it looks clean an is easy to read.. I think for shivika it was proper bt gt messed uo for rumya
    All in all superb writing.. njoyed it thoroughly. . Romance & comedy in one episode. . Tats what I like abt IB . An I liked abt ur ff too..
    Keep up thr gud writing. . Waiting eagerly for the next part
    This is the longest I have commented fr any FF.. it means its one of the best:)

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