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RECAP : ishana’s family bonding… ishana lied to oberois… female leads bonding… rumya fight…. Shivika teasing…



Pinky laughs loudly. The whole gang is shocked. They all think, “did she hear anything??”
Pinky : you laughs so loudly. What is the matters? Tell me also om.
Om : ishana knows it better… (ESCAPE)
Ishana : pinky aunty, I heard this from sowmya. She will tell u.. (ESCAPE)
Sowmya : according to Global Research Association, 80% of dumb boys are good at explaining things. So aunty, ask rudra… (ESCAPE)
Now only rudy is left. He thinks “are they my enemies?? They always make me PARAYA DHAN. And this sumo called me dumb?? She is DUMB!!!!”
Pinky : oye hoye rudra!!! Tell me.
Rudra : (laughs loudly. Pinky is confused) hey you beautiful girls out there, you are soo lucky as rudy is coming to meet you. [he also escaped]Pinky : (annoyed) these childrens naa.. very naughty.

_____ _____ _____

Everyone gather for the Pooja.
Pinky : where is my bahus, shivaay??
[before shivaay .. our rudy replies]Rudra : yahin toh hai… [she is here]Pinky : wheres??
Rudea is about to point towards anika. OmIshSumo get shocked. Sumo holds rudy’s hands tightly.
Om (whispers in his ears) : DUMBO, ab marvaayega kya?? Even shivika get to know what he meant to say.
Shivaay (in a hurry shouts) : MOM!!! Tia is not coming. She is not well.
Rudra : ohh!!!! (makes sad face) soooo sad.. lets continue the Pooja.

Pooja at the hawan starts. Suddenly, ishana starts coughing. None of them notice this. She chokes and holds om’s shoulders. She is falling unconscious. Om pats her cheeks calling out her name. he thinks not to disturb the rest of the family. He takes her in his arms and rushes towards the room and slowly rests her head on the bed.
Saathiya plays in the background.
Om : cheeni!!! Open your eyes ishana!!
[sprinkles some water over her face]Ishana slowly opens her eyes
Ishana : o.. om!! U.. u go to the Pooja [breathes heavily]Om : u r not well ishana and shivay is there at the hawan. What happened to you all of a sudden??
Ishana : (om helps her sit on the bed) I am allergetic to camphor. So.. all this!! I am soo sorry
Om : here, drink water and don’t be sorry [looks into her eyes]He makes her rest on the bed again. She falls asleep.

_____ _____ _____
After the Pooja, shivay looks for om. Om comes and tells the whole matter. Someone calls out shivay. Shivaay is happy to see him.
Shivaay : (hugs him) hey champ!! Happy to see you.
The guy meets all family members. Just then, anika sees him and runs towards him. They both hug each other. [kuch jal raha hai kya???] SHIVAAY IS SHOCKED TO SEE THIS.
Anika : ABHAY!!! (breaks the hug) I am sooo happy to see you. We are meeting after an year. So busy??? Didn’t even call me.
Abhay : oh god!! Anika, I was out of the country for an year. Now, I have come here naa..
Anika : but y r u here in oberoi mansion??
Shivaay: ABHAY SHARMA!! MY BEST FRIEND (looks at anika)
Abhay : yes…. Anika. We both are very good friends. But how do you know the oberois??
Shivaay (interrupts) : anika.. even she is MINE (anika’s eyes wide open) (he continues)
I mean my brothers’, everybody’s friend. In short, a family friend. And how do you know each other??
Abhay : shivaay, I used to say about the girl I met when we were small. She is the one!! Even she is my childhood friend.
Anika : hum toh pakke dost hain (both smile at each other)
[OmRu are behind shivaay]Rudra: O.. just call the fire brigade… yahaaan koyi jalne ki smell nahi aa rahi hai kya??
Om : kisi ka dil jal raha hai.. [they both giggle]Shivaay : shut up you both [he goes]

_____ _____ _____
Ishana is in deep sleep. Suddenly, there are some flashes before her eyes. Blood stains, someone shouting, crying, tortures, darkness. She shouts and gets up. She drinks water and thinks “come on ishana, dar math.. you have to come out of it”. She relaxes herself and sleeps again.

_____ _____ _____

Scene shifts to the hall. ShiOmRu and abhay were busy chatting. Anika comes there.
Anika : abhay, I’ll meet you tomorrow.
Abhay : anika, wait, I’ll drop you home.
Anika : its alright. I’ll go….
Shivaay : its not alright!!! Abhay, you have to rest. Go to the guestroom and rest.
Om : abhay, shivaay will drop anika.. you.. [before he could complete, shivaay interrupts]Shivaay : yes..yes.. I will drop her. Yes, I will.
Rudra : bhaiyya, aap itna over-excited kyun ho rahe ho?? (gives a naughty smile)
Shivaay : shut up rudra!! Anika, lets go (he walks holding her hand) [OmRu cup their mouth]Anika is hell shocked. “yeh billuji ko ho kya gaya hai?? Ek number ke billu hai.. kabhi nahi sudhrenge”
In the car
There is utter silence. Neither of them saying a word. Shivaay tries to ease the situation. He switches on the radio. The song plays “BHEEGE HONT TERE, PYAASA DIL MERA…” [AND THE REST IS HISTORY]SCREEN FREEZES

_____ _____ _____

Next morning

The college is not the same today. Fully decorated with flowers and all other stuff with a redcarpet at the entrance, balloons, flower petals… it was a party-like environment. Sowmya is surprised seeing all this… some girls tell her that rudy has done all this and he is going to propose someone. She soon goes to the auditorium and is mesmerised seeing the decorations. Soon the lights are switched off and the focus is on the stage. Rudy looks dashing in a dark blue suit. He plays the song “TUM HO… PAAS MERE… SAATH MERE…. HO TUM YU…” And dances with one of the girls. After the dance, he comes off stage.
Rudra : you have always been near me. But I didn’t recognise you are my love.. it was soo.. stupid of me. How can I do such a thing?? Not anymore. I have decided to make u mine forever.
He comes to sowmya with a ring. Sowmya is in total disbelief. He takes her hand.
Rudra : sumo, thoda side ho jaavogi?? [and he makes her move away and goes to the girl behind sumo]Rudra : [kneels down with a ring] romi, I know we are already together, but will you officially be my girlfriend??
Romi : aww!!! Rudra… I am soo happy… it’s a ‘yes’ from me. [they both hug each other. Rudra winks at sowmya]Sowmya was unhappy with this sudden gesture. She didn’t know the reason for her unhappiness. She is fully an angry bird now. Meanwhile, rudra and romi dance together to the song “NASHE SI CHADD GAYI”. Sowmya goes behind the stage and changes the song. “BE’S FOR BE-IMAAN, SHA’S FOR SHAITAAN, RUM PEEKE JEETE HUM BESHARAM”. Rudra shouts “sumo, thank u soo much. I love this song a lot” all dance. Sowmya leaves from there.

_____ _____ _____

Ishana’s room

Ishana wakes up. “good morning” om says.
Ishana : om!! Good morning.
Janvi : so beta, how r you feeling today??
Ishana : janvi aunty, I am fine now. And whats all this?? I will come down to have my breakfast.
Om : no problem, you have your breakfast here. I will accompany you!! (smiles) [janvi goes]They both have their breakfast. A message pops up on her phone. She reads the message and shouts.
Ishana : oh…. Freak!! How did I forget??
Om : kya hua??
Ishana : I had to submit the story of my next novel to the publication today.
Om : so?? If you are done, then you submit it.
[ishana thinks “how can I go out??what if they see me??”]Om : what are you thinking?? I’ll drop you. It’s the same publication near my art gallery ryt..
Ishana (thinks) : zyaada math soch ishana. Om is there with you naa. And you are just going and coming back by the car.
Om (shakes ishana) : is there any problem??
Ishana : no…no… no problem, I’ll get ready.
Om (thinks) : yeh toh bahut zyaada confusing hai. Ise samajh hi nahi paata.
Ishana signals him to go out as she has to get ready. He goes.

_____ _____ _____

Scene shifts to the restaurant.
Anika : sahil likes Chinese dishes over here. I’ll order one for him.
She enters the restaurant. But to her surprise, she spots tia again with a mysterious man. They both hug and go hand-in-hand. She decides to follow them and get the proof. They go in car and she is behind them in an auto. But somehow they move fast and the car just disappeared. She stops the auto. And gets out to find the car but doesn’t find any.
Anika : phail gaya raitha !!! itna achcha mauka tha aur tune apne haath se jaane diya anika… [you had a golden opportunity and you missed it anika]Just then 4 unknown people come towards anika… and tease her.
Anika (shouts) : samajhte kya ho tum log??? Ek ek ko chikni se maar maar ke theek karungi. [what do you think?? I will beat each one of you, then you will know]The goons hold her hand and her phone falls down… she shouts for help. But none of them were present in the location. Even the auto driver had run away… they drag her with them. One of the goons ask the other “sir ne isi ka photo bheja tha naa”. The other replies in ‘yes’. Anika is shocked listening this.

_____ _____ _____

Ishana gets ready and comes out. Lets go…
Om : I am waiting for you since morning. And now at 4.00, you will come and say lets go.
Ishana : I had to finish the story. Only then will I be able to submit it. Come, lets go now as I have finished writing.
Om : okay madam. As you wish [both smile and go]

At the art gallery

Om : you go to the publish house, I have some work in the gallery. Till then, I will complete it.
She nods and goes, completes her work. Now, she is waiting for om, outside the gallery. He comes and says “chale??”. As they were about to go, she sees someone, “ye yahan kaise?”. She is scared and doesn’t move forward. Om comes to her and asks “why are you standing here? Come”. She pulls him towards her and hugs him tightly in an attempt to hide her face. He too reciprocates as he is clueless about her actions. After making sure that the person is gone, she breaks the hug.
Om : kya tha yeh?? [what was this??]Ishana : what do you mean??
Om : abhi jo hua woh…
Ishana : I am soo sorry. There is this crazy fan of mine who behaves like a stalker. So, to hide myself, I had to do this…(slowly says to herself “ waise bhi.. i didn’t kiss u.. only hugged u…” )
Om : did u say smething??
Ishana : yaa.. abt an obsessed fan… [in mind- cant u shut ur mouth ishana?? When did u start to speak like this?? You were not like this before!]Om : okay… I thought u said smething else..
Ishana : (shocked) what!! K… k…. [tries to ease herself]Om : but, why don’t u complain about the fan??
Ishana : if this repeats again, I will complain.. lets go now.

PRECAP : “CHIT”wala syaapa turns romantic….

How was it guys?? Just correct me if I am wrong somewhere.. now many questions poping in your mind “why is ishana scared?? Who told the goons to kidnap anika?? Why is sowmya not happy?? And most important, what is this chit syaapa and all??? “ but I like to build up the suspense. Every layer will be unfolded in the future episodes. Please support me with some kamar-thod comments.


C u in the next epi of SYHP

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